Here are a lot of question’s I’ve been asked lately! You have a new one? Email me at haley.ann.92@gmail.com and you could see your question on the page soon! 🙂


1. How old are you?

I am twenty-four years old.

2. When were you diagnosed?

After showing symptoms since eleven, I was diagnosed at eighteen.

3. What medication are you on?

Norvasc, Adcirca, Baby aspirin and Levothyroxin. And various vitamins.

4. Do you have siblings?

Yesss I do! I have an older brother, John and a younger sister, Holley.

5. Where are you located?

New Mexico.

6. How many doctors do you have?

I have a Pulmonologist, Primary, and a Specialist.

7. Are you able to work out?

Somewhat! Dancing is my go-to, as well as yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. I also love hiking (slowly.)

8. What music do you like?

I quite literally love all kinds of music.

9. What is your favorite type of food?

Tex-Mex is a favorite, but I love everything. I’ve discovered the joy of cooking at home, and have been throwing avocado on everything.

10. Do you collect anything?

Black cats, Tobacco pipes from Taos, Katchinas, art, and cute notecards.

11. Where do you vacation?

Wherever is calling me.

12. Whats the biggest thing you struggle with when it comes to PH?

Probably that its going to be extremely difficult to start a family. If anyone knows me well at all they know I want a family.

13. How are you able to vacation in high altitude?

I really don’t know actually. I’ve been going to the mountains my whole life and I’ve never really had altitude problems except shortness of breath (pre-diagnosis). After I was diagnosed I’ve seriously NEVER had problems! I always take oxygen though. My doctor doesn’t recommend high altitude but, yea…

14. What is different about your blog with a disease?

Well, I got really tired of reading blogs that were like “this is my disease and how I handle it.” I kind of wanted to go below the surface into EVERYTHING. My disease (as well as many, many, many others) leaks into all areas of your life, not just the hospital. You think, act, react and even dress yourself differently. Why? Because it’s a life changing thing. Your disease just doesn’t stay in one part of your life. It spreads to the others, and we don’t know how to handle all that, so we’re figuring it out…through the blog. Do I know everything? No. But I’m not gonna BS you. Your life and everything about it is different now.

15. You have such a strong personality in your writing! Where did that come from?

I have no idea actually. Growing up I was a ridiculously shy kid to the point I would cry. But at the end of my high school years I guess I just developed a very “out there” attitude. After I got diagnosed though is when I truly began to show how I truly felt. I felt like I had all the pieces of myself finally together, so why hold back?

16. Has it been hard to write about your self-harm/addiction issues that you’re struggling with?

It’s definitely one of those subjects I had to really really think about before I published it. I didn’t cut out of pity or attention, in fact I kept it very hidden for a very long time. I was really concerned people would think that’s why I was publishing it. But I published it because I realized that I’m not the only one, I’m doing something to help myself and that in itself may help someone. I’m walking around with scars on my wrist, and it’s just time that I help someone else. Also in this world, when you mentally struggle with anything (it could be minor) it’s a doctors first thought to put you on medication despite how harmful it is. I was put on medication to stop feeling, and it did exactly that, and then some. Its harmful, and being in that state of mind is no way to live. It’s not living at all. These are very real issues that people need to be aware of. Yep, I struggle with it. Doesn’t make me insane or pyscho, it just shows that I’m human and sometimes I need to be put in check.

17. How did you start blogging?

A couple of summers ago I was just doing really good with this diagnosis, FINALLY. I had all of these things I was telling people about like how I had to do my college schedule so I wouldn’t strain myself, my working out, and my clothes. Then I realized how much PH was in my daily life and how it was almost like a way of life. So I bravely took on the idea of having a “lifestyle” blog about PH. It was just something to keep me busy and happy. I can’t believe people actually read it. Then after gaining some readers, connecting, creating, and receiving an award last year at the International Pulmonary Hypertension Conference and Scientific Sessions, I felt complete. I decided to shift the focus of my blog into new things that I loved.

18. How do you blog? Did you take a writing class?

Oh gosh no. Only the required ones in high school! I started writing short stories in middle school, and loved it. I would seriously just stay in a room for hours writing. My parents loved that I did that too, and always encouraged it. Then I had a fabulous high school English teacher (Mrs. Hepler) who encouraged me even more!! So yea, I’ve always loved to write. I get an idea, I just go with what’s on my mind, and post it.

19. Do you have a boyfriend? Will you ever write about him?

It’s just Rocco and I currently, and It’s pretty great. I think I’m the one.  🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever write about guys that I’m involved with until it’s a for sure deal. Like a ring on it. Just to protect his and my sanity.

20. Who inspires you the most?
A lot of things, and people actually. I get inspired daily which I think is good for the soul by little things. A smile, a conversation, nature, a song…whatever.

21. What are you studying in school, and does your PH affect it?

Well first off, my PH definitely affected my decisions in school. I wound up being an assistant teacher for an elementary for almost four years, and fell in love. Teaching is truly my calling, however I hate education. Its been difficult to want to teach yet work for a system that is focused on not caring for kids. Also, I’m an artist, and its very hard to find anything you want to do that pays. Overall, I’m just stuck.

22. Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes. I just believe that everyone deserves equality despite whats in their pants.

23. Are you really Native American, and why do you talk about it so much?

Yes, I am. Being Native is not about wearing feathers, and jewelry. Its studying, living it, dancing, praying and understanding this way of life. It’s heavily impacted my view on things which is why I talk, and write about it so much.

24. Are you really writing a book?

Actually, the book is written. It’s currently being edited, not professionally, and hopefully one day in a crazy distant future it will be published.


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