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Questions, Questions.

Your questions have been answered! Candice tagged along, and of course we became distracted. Its a tad ridiculous. So, if you make it through the twenty four minutes then congrats! Thank you so much for the questions, and we had a lot of fun with it. Y’all are awesome. Have a lovely weekend y’all!


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I Am Determined.

I hope y’all are set for Christmas. If you are shopping tomorrow, shame shame. Its Christmas eve and you should be at home! Dont worry, I’ll be fricken working. I’m exhausted y’all.

christmasvintageIt looks like Rocco!

Anyways, I’m really feeling some determination lately to reach my goal. Wait, which one? All of them. I would love to be a published author eventually, and I really want this blog to be more of an inspirational place. To do that, I need to post more, keep y’all updated, and of course I need y’alls help too! Do whatever you can to share, post, like, and what not. Media is an overwhelmingly massive sea of so many individuals, so I’m really working my tail off. I’m so excited to try my hardest to not only make this a great place for my mind but y’alls as well. For some odd reason, I feel so inspired today. I have no idea where it comes from. Other than that, I need more coffee and some pain pills. After my awful mood I’ve been existing in for the past month, I finally took my pills last night. I’m paying for it today. Dont skip y’all! There will be a few posts later in the week that aren’t really PH centered, but they are extremely important to me, and I’m a loud person so I’ll be voicing my opinions on those topics. Stay tuned. Also, this blog has a FACEBOOK PAGE you can find and stay updated with! It’s so easy!     GO LIKE IT! There will be contests for Facebook people only sometimes, so make sure you are in that circle.

If you haven’t already, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to submit your question to me to win the Hope Angel off my tree, and a Just Breathe T-shirt! Hurry Hurry loves. 🙂 I will see y’all tomorrow for a Christmas post! Song of the week is my absolute classic favorite, Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song.” Have a listen.

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Last Minute Gift? Check.

This is by far the funnest thing I’ve ever done. Why? Because I love coffee, I collect coffee mugs, I love art, I love crafting…well, you get the point. Anyways, I think homemade gifts speak louder than the two hundred-dollar jeans you bought someone. If you are a last-minute person like me, don’t want to mess with the shopping crowds, and still want a unique gift then this is something you should definitely consider.

Not Just a Sharpie Mugs

photo(105)My mug reads, “I can fall in love with the sound of words.”

Shop Haley’s Zazzle Store!

Or Check out her book!

You will see these all over pinterest, except some people will lead you to believe that this can be done with just a regular sharpie. Well, yes, some people do it that way, but you will soon see your design fading away. I encourage you to instead purchase the super permanent, and perfect for this project “Sharpie Paint Pen.” Make sure to get the oil based pen, NOT the water based. They have a variety of colors to choose from, and since I’m dark and twisty I stuck to black. Moving on!

photo(108)I put a ring on the handle! Have fun with it!

I had hell trying to find cute ceramic mugs. Of course, they were right under my nose the whole time at walmart. This place has a whole section of just plain white ceramic dishes that excited the artist in me! I shall definitely be trying other things soon. Find the cups you will need, I chose a large more rounded mug. It’s all about your preference.

photo(106)I love surprises! Had to write this on the inside.

Shop Haley’s Zazzle Store!

Or Check out her book!

Once you get the mug home, make sure to clean it to get any hand oils and dust particles off the mug. After that you can start your work of art! You will need to shake the paint pen for a little pit, then press the tip down to get the ink flowing to it. DO NOT press it down on the mug. Once a mark is made, it cannot be removed, so carefully plot out your design. Also, the paint pen is moody. It’ll seem like its running out, and sometimes if you try to go over a part of the mug again it’ll look awful. Keep trying until the ink is in “full flow” mode again after shaking it and pressing the tip down again. If you can’t think of a design, get on Pinterest. For the person you’re gifting use their name, obsessions, loves, or whatever. It’ll make a fabulous personalized gift.

photo(107)Whiskers on the other side of course!

Once you are done designing, put the mug inside your NOT TURNED ON YET oven. You want to mug to preheat INSIDE the oven to prevent cracking. Turn it on, set the dial to 425 degrees, and then let the mug bake. Turn your timer to 35 minutes, and keep checking on your mug to make sure it doesn’t turn brown. It didn’t happen to me, but ya never know! The house will smell weird, but once checking on your mug after 35 minutes, if it looks good I gave mine another five minutes just in case. Once your extra optional time is up, turn off the oven and let the mug sit in there for another hour, almost two. It needs to cool down with the oven to prevent cracking.

After you pull your mug out of the oven, it should look the same! If there were some spots where your pen wasn’t as dark, it will seem even lighter on the mug now. Its okay, you know what to do next time. The pen will still have texture on the mug, I tried picking at mine to see (carefully) but nothing came off. Just remember, and tell the person this, NO DISHWASHER! Other than that your mug should be fabulous. Another idea? Get something small like jewelry, a gift card or whatever to wrap and put on the inside. Double surprise! 😉 Enjoy loves! Merry Texas Christmas!


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Fat Ankle Fashion: Boot Season!


Happy Fashion Friday for the first time in forever! A HUGE THANK YOU to Briley Dockery and her photography for making this happen! Its winter, which means boots are all the rage right now. Feel free to take complete and full advantage of abusing Fat Ankle Fashion! This is such a great season for those of us with this problem. Some of you make it to this site because you googled how to cover up your fat ankles, which landed you here. I’m so glad you came. For the rest of us that are here, it’s because of Pulmonary Hypertension, and its side effects along with our lovely medication. Why do we have fat ankles? Well, for some of us we are in right-sided heart failure. Our heart has become too tired and weak to pump out all the fluids in our bodies, so it sits in our ankles because we stand on them. For others, it’s because our vasodilators (or any medication) is dilating our arteries so much that those fluids just naturally sink into our feet as well. Bottom line, fluid build up (edema) is NEVER a good thing, you should always keep your doctor informed, and it’s not pretty so you can always try to cover it up! First on the list are tips to make it go away. How? Compression (orthopedic) socks that require the love of Jesus to get them on and off. I used to wear these (yes, at nineteen) to work when I was wearing flared jeans and shoes that covered. No one can see that you have them on, and they help so much by squeezing your lovely legs together to keep from swelling. Also, keep your feet up, (my ex boyfriend bought me extra pillows and would pile them into my “foot tower”) , and actually drink a lot of water. Last, get some diuretics from your doctor (and don’t forget your potassium!) Okay, now that we’ve covered that, lets talk about different boots this season.

We have so many to choose from if you walk into ANY store. Here are the few that are in my closet, and I need A LOT more! I have orange combat boots (resembling the Doc Marten look), my plain black boots that hit almost to my knee (Charlotte Russe), my ankle black boots (not pictured), my black ankle bootie wedges (Forever 21), and my leopard wedges (Forever 21)!

1. Always Wearing Them – Black Boots

They’re flat, they’re comfortable, and they cover. You can find them in any style, any color, and just about any store. Have fun with it. I have big calves, so I always look for some with a little give!


2. My Second Favorite – The Wedges

These are perfect for when my feet decide to act up on formal occasions. These are so incredibly comfortable because the cushion, and also, wedges are easier to walk in. Moving on, they zip to cover where my feet are usually swelling and are versatile. You should always have a shoe like this for formal occasions when strappy cute sandals, or platforms will expose the ankles.


3. Ankle Black Boots

These have made a crazy comeback. I absolutely love the look, and this is perfect for fat ankle fashion. Whats fantastic about this style? It’s not just for fall/winter but you can throw shorts on, and wear these ankle boots. For more style tips on doing that, look at Claire Marshall’s videos on YouTube. She is fantastic with all of that.


4. The Risk-Takers

Fat ankle fashion can actually be fashionable. There are so many different bootie wedges, and these are not only one of my favorites, but every time I wear them I get compliments. Little does the crowd know what I’m attempting to cover up! But hey, looking fantastic is kind of the goal.


This is the easiest, and best season for Fat Ankle Fashion! Go forth and have fun covering those things up! Have a lovely friday y’all. 🙂


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Your Shirts are (finally) Ready! Please Actually Read This.

Finally finally finally finally finally finally.

The shirts are ready. I picked them up the day before Thanksgiving. Why am I just now telling you and posting about it? Because, well, Thanksgiving. Then I worked overnight on black friday, then I had a Psychology test due on Saturday as well as my Novel. I somewhat got sleep, I barely passed my test, and I finished, and won NaNoWriMo. “I’m doing a lot right now” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Also, I have to go deliver posters to schools.


Anyways, before you send me an email, always always always check the blog posts for updates and whatnot. I will tell the world as soon as I know something. So always come here first and actually move your eyeballs across the words! Your lovely T-shirts are ready. What took forever was completely out of my hands, as I turned them in November 15th, expecting to have them by the 20th. Well, the yellow background in the design had to be taken out of it, and they had to send the photo off to a digital artist to do that, taking another week. Then adding on to the week to print them, it literally took forever. I apologize. You showed your support by ordering, and now you will finally have them. Keep in mind, I am one person, and I really am trying to keep everyone happy. Moving on!! I am going today to buy all of y’alls lovely packaging, then tonight (on top of Christmas decorating) I will be mass packaging them, and sending them out. If I have verified your payment with you, THEN you will get a notification when I ship your shirts! Sound fantastic?! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Stay tuned for ACTUAL posts coming this week instead of continuous updates. Love y’all, but I’m exhausted.


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Congrats On Your Three Shirts!

I got so many wonderful emails of y’all telling me what you were thankful for! It was so awesome to read all of y’alls positive words, and I’m so glad you participated yesterday. Congrats to miss Katie DeWalt, the computer selected your name!! How funny because she had just recently messaged me about how to win the lung shirt. Katie’s sister Carey, is a Pulmonary Hypertension survivor with continuous IV treatment. Katie’s email was very touching, and consisted of this:

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words.


Thank y’all so much for the wonderful words, and support! Y’all are awesome.


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Be Thankful…and Win This Contest.


I hope y’all have enjoyed the lovely holiday! Its days like this that give us the opportunity to step back, and actually LOOK for reasons to be thankful…unless you are camped out by Best Buy. I’m sorry, I just think it’s unnerving how we go straight from Halloween to Christmas music, to black friday. WHERE is the slow time to just sit with our families and relax? Anyways, I hope y’all are enjoying yourselves. Here is a little alternative to joining the massive crowds! Today only, send me what/who/whatever you are thankful for, and enter yourself at the chance to WIN THREE JUST BREATHE T-SHIRTS! Stay at home, relax, submit your story and hopefully you will win. Y’all are awesome, I love y’all, and I will see you next week with A LOT of changes coming your way!!



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Vlog Venting.

Happy Monday. My life is once again just completely centered on putting out little fires that seem to keep popping up everywhere. This video contains info on T-shirts, my posters, and of course whining about my daily dysfunctional problems. Moving on, Song of The Week is Low Shoulders by Toro Y Moi. Check it out because quite frankly that is keeping me happy right now. You will all know ASAP when the shirts are in! Also, WordPress change the video settings, so I can no longer just insert a video. Click the link below to watch. Thanks!

Vlong Venting: Monday Mishaps

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You Asked, I Attempted to Answer!

The camera plan fell through, so you get my crappy quality video again. I can edit pictures all day long, but I’m lost when it comes to videos y’all. Anyways! I hope these are the answers y’all were looking for! 🙂 Click the link below to watch. Obviously.

Congrats Carla! I will get in contact with you so you can receive your Just Breathe T-shirt! 🙂

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Keep Out the Cold.

I once heard that cold air was harsh on the lungs, but never really thought about it until the past couple of weeks. My class starts at 7:30 in the morning, which requires me to walk a long distance across campus, in the dark, and in forty-five degree weather. By the time I arrived at my building, I was gasping, and realized that it didn’t matter how many times I took a deep breath, the cold air wasn’t helping. So, after some research I found that it is true! Cold air is super harsh on our lungs (our noses turn red from trying to warm it up before it hits our lungs), but with PH I don’t breathe through my nose when walking since its kind of a workout. I breathe through my mouth. Cold weather for people with any lung condition is extra harsh. We need that warm air because with cold air, it causes bronchial-constriction which leaves our chest feeling extra tight, we breathe harder, and sometimes even cough. Well, doesn’t that just suck.

However!! Take these ridiculously simple steps in order to help your breathing when you venture out into the cold.


scarf You don’t have to look like a Eskimo, but a chic scarf (an infinity one, or regular) draped around your neck looks completely stylish and normal. How does this help my breathing? When walking outside, take the front part of the scarf by your face, and pull it up over your mouth and nose like a mask. You might look like a serial killer, but a cute and stylish one at that. It’ll keep the air you’re breathing in warm and moist, and make a quick walk outside a whole lot easier. You shouldn’t be gasping after this trick!


coffeeI’m a coffee addict, and this is totally a little white girl suggestion, but when you’re walking in the cold not only does it taste yummy, but coffee (or hot tea) will of course warm you right up. It sounds ridiculous, but I had time to bring coffee with me to class, and it worked. However, take care of your coffee breath. hahaha.

I know this consisted of two suggestions, but hey, try them and surely it’ll help your lungs in dealing with the cold. Other than these walks, you shouldnt be out in the cold anyways!! Anyways, stay warm, and keep breathing. There is still time to get your contest question in at your chance to win a shirt! Check out the contest tab for more info! 🙂