PH Health

Enjoy Your Cup of Dangerous

Hope yáll have had a lovely week so far!

I just woke up from my little evening nap. Little is so underestimated because these usually last about 2 hours. Lately I’ve absolutely had to squeeze one in around 6 in the evening because I’m exhausted. My body is having a bit of trouble keeping up lately (My oxygen has been in the low 80’s) but also, my caffeine addiction has taken control. So naps are necessary! And here I sit typing this while chugging back a cup of coffee. This is an everyday companion in my life…but does that coincide with PH?

My caffeine addiction started my first year of college but I started consuming it around my 7th grade year. On a daily basis I have around 4-5 cups a day. Two in the morning, one after work and around one to two cups in the evening. Yes, this is an insane amount and when I went to my last appointment my doctor said not to have any after 12pm. PSH! Lady are ya crazy?! Coffee is amazing. Its delicious, its warm, you make it yours, I NEED it and you get to buy insanely cute mugs to put it in. 😉

With the symptoms of PH it’s not great to consume excess amounts of caffeine. Our heart already works ALOT harder than its ever suppose to just to live daily life, and when you consume products that speed your heart rate up it’s just asking for trouble. That’s why we avoid things such as diet pills, energy drinks and even some medication. I however, do not abide by the rules when it comes to my precious cup of joe. I probably should start cutting back and maybe I’ll work on it. Until then, I’m finishing this cup…

But really, despite having a disease or not,  a caffeine addiction is NOT healthy. When you’re feeding your body this you’ll constantly be running on a false high, so you will crash and burn…like I do everyday at 6. You’re also hurting your stomach. Caffeine is a hunger suppressant, making you put that one meal off a bit longer than planned or sometimes like me, completely forgetting to eat at all. So by the time you remember, you have nothing in your system, your heart rate is high and you feel like dropping. This happened to me on Monday. Be VERY careful. The drink whether its coke or coffee, seems harmless and everybody we know is “addicted” to caffeine. But it can truly mess you up, especially when there is an underlying problem. Stopping? I still haven’t figured that out. Its going to be a day-to-day thing, maybe replacing a cup with water instead and gradually only having one or two cups a day, not when needed but one to enjoy. Having PH sucks and making accommodations for it sucks even more, but we do it because I think we are called to be much stronger individuals. Keep an eye on your warm, delicious, “much-needed” drink. It’s not all what it’s cracked up to be. But in the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites of my coffee mug collection. 🙂