Gjurgica KjaevaGjurgica Kjaeva in Gevgelia in R.Macedonia

20130726-071621.jpgHeather in Monmouth County, New Jersey

20130726-195656.jpgLisa in Plano, Texas

20130728-120453.jpgBrooklyn (and Jennica) North of Seattle, Washington


firstplaceJenn in Sudbury Ontario

jenniferJennifer in Hartford Wisconsin on Pike Lake

jenniferfoxJennifer Fox in Newport, Kentucky


One thought on “WHO’S READING

  1. It makes me sad and frusterated when I see or hear about young people, teens and babies born with any chronic illness that has no cure and requires a number of prescription meds,, speciaIty pharmaseuticals daily rituals (some daunting) and is progressive at times debilitating. But we are living in this real world and there are many diseases etc… specifically Pulmonary Hypertension. There are various forms of PH and some secondary to another illness. Before I get way off track, my intention was to respond to Haleys story. I am not a “young”.teenager nor 20’2, 30’s or even 40;s But, I am a very young 50 something. Most people think I am probably in my 40’s which is fine with me I’ll take that as a compliment. I don’t look sick either. 120 lbs, And I still wear my high heels (not as often and only a couple hours at a time, now) I do use supplemental o2 (not 24/7) and get looks from some people like: why is she wearing oxygen, she looks ok to me?????? But I have struggled with inside my head…many of the same issues as Haley talks about in her story. I was a hater (PAH and MEDS) would sleep all day (I guess subconsciously I thought if I am sleeping I don’t need to take pills, do inhaled med. and yes that depressing pump!) I couldn’t reconcile a new normal for myself.. I refused to bring to the table a chronic, serious illness. I was attractive, single and who would want a “sicky”!. I relate to most stories of PH community, but especially connected with Haley’s story.. Good job on your site. Thanks for listening
    P.S. I did not spell check ;))))

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