Fifty Facts.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I had a terrible weekend, so I think I’m going to unload with a ton of emotional writing on the blog. So lets kick it off with something a little more light-hearted like a post of “Fifty Facts” on myself. Lets see how well this goes.


1. I was named after Haley’s Comet.

2. I hate space.

3. Speaking of space, Tony Nelson is probably the only astronaut to ever have my heart, and I wish I could be Jeannie when I grow up. (If you didn’t get that…shame.)

4. My dream career is to teach, not to be a test-giver, or scorer.

5. The mountains are heaven on earth.

6. I am spiritual, not religious.

7. Studying Native beliefs in a way made sense of how I should be living my life.

8. Rain, and clouds are the most favorite of favorites. I’m not into sunshine.

9. I believe in equality; and yes I’m a feminist, not a man-hater.

10. I’m an old soul.

11. I want four kids, possibly five. Don’t tell me that’s too much, I’ll figure it out myself.

12. Rocco Ricardo is my love.

13. I don’t seek a relationship, or marriage. What will happen, will happen organically.

14. I believe in mother nature’s healing.

15. If you don’t like my music, it will be difficult to get a long with you.

16. You cannot understand the creators love for you if you do not understand how to love the people you can see. I believe in loving people.

17. Throw your beliefs onto me, and I will throw you out of my life.

18. Disrespect me once, and that’s the only chance you had to begin with.

19. I was a trouble maker in high school, not for usual reasons. I just believed in calling it how I saw it which made people mad.

20. Yes, I have severe anxiety.

21. I think I eat grits once a week. Its comfort food. Is that sad?

22. Eggnog latte’s are my favorite holiday drink.

23. Despite my opinions, I am a very open-minded person.

24. I like to adapt.

25. I don’t like labels, or titles, or status’.

26. I’m inconsistent because that’s just how I function, if you can even call that functioning. There is no time management skills in my life, and I own up to that.

27. I love a lot of qualities about my hometown, but I strongly dislike the values and people.

28. I don’t believe in watching the news.

29. I believe its important for your kid to be involved in a physical activity, but an art based one as well. Art is beyond important, and the ability to communicate those underlying talents and emotions. Art is a universal language to be able to sit, communicate, and understand more.

30. I can’t decide on a favorite anything hardly.

31. My mind works two ways; utterly obsessed or completely uninterested.

32. I’m not shy, or moody. I’m just socially selective.

33. I am weird, and I don’t care.

34. I own a record player, typewriter, and eight track table. Yes, they all are used regularly.

35. I have a heated mattress because who survives without one?!

36. I plan to be in New Mexico within five years.

37. Writing is a happy part of my life, and I do it for me.

38. Being a patient with Pulmonary Hypertension gave me a lot of direction, determination, and opportunities. I’m glad they were here, and now I’m ready to move forward.

39. I wrote a book. I don’t know if I can ever publish it because yea…

40. I collect wedding rings (obviously cz.)

41. This is the first Christmas where I’m actually getting into the spirit. I bought a tree for my back living room…

42. I don’t actually know how to correctly play any instrument. I pick them up, and I can play by ear. Its something that my brother, dad and I have in common.

43. I can’t stand people who cannot listen to others opinions. When you walk around believing only what you think is right, or what you know, you live a very close-minded life. How terrible.

44. I am an accessory NUT. I love jewelry, coats, shoes, bags…you name it. Clothes are another nightmare.

45. My favorite part of my job is holding screaming patients down. SO FUN. Sounds terrible, I know. I miss teaching my students, but I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

46. Anything mid-century, or sixties, and I would probably love to own it.

47. Dancing is my favorite. Any type of dancing.

48. I used to never watch anything scary. Now I’m almost through all seasons of American Horror Story.

49. I’m not a very private person. What ever happens, I will tell people; there are no secrets.

50. I’m attempting to enjoy my life, and love me. Its not working out so far.