An Artist?

So this is coming to you midweek. Goodness! Its been extremely difficult recovering from spring break, and forcing myself to work once again. Until then, I hope everyone is fabulous.

While speaking with a publisher this week on (hopefully) the future of my novel being in actual bookstores, he asked me what I do for a living. I’m the twenty-one year old college dropout (because I have no money), working for simple cash, being uncommitted, and I’m writing on the side. I sound like a should be dancing in a field with Jim Morrison, and daisy’s strung throughout my wild hair. That actually sounds fabulous, but when speaking with a publisher you really want to sound powerful. When I heard the words “blogger” spill out of my mouth, I realized how vague I sounded. It felt awful too because my blog is extremely important to me, and its my life. This is what I want to DO with my life, and its my art quite honestly. It really sucks that everyone, literally everyone, and their mom has decided to take up on this so-called art.


Now, lets back up a bit. I’m all for art. I want children, adults, scientists, and their best friends to love art. I hate what education has become which is really not learning at all, or wanting children to feel free. It’s about turning them into little mathematical and English reading specialists. Personally, I think we should all be painting, and studying life…which is why I just can’t work in education anymore. Basically, I’m an artistic advocate nut. Its crucial, at least in my life. Art isn’t something everyone wants to do, and those people who pursue it can do amazing things. There are a lot of artists out there, and different types of artists that make it extremely hard to get recognition. There are artists that are having fun, some stumbled upon their profession, and then there are those who are actively chasing this dream. I guess I stumbled, and immediately started chasing. I’m trying to improve myself, my thought process, my words, my time, my blog, myself, others, and I love what I’m doing. I take it very seriously. Its art; I live it, breathe it, speak it, and appreciate it. Its my life.

With all that being said, I’m incredibly proud of the people who want to be artists, and come to me asking for blog advice because they want to start a one. It’s an incredible thing to know your words (hopefully) reach people. For me, even if it’s just one its amazing, and fulfilling. However, I do have one piece of advice. Writing is an act of faith; it’s an art. All writing is different, just like paintings. Picasso does not look like Leonardo da Vinci. They are a bit distinctive, but they worked their poor insane asses off not even knowing they would be in textbooks. If this is not a faith to you, or an art, then double think what you would be doing, and what you would be typing away about. Your time, your words, and your dedication will be vastly important. I take my art seriously, because it can be scary. That’s what bugs me about people who say, “Art is fun, don’t take it so seriously!” It is amazing, and fun, but its a way of life! It’s a grinding your teeth, crying over characters you made up, upsetting sometimes, all time beautiful endorphin rush that is comparable to a runners marathon. It’s ridiculously difficult, and amazing. Art is not just about appreciation, being poor, dubbed as insane, but about compromise and exposure. You are compromising your lifestyle, money, health, and sanity to expose your feelings, and make sure they appear beautiful in a way not only to yourself, but others. This is a profession; this is the only life I know. Thats how I call myself a blogger, and an artist.


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Merry Christmas Y’all.

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas y’all! I am so thankful for my PH supporters and families. This in itself is a private little world to me that means too much to put into words. Congrats to Summer Gibson! You won the Angel ornament and a Just Breathe T-shirt! Also, check out the blogs Facebook page to stay updated with some private contests! I hope y’all love this blog as much as I do, and it’s definitely opened up a world I thought I would never see. Thank you so incredibly much for following, liking, commenting, sharing, and supporting. Enjoy your Christmas whatever you might be doing. Rocco and I will be doing absolutely nothing other than breathing treatments and relaxing. We are so glamorous. Merry Christmas y’all!



Paint That Thyroid Problem

So, I totally can’t find my thyroid pills. This is a problem for when I actually want to take it. It’s the hardest one to remember!

Well, I don’t know if yáll have a bad thyroid, but I suffer from Hypothyroidism which means it doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. They found this when I first got diagnosed with PH through regular blood work. It explained a lot of things!! Crazy amounts of hair loss, brittle/peeling finger nails, sensitivity to cold and most of all my chunky weight. But being put on Levothyroxin, I lost about 10 lbs in 3 months naturally. I really need to make it a habit of taking this dang medication…

My nails of all are the ugliest! They quite literally peel, chip, break and bend. Forever I use to get them professionally done, but that gets expensive and a pain in the but to deal with. But recently due to pinterest and keeping up with the latest trends, nail polish (doing it yourself) is HUGE. And I understand why!! It’s SO much fun! I do my nails almost 2 times a week! It’s a great hobby, its easy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you can tell a difference in expensive nail polishes but you can always go cheap. If your suffering from ugly problem nails, then you need to take up this hobby. You can find all sorts of ideas on pinterest and just by looking around you!!

Things You Need

Nail polish (duh). This should develop into a collection, to have more options of course. 😉

Remover (also, duh.) Seriously, the stuff from the dollar store does just fine.

A Buffer. If you’ve ever been to Sally’s beauty supply, they have GREAT ones! It seems like Walmart and Ulta carry ones that don’t really do any work. Buffing is crucial to your nail health.

A legit nail file. Once again, go to Sally’s. The cute one’s with zebra just wont do ladies! You need a salon one that wont lose its edge after a couple manicures.

Top coat. OH MY this is so important! It makes your polish look shinier, it stays on longer and it dries faster! I use Sally Hanson’s Instadry in the red bottle (its clear though). It’s in a box that hangs up at walmart and its around $4. SO WORTH IT and best top coat I’ve ever used!

Stripers. I found mine at walmart and they are so worth it! Do any design you want, for free. I chose a 3 pack for $7 and got black, white and silver sparkly one. These are great!!

Seriously though, its one of the funnest hobby’s I have and I can get creative and have “statement” nails! It’s just not worth it to pay salon prices anymore. Keep your nasty thyroid nails covered and have fun while you do it!! Best idea I’ve ever had! Here are some of my favorite designs. 🙂 Enjoy, and hopefully yáll can enjoy a fashion Friday this week.


Spider Web Nails for Halloween

Black Cat Nails (FAVORITE)

Michael Jackson Nails (SO proud of these)

Bow Nails

Ghost Nails for Halloween

Dexter (Blood splatter) Nails

Anchor Nails

Leopard Nails