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Friday Favorites!

So its been a couple of months, and instead of Fashion Friday I’m doing a “Friday Favorites”. If you’ve never seen one of these before, I just talk about my favorite things lately to encourage y’all to branch out and try new things. Why? Because its life, and we need a little refreshing from time to time. Also, I don’t believe in posting about PH all the time. Yes, this is a blog revolving around a rare disease, but other parts of our life are just as important. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who becomes their disease.” (The Fault in Our Stars) I have an actual list I’m going to stick to so that every one of these posts will at least have the appearance of being organized. Each post, I will mention my favorite (at the time) music, makeup, book, clothing, TV show, something to do, nail polish, movie, drink and household item. Here we gooo.

The Music.

I’m always discovering new bands, and rediscovering my classics. When I tell people music is important to me, I’m extremely serious about that…hints why I do a song of the week. Music is what feeling sounds like. Right now, I feel Night Beds one hundred percent. Favorite song? 22 and Ramona. Their sound is so emotional, and moving. There are no other words.


The Makeup.

Lately, makeup has currently been eating my face away. Every morning I wake up I find a new little red dot tucked in the corner or crease of another part of my face. Good grief. However, MAC foundation has saved my life! Its been my absolute favorite (I can’t tell you which kind because its like I got a personal fit, so go find your match.) What I can say is it does cover and matify your face. Also, Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder (can be found at Ulta) has been so fantastic as well for covering up those little ridiculous blemishes.


The Book.

As much as I talk about The Fault in Our Stars, I don’t give enough credit towards Looking For Alaska my other favorite by the inevitable John Green. Its dark and twisty in the most perfect of ways, and I loved this book incredibly much. John Green is beyond talented. So, as much attention as TFIOS is getting, don’t forget to shine some light on Look For Alaska.


The Clothing.

Oh, Jeez. Honestly, I’m obsessed with gold jewelry and vintage lazy finds. I love finding REAL plaid, not this shit at old navy that’s stiff and pink. I love finding the plaid that is soft, worn down, vintage, over-sized and the sleeves are rolled. I’m also obsessed with simple gold jewelry to accent this lazy look. It’s like taking a loud, boyish fashion yet giving it a delicate womanly touch. Try it, which might require a Goodwill run.


The TV Show.

I am so obsessed with Sex and The City right now. I used to watch this all through high school, and at the time it was weird but cool. Now its hysterical in ways I thought I would never imagine, and it’s just always going to be that all time girl show. Plus, I love the writing in it, for obvious reasons. Sorry loves, I’m just really in touch with my chick flick side lately.


Something To Do.

With the same old partying, shops, bars, movie theater’s…things just get tiring really fast. However, I never get tired of bowling. Honestly, it seems like the fun is overlooked. Everytime we go we all have so much fun, whether we are drinking or not. Not everyone is from the same small old town as me, but next time you get the chance, take a date, friends, family and go bowling. A little bit of competition, beer, and a whole lot of laughing.


The Nail Polish.

When I first saw this color I had flashbacks to my first grade years. However, I think Essie did a great job of turning it into not only a fun, but chic color. I’m not quite ready for light “summer” nails, and this bright yet overpowering color is the perfect balance. Aruba Blue by Essie.


The Movie.

This has been a favorite since high school, and has a special place in my heart. Dan in Real Life is that perfect little love story, that’s screwed up in its own ways to make you appreciate it even more. The characters, setting, dialogue, and music have always been fantastic. It’s just one of those “feel good” films to uplift your spirits in the weirdest of ways, and when has Steve Carrell ever been not funny? Valentine favorite this year y’all, even for the singles.


The Drink.

I know I’m a Texan, but beer will never be my thing. Three words y’all. Cherry Vodka Sour.


Household Item.

Recently, my obsession with candles has taken a new turn. I have them everywhere (usually tea lights) because I love the look in my room. Also, I’m a very picky candle-scent person. Usually I have pumpkin candles, evergreen tree candles, and that’s it. I hate the flower ones, the fruit ones, the cookie ones…just no. They get my stomach going, and before I know it I’m nauseous. I like something clean, or relaxed smelling….and y’all I have found the most perfect candle scent ever. Might I add it’s not seasonal, so it’ll be out all year. Its called Mahogany Teakwood… also known as Sexy Man. This scent is so masculine (not too much), and leaves my room smelling like a guy just walked out. That sounds tacky, but I really don’t care. This to me is such a romantic scent, and why not get it for yourself around this time of year? Helllloooo Ladies. Sexy candle alert! Buy it.


Sorry this post is up late loves! Branch out, and now you have some new things (hopefully) to think about trying! Enjoy your weekend y’all with not too many Cherry Vodka Sours. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Finally, our Winner!

I am SO thankful for all the lovely ladies that entered their nails into the competition! Candice and I are nail freaks so it was awesome to see all the designs and what not. So, since we loved these designs and were so indecisive, there was a tie. The first winner wins the shirt and beauty products and we are sending our second winner a shirt! Woo-hoo!ย 

Our first winner was the lovely Elizabeth from England!! She instantly entered the competition and continued to spread the awareness on her Instagram. Her designs on all of her nails were crazy cool and artistic!! You can find her on Instagram as elizabethlacquer. Thank you so much Elizabeth for spreading awareness in England! Enjoy your prize package and shirt! ๐Ÿ™‚


Our second winner was the lovely Sydney Carlo! The sequin look on your thumb, purple and Zebra were all super cute! Seriously, we loved them. I will contact you so we can send you your shirt. Thank you so much for entering and spreading awareness! ๐Ÿ™‚



Follow Haley on Instagram! haleyann92


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Wrapping Up the Contest!

Hello lovelies! Sorry its been a little while, but school has started and I’m back to exhaustion! Its been really really REALLY tough week for so many reasons. However, the song of the week (Al Green’s Lets Stay Together) is keeping me sane. But moving on, this is a short little post to remind you that THIS FRIDAY (August 30th) a PH manicure winner will be chosen!! ๐Ÿ™‚ How exciting! So get your entries in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the chance to win! Get creative and have fun with it! I’m posting pictures below of the entries I’ve gotten so far. Thank y’all so much for showing off your awesome manicures (and toes) and showing support and awareness for this disease. Y’all are awesome.

photo(7)Elizabeth from England


Heather Bielawski


Sydney Carlo


Kayla Nicole from Boston Massachusetts


Shanon Moncrief


Jody Miller



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Spa Day Y’all!

Happy Saturday y’all! I’m trying to keep my head up by staying busy and you should as well! So I’ve been scanning my email (trying to catch up) and I received another contest entry from the lovely Heather! She did her nails AND toes! How cute are those?! photo(10)

You have ONLY 13 days left to submit your nails to win this prize package! This shouldn’t just be a contest, this should be a relaxing spa day for you to enjoy yourself and relax. I had a spa day with my best friend a couple of days ago and it was highly needed. What exactly do you need for your spa day? Well, lets see…


You don’t need complete peace and quiet (unless that suits you because I can’t stand it!) so I usually keep my brain and thoughts busy with a show or music. I’m in a Grey’s Anatomy phase (who doesn’t enjoy looking at Mcdreamy’s face?!). This usually helps me relax and forget about my world so I can focus on their awesome world.



I have no idea how we ended up with one but I love it. Seriously, I can do my own at home pedicure without paying someone $30 when I can’t shuffle out the money. These are awesome! You can find them at Walmart for around $30-40 dollars. It’s worth it to soak your feet when you want to at home.



This is one of the contest prizes and it is seriously amazing. You can use this on anything! I use to wash my hands from time to time, clean my makeup brushes and the other night I put a little in my foot spa! IT WAS AMAZING. It makes the water look like milk and it smells great!! Also, when you turn the bubbles on, the soap DOESN’T bubble and go everywhere!! It made my feet so fresh and also after taking off the dead skin and walking around all day the next day my feet didn’t go back to looking white, dry and crusty again! You have a chance to win this stuff and its AMAZING.



So this is my favorite one because its safe, easy and you don’t risk taking a chunk of skin off your heel. Revlon’s is the best! It works quite literally like a kitchen grater, you just slide it over your heel (it feels great) and it takes the excess skin off. Bonus? You can remove the head and empty your yucky dead skin out. This is the best and safest shaver out there! After you’re done using it use your Dr. Bronners Magic Soap to clean it! ๐Ÿ˜‰



This is of course necessary to prep your nails for polish. You can find LEGIT nail files that will actually get the job done at Ulta and (my favorite) Sally’s. Also, don’t forget the importance of a buffer! You need that to buff your nail, take the junk off and the yellowing or staining.



I’m so obsessed with masks! They make my skin feel great. You can find them everywhere in little sample packets or in actual tubes to buy. My favorite right now is the Mint Julep mask which can be found at Walmart!



Obviously you’ll need some awesome nail polish and stripers to paint those babies up especially for the contest!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, check out your awesome prizes that you could receive if you do win. Remember, we ship around the world. Relax and have a great weekends/spa day loves.



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Travel Tuesday Y’all!

Happy Travel Tuesday y’all! I am in the mountains again (I know) and trying to just relax and take it all in. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get out of your rut, in fact I think I’ve posted about this before.


By the time summer roles around every year, I’m squirming to get away to the point I drive my friends crazy. When you’re locked up in the same schedule, same faces, same places… life can become pretty unbearable. I can’t imagine not having a break! However, I’m a very routine person who hates change. Seriously, it’s very hard for me to adjust, but I definitely need my one (or two) getaways so I can maintain my sanity and also my health.


ALL THE TIME I’m writing about mental health on this blog because its SO important and SO overlooked. PH patients are caught up in caring for our physical bodies to the point that we forget about our emotional and mental health which is sad. You should not just be worrying about your body that you exist in but YOU. When you are stuck in your house, routine and job you quickly sink down into it losing your “charge” on life. There is so much more out there than you’re front lawn or desk. Come on people! It doesn’t have to be the Bahamas but a simple vacation to change things up and recharge. You know what’s good for your health (I honestly don’t recommend talking to doctors because they think you should exist in a bubble) but you know what YOU can do, how you’re feeling, what precautions you need to take and what you should pack. (See my blog post on that) It’s time to recharge lovelies and live your life!! I don’t let anything stop me, not even high elevation. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a wonderful rest of your week! ALSO,
check out our entry from Elizabeth in England on our PH manicure competition! She did an AMAZING job




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Manicure Monday

Happy Monday loves! So we have a NEW CONTEST posted under the contest tab! We all know that nail designs are all the rage right now. We can put anything we want on them, they are a representation of our fashion, style, tastes and US. So why not represent PH Awareness on your nails at least once?! Exactly. I’ve done it before and so have many others. So therefore, I want to see a picture of your PH Awareness manicure! What should it have on it? Whatever you want. Purple, zebra, lungs, awareness ribbons, etc… It doesn’t matter! But it should clearly be a representation of this disease! Send your mani to ย  The winner will be chosen August 30th, 2013. I will be deciding a winner and we will have a guest judge, the fabulous Nail Guru Candice Lee! This girl knows whats good for your nails, what polish to choose, designs and how to even do fake nails at home. She’s great and she’s also myย  best friend so I knew she’d be perfect for this. What will the winner receive? A Just Breathe shirt, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Soap in the perfect PH color (See what I use it for at the bottom of this post and how AMAZING this stuff is) , a Que Bella Lavender Mask and a PH color Polish (Lacey Lavender by Xtreme)!ย  There are lots to win here folks and perfect for a beauty day at home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out more info BELOW!


photo(5)What I use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for! SO AMAZING!

candice1Our guest judge, Candice Lee.

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A Zebra Among Horses

Finally, I am back. And un-sick.

I thought I would share a little excitement over this PH campaign about zebra. At first I was like, “Why in the heck is Zebra all over their page?” After reading their back story on it, it made sense. Doctors are taught to think in a way “If you hear hoof beats, think horses not Zebras.” (Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy this is actually said by doctor Shepard) This meaning, if someone walks in saying they cant breathe, just think its asthma and walk away. Associate common symptoms with common problems, don’t look for the rare disease. This just pisses me right off. PH IS the zebra of the medical field that they keep missing. My junior year of high school, I had just gotten to my English class and fell down coming in which was strange, but I just thought I had tripped. After the humiliation I sat down in my desk and remember feeling this horrible pain in my chest and dizziness. My friend Daniel in front of me kept asking “Are you ok, Haley?” While I answered, “Just give me a minute.” I thought my eyes were closed but apparently they were open while I was saying this, which means everything in my body was starting to shut down. And that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up feeling super relaxed and sleepy. Fulling gaining my vision and hearing back, I realized I was on the floor of my classroom with my teacher slapping my face, one of the assistant principles with a wheelchair and of course the laughing/starring “peers.” They got me out of the classroom, upstairs and into the main office for me to be picked up. One of my dads co-workers drove me to the hospital and I met my dad in the ER. We immediately were admitted to a lovely curtain room where they ran blood work and of course did MULTIPLE pregnancy tests. They came back negative (of course) and after that they had nothing to say. I love that because I was a 16-year-old girl who passed out, that they only thing on their mind was pregnancy. No EKG was performed which would’ve been a DEAD giveaway that my heart was not functioning right. Its moments like that that infuriate me because doctors are told to think this way. Why push it further? Why spend more money on testing? Psh, why believe the patient? I think doctors should have a new way of looking at things, TO SAVE LIVES.
ANYWAYS, PH is so misdiagnosed and undetected not just because of doctors but it takes a while for it to take effect on your body. I was diagnosed at 18 and told I wouldn’t live another two years. For seven years I complained, whined, “walked it off”, struggled, gasped and puffed on pointless inhalers. PH is a very invisible disease in a basic disguise. It IS the zebra among horses.

So WOO-HOO! Here is another Nail Tutorial with Zebra and of course, lungs! ๐Ÿ™‚ Start out with 3 coats of Essie’s “She’s Picture Perfect” but skipping the ring finger and painting it white. After letting it dry for about 10 minutes, take your Kiss black striper and stripe your ring finger into zebra. It’s really just a bunch of random lines! After that you will apply your lungs (using your Kiss white striper and Kiss glitter striper), then of course some Sally Hanson “Instadry” topcoat! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to thank my best friend Candice, for letting me PH her nails. ๐Ÿ™‚



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PH Awareness Nails (One of three to come)

PH Awareness Month is here so I plan on doing a TON of things to get people’s attention, and YOU should too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will definitely be sharing.

Of course the first thing I attempt is nails, because it’s just so fun! You should definitely be trying these beauties too since they are wayyy simple. Practice drawing an awareness ribbon before you try it on your nail. Be sure to give plenty of time for your purple polish to dry before you try it on your ring finger. After completing the ribbon add some optional little sparklies around it. Don’t forget top coat!! ๐Ÿ™‚ *I will be buying a purple (periwinkle) striper so I can have an actual colored ribbon on my finger! Zebra and lungs are next!! Stay tuned!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Paint That Thyroid Problem

So, I totally can’t find my thyroid pills. This is a problem for when I actually want to take it. It’s the hardest one to remember!

Well, I don’t know if yรกll have a bad thyroid, but I suffer from Hypothyroidism which means it doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. They found this when I first got diagnosed with PH through regular blood work. It explained a lot of things!! Crazy amounts of hair loss, brittle/peeling finger nails, sensitivity to cold and most of all my chunky weight. But being put on Levothyroxin, I lost about 10 lbs in 3 months naturally. I really need to make it a habit of taking this dang medication…

My nails of all are the ugliest! They quite literally peel, chip, break and bend. Forever I use to get them professionally done, but that gets expensive and a pain in the but to deal with. But recently due to pinterest and keeping up with the latest trends, nail polish (doing it yourself) is HUGE. And I understand why!! It’s SO much fun! I do my nails almost 2 times a week! It’s a great hobby, its easy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you can tell a difference in expensive nail polishes but you can always go cheap. If your suffering from ugly problem nails, then you need to take up this hobby. You can find all sorts of ideas on pinterest and just by looking around you!!

Things You Need

Nail polish (duh). This should develop into a collection, to have more options of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remover (also, duh.) Seriously, the stuff from the dollar store does just fine.

A Buffer. If you’ve ever been to Sally’s beauty supply, they have GREAT ones! It seems like Walmart and Ulta carry ones that don’t really do any work. Buffing is crucial to your nail health.

A legit nail file. Once again, go to Sally’s. The cute one’s with zebra just wont do ladies! You need a salon one that wont lose its edge after a couple manicures.

Top coat. OH MY this is so important! It makes your polish look shinier, it stays on longer and it dries faster! I use Sally Hanson’s Instadry in the red bottle (its clear though). It’s in a box that hangs up at walmart and its around $4. SO WORTH IT and best top coat I’ve ever used!

Stripers. I found mine at walmart and they are so worth it! Do any design you want, for free. I chose a 3 pack for $7 and got black, white and silver sparkly one. These are great!!

Seriously though, its one of the funnest hobby’s I have and I can get creative and have “statement” nails! It’s just not worth it to pay salon prices anymore. Keep your nasty thyroid nails covered and have fun while you do it!! Best idea I’ve ever had! Here are some of my favorite designs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy, and hopefully yรกll can enjoy a fashion Friday this week.


Spider Web Nails for Halloween

Black Cat Nails (FAVORITE)

Michael Jackson Nails (SO proud of these)

Bow Nails

Ghost Nails for Halloween

Dexter (Blood splatter) Nails

Anchor Nails

Leopard Nails