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Happy October!

Well hello loves, and Happy October if I haven’t already told you so! This is probably one of my favorite months not only because it’s an exciting change in the year, but sooooo many fantastic things happen in October. Not only can I pick up a whole bag of snickers (and use trick or treat as an excuse –psh, that’s my candy), Halloween is everywhere, Indigenous Peoples Day is celebrated (previously known as Columbus Day), but most people have no idea that it is also Black Cat Awareness Month.


I live my life as an advocate for things that need my love, support and attention. One of my best friends the other night told me that I am always in search for something deeper; a deeper meaning. Thats my life. Searching deeper, digging deeper, and getting more invested. Sometimes I get so invested that I have to stop because it becomes my life, and I truly don’t mind but my lungs do. Most people would laugh at the fact that I am supporting Black Cat Awareness Month, and writing about it, but why not? Even though this is two thousand and fourteen, I feel we are regressing in our actions. We force our beliefs onto others, women still aren’t paid the same wages, we criticize those who feel the need to abort a pregnancy they don’t want because of our beliefs being pushed onto them, and people still look at black cats as if this is Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. Really people?

I grew up with two black cats, Einstein Albert and Fantasia Monaloha, and after my diagnosis found my Rocco Ricardo. I still have all three, and never looked at just their fur. In fact, I thought they were so beautiful because every color of collar looked fantastic on them! But seriously though, since I was a small child I never understood the persecution of the black cat; they were just so beautiful in my eyes. Maybe you’ve joked about it before, but do you realize that black cats are the targets of hate crimes? Some shelters wont even allow them to be adopted in October for this reason. They are the most unlikely to be adopted because of these “bad luck” bullshit beliefs.


Martin Luther King was once quoted saying, “Never be afraid to do whats right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is a stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

Stop living in the past. We are continuously moving into the future, and we should constantly be re-evaluating our outlook on life, on certain situations. A black cat is just another part of the creator’s beautiful gift to people. Love these animals, love other people, love you.


Spread the word.


Song of the week is, “Kick, Push” by Lupe Fiasco. Its what I need to get through this week! Enjoy!

Personal Life


So this post doesn’t have much to do with PH. But yรกll can live with that right? Good. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just wanted to share the latest things I’m in love with, well because I feel like it. This is just an arrangement of things that mean a lot to me and that I like to talk about (obviously) and maybe you can check them out as well. Here weee goooo.


This will ALWAYS be an obsession. I had my first black cat when I was 8 years old. She was crazy, smart, talkative and still is her sweet self today at 11 years old. I love my little Fantasia – shes beautiful! With having her, I knew I wanted more! I just love the panther look and 2 years ago I was determined to make another mine, and I did. ๐Ÿ™‚ I brought little Rocco home at 6 weeks home, and had to bottle feed him. I was on bed rest for PH and he was perfect company and someone to take care of. As a result, we both are super close. I’m going to have to do a complete separate post about my Rocco and the ironic challenges we are going through with him. But anyone who knows me well and has been in my room, there is black cat stuff everywhere. They’re beautiful, simple and sweet. And will be my next tattoo. Isn’t Rocco handsome?! ๐Ÿ™‚


I will always defend him, and even with all of the strange things that consumed his life he was an amazing artist, dancer and person. And not to mention extremely sexy until about 1990. Oh I love Michael, just like the rest of the world! “Dancing isn’t about thinking, it’s about feeling.” Oh and look at that, Michael with a black cat…perfect!!


I am a nail polish freak. And it seems like the rest of the world is getting there too! I paint my nails about twice a week, and almost immediately if they chip. So I have a little collection of colors growing in my room and so far my absolute favorite that I got on sale this week would be Butter London’s Trout Pout. It’s such a cute pink, however these polish’s are normally $14 a piece. I got a buy one get one free sale this week at Ulta. Be prepared to pay big bucks with no sale. But anyways, I love this color.


I’ve loved this bluesy girl for a long time, but just recently I was curious enough to watch an interview she did back in 1970 and fell in love with her even more! Her personality was so true blue, honest and she was extremely smart. Her life ended such a sad way and she didn’t have much to be happy about, but she was extremely talented. Check her out, if you weren’t already a fan. Woo-hoo, proud to be a Texas girl with Janis.


It sounds ridiculous, and I just don’t care. I grew up thrifting, and still do. I’m not saying I live in a thrift store and don’t come home with bags of questionable stuff (ewww). But really I hunt for vintage finds and have run across some amazing stuff so far!! LOVE it.


Who isn’t obsessed with these?! Other than the millions of calories and sugars you consume within 20 minutes and the 10 pounds you’ll put on instantly, these things are fall heaven. Seriously, if I’ve been good (I make a lot of exceptions) then I’ll treat myself to one. Join the club if you haven’t already.


Another thing that will always be on the obsession list. I love her, her clothing, stores, personality…just everything.


I’m a teacher, and I hoard little things because I’m trying to plan for the big picture someday (my classroom). I get ridiculously excited with cute class decor, erasers, new crayons, coloring pages, stamps ANYTHING! I love it all! I have to pry myself away from Walmart and Target most of the time cause they have such cute stuff. Oh school…my happy place!!


I’ve been loving his music the past week! It fit my very chill mood and has even fit our cloudy weather the past couple of days. Sad life he lived as well, but once again, such talent.

Random much? Yes, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways.