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Trapped; Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Day.

Ahhhh, we meet again. I am alive, I don’t know if I’m well, but finally I’m making a brief post. The past few weeks have not been easy. Working fifty plus hours a week, running marketing for a local youth group, and bouncing back from surgery leaves little to no free time or sanity. Thank you to those who were actually patient with me. On top of that I’ve been wrapping up my Lantos project that I did with the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, and now I’m getting ready for conference! I’m definitely excited to meet some of y’all there.

Moving on! Today is national Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Day. As y’all know, I want you wearing your Haley Ann shirt (if you have one) if not, wear purple! Take a picture and email me, and you could be featured on here or my facebook page. I’ll also be instagraming it up! You can find those two social media sites below.


About a month ago at a doctor’s appointment, I expressed some mental concern to my doctor. My anxiety level is high, and is definitely reflecting in my physical body because my emotions are so high-strung. His reply was very dignified, and he said, “I think you are very stressed, and very in tune with your body, so lets relax and not assume the worst.” His words actually  helped, except one small detail. I’m not in tune with my body at all. In fact, I feel as though I’m always fighting it. I want to be free; free from pills, needles, surgeries, check ups, oxygen, and its weird not to be able to do that. It’s weird that your soul is stuck…inside a defective body. I mean, really. For me, its been nothing but a disaster from day one of my existence. I’ve battled bladder, lung, heart, spinal, nerves, skin, and just about anything else. I know a lot of people out there feel this way too, and I’m definitely not special. Two weeks ago I was checked for skin cancer, and all I could think was, “Really? Haven’t I paid my dues?” At some point you just have to throw your hands up, and surrender.lungsrosesI’m not saying surrender to death by any means, but surrender to acceptance. Accept that this body is so fragile, and so beyond flawed despite its miraculous existence. The best thing you can do is step away, slow life down, and make time to care for not only your defective body, but your amazing self. YOU. Not just the body you are trapped in.Pulmonary Hypertension is a big, incurable, full-time disease. I don’t just suffer from it May 5th. I’m a year round, lifetime guaranteed customer of it. Take this one day to support those people who are caught in a trap.


Song of the week! A much needed relaxing tune; So May It Secretly Begin by Pat Metheny

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Friday Favorites

So I thought I would discuss things I’m obsessed with right now since I haven’t done this in a while. At least once a month I try to do a post of my favorite things at the moment (I try to stick to ten, and sometimes I get carried away!), but I thought I would try one for October. Its my favorite month, so why not? I hope y’all enjoy, and that this might encourage you to branch out and try new things.

1. The Fault in Our Stars

How is anyone not obsessed with this right now? The book is so fantastic (hints the contest currently running on the blog) , and it’s just amazing in every way. The fact that this is centered on her lung cancer, Augustus’s charming personality, and just everything in between about suffering from a disease makes it a must read. It’s great to those who don’t quite understand our thought process, and to those of us who deal with disease it registers even more. The movie will be here June 6th. Read the book anyway.


2. Oxblood

So, it’s a trend I picked up on and soon became obsessed with it. I’ve found myself attracted to clothing, lipstick, nail polish, and just anything in general that’s oxblood. It’s very chic, very fall, and one hell of a way to  make a statement. I’m loving the oxblood trend so far, but hoping it doesn’t get overly abused like mint did.


3. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

I’m totally the crazy lady that lives off of anything Pumpkin through what seems like January. Seriously. You’ll find pumpkin coffee creamer, baked goods, candles, hand sanitizer, lotions, body sprays…yea. I even have my class using pumpkin sanitizer right now! They love it! Don’t forget the famous Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks.


4. After School Boy Blazer by Essie

Lately, I’m really not into putting designs on my nails. I don’t know if this is laziness, or just I don’t find it “in style” anymore, but I just love slapping a color on and going. I really wanted a perfect fall color (I loooooove dark polish), and Oxblood aside, my favorite is by Essie! After School Boy Blazer is a perfect dark midnight blue, that almost looks black on your nails. But it’s not. 😉 Also, I just really love the name too as ridiculous as that sounds.


5. Fancy Earrings

So, I’ve always been kind of intrigued by fancy earrings, but lately I’ve been buying more. I have no idea why earrings intrigue me so much, but I believe that they can really kind of display your character in a way. I’m always buying bedazzled ridiculous ones, and I love it. I had to buy an earring rack thing (if you follow me on Instagram you saw it, and its awesome) but yea. I just love earrings. These are probably my favorite pair!


6. Claire Marshall

So this seems like a bit of a ridiculous one, but I’ve recently discovered Claire on youtube, and I love her videos! She’s a makeup artist, so she does beauty, hair, fashion and vlog videos. She’s super funny, down to earth, and we have a lot in common. Including the cat obsession, our cat children look exactly alike. Not to mention, her tattoos are gorgeous as well. Loooooove her! You can find her on Instagram as well.


7. Jaaaazzzzz

I just have to say it like that. Anyways, life gets crazy in the fall for me (school starting) so I need some calm somewhere. I feel like this is a time of year when we all start listening to “chill” music that fits the weather, and its cloudiness. Except it’s almost never cloudy in Texas. But Rocco and I have just been getting some awesome work done listening to jazz. He falls asleep most of the time, but when is he not? My favorite track ever right now is Dear Lord by the John Coltrane Quartet. I heard this song on the Cosby Show and “Shazamed” it (that fancy little app on my phone—I use it a lot!), and I LOVE this song. Other favorites are of course Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, and Walter Scharf (background music of Jerry Lewis’s Nutty Proffesor).


8. Cointreau Citrus Margarita

Oh my, I found this lovely jewel at Olive Garden. I’m not a big drinker, but this was soooo incredibly good. I love orange flavored things, and this simply tastes like fancy orange juice. So in love with this y’all! I had to control myself, but I shall be going back for another. If you follow me on Instagram (@haleyann92)  you saw this picture a couple of weeks ago. Ammmmaaazing.


9. The Buckle

So this is probably right now (besides Forever 21) my favorite store of all time. Yes, its outrageously expensive, but I always find something (well, a lot of somethings) that are fantastic for my body. Not to mention, the sales associates are super friendly (almost annoying haha) and can put together great outfits for you. I wonder if they’re trained in that. Anyways, I find a lot of great items I love that last me a looooong time there. I find that when I shop from Charlotte Russe, and places like so, my clothes start “pilling” which leads to a “worn” look super quickly. Nina Garcia warned us of this in her fabulous book, The Style Strategy, which taught me a lot about my wardrobe, and how to shop smart. I don’t have fancy stores in my hometown, so The Buckle seems like my go-to place, and they never disappoint. I should probably get a job there. hahahaha.


10. Halloween

It’s definitely that time of the year, and I’m obsessed with this every year. Growing up, Halloween was not scary in our family, spooky, or awful. My mom decorated the house with pumpkins, (we had a two-story house so we even had pumpkin garland wrapped around the staircase railing which was super cute), and it seemed like “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” was playing in every room. Halloween was about cute, pumpkin things, and dressing up cute as well. My brother was always a fireman, biker boy, or something of the sort. Dad looked ridiculous, and us girls were princess’s of some sort. It was never considered a demonic holiday, but just something to do together as a family. I can’t stand people who turn it into that, look at us like we’re awful people, but I understand where you’re coming from, so I’m shutting my mouth. Moving on, Halloween is still something fun for me (even though the costumes are outrageously slutty for my age group), and I can’t wait till I have my own kids to dress up. My house has cute decor everywhere, and even Rocco finds himself dressed up! hahaha. Anyways, I call it “Rocco’s time of year” since you can find black cat stuff everywhere. I love Halloween, and we also have fun with it in my classroom. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen. Almost.