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Colorado Adventures

Oh my gosh yáll. I am alive, I promise. Life got SO incredibly busy and I’m glad to be back on here updating you left and right! Now I’ll somewhat have the time. I just got back from visiting my brother in Colorado, and  I must admit it was love at first sight. Colorado was absolutely beautiful! Tree’s had turned, leaves were on the ground and the shopping was outrageous. And it was nice to see my brother and his new wife!! I was down there for the wedding. 🙂 I’m SUPER tempted to move, however it would take a lot of work. I can’t imagine transferring doctors, information plus it would be living in a higher altitude. I did incredibly well with the altitude though! Everyone else complains and I seriously never notice it. Pills are amazing. But I realized how much I have missed my brother. He has taught me seriously everything I know, from music to movies to how I think and handle things. He and I are super close, and its funny that when I walked into a room full of his in-laws, they all thought we were twins! We could probably fake it if we wanted to. I don’t see it, but everyone said we look a lot alike. He is definitely my person who reassures me to keep taking my medication and that I have a future. We all need that person. For a while I thought I had that with a guy and was super close to marrying him. Be very careful, it takes a special person to stay at your side. He was far from being close to special. John, my brother, is my person. And maybe one day I’ll find a GOOD person to be my person. (How many more times can I say person?) 🙂

ANYWAYS, I’m babbling. I plan to update a lot this week so don’t lose all hope on me yet! I attached some pictures I snapped in Colorado. Get ready for PH Awareness month too! Enjoy your week, lovelies.

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