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Thank Y’all.

Finally, I am home. I have nothing left but exhaustion, and happiness. This was such a perfect trip! I wanted to thank my readers, and the PH Association for making it possible. This was an absolute highlight of my life. Most of you followed on Facebook, and Instagram, and thank you for that! I am so glad you got to see the events unfold online. To those who I finally met in person, that was such an uplifting experience. As most of you know, I was nominated for the Young PHA’s Outstanding Citizen Award which still baffles me. I watched so many other PH’ers get on stage to accept their awards, only to hear about all the amazing things they’ve done. They are some PHenomenal people doing PHenomenal things! It was hardcore proof of the importance of connecting with other people who are affected by the same disease as you. Get involved! It will change things. Congrats to all of those who accepted an award, got to attend conference, had an amazing time, branched out, and learned. Everyone has done amazing job in the PH community.

As I’m coming up on my fourth year anniversary of being diagnosed, I’m reflecting heavily on my original feelings towards this disease. How absent I was, blank, unresponsive, and I possessed not an ounce of fight. When you are diagnosed with anything it’s really starting a challenge of overcoming yourself. That sounds easy; you know you better than anyone else. Except, most people leave out one huge detail about a diagnosis. You are no longer you anymore. From day one, you are wearing a completely new skin, adapting to what feels like a completely new body, treatments, a new circle of people (or survivors) and everything you thought you once knew about yourself is dust. Well, some of it. Now you will be tested on your mental, and emotional strength, how far will you go to physically overcome, and to one day make it to an infinitive finish line called “survivor.” Overcoming yourself is not easy; it’s the hardest thing you will go through. In the meantime remember, that mental dominates physical. If you can understand, comprehend, and get a handle on this mentally…your body will catch up. Mind over matter. I had to dominate my own self, swallow pride, not listen to certain thoughts, cut certain people out, let doctors in, and really figure out what it is I exactly needed. It really is possible to pull yourself out of that dark place. The only thing keeping you down is you. Look at yourself and heavily evaluate what is going on, and what needs to be changed. It took almost four years exactly to get somewhat on the right track. You will fall off every now and then, or take a wrong turn. I struggle mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is a lifetime disease, and until we can get that cure, it will be a lifetime battle. Find the will to live, and hold onto it. There is beauty in this struggle. Who knew I would get to wear glitzy shoes, and accept a ridiculously heavy glass award, meet fans, take pictures, stay in a four star hotel, have people ask me questions, and have my face and story all over the world because of PH? Quite frankly, I’m thankful.

Train your mind to see the good. Mind over matter. Thank you to everyone for showing me the good side of PH! Its been a trip. Pictures are below! Thank y’all again.


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Fabulous Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday lovelies! You made it to the end of this week, we’re going to make it a fabulous weekend, and smile like crazies. πŸ™‚ I don’t even know anymore. Its been a rough couple of days, but a week ago today I was in a hospital bed. I don’t know what can be worse sometimes? Needles, and people monitoring how much you pee, or dealing with people who betray you? Hmm. Anyways! Its Friday favorites time because it’s been a while, and I’m not quite feeling fashionable. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this type of post, I do it to encourage you to branch out and try new things! Soo, lets jump right into it!



I’ve been on a Fleetwood Mac kick like nobodies business. Seriously, they are timeless. When you want to feel happy, you can turn on a song like Gypsy, and when you feel like crying you can listen to Silver Springs. I’ve done my fair share of crying! And come on, Stevie Nick’s fashion? WHO can get over that? Purely amazing. I would love to be her, right now please.




This sounds crazy, but I got Chella blue eyeliner in my Ipsy bag last month. What is Ipsy? For ten bucks a month you get this cute little bag, and awesome makeup designed around your preferences delivered to your door. My bag for this month is on its way, and I’m excited! My first bag did not disappoint me! Primers, eyeshadow, then blue eyeliner. I know, you probably just rolled your eyes. I literally just read an article (I think in Glamor) about how blue liners are in style, and fun to play with. This brand of blue liquid liner is AMAZING! Goes on clean, easy to apply, and a fabulous shade. It looks very chic, and yes I wear it all the time. If you want to see what all the buzz is about on Ipsy, or join, you can check it out here: It’s a great deal, and a great thing to treat yourself to once a month, even for younger girls. πŸ™‚



I’ve been attempting at getting involved on Hitrecord. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an open collaborative company that was started by (the amazing) Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His ideas are brilliant, and what makes Hitrecord brilliant is these just aren’t his ideas. People from all over the world submit writings, pictures, designs, audio, videos, and they turn it into a TV episode, or create stories, or BOOKS, or songs. Its fantastic. Check it out if you’re an artist, or think you might want to contribute. I’m excited to read this open collaborative book that came out (three now, I believe) The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.




I am so beyond obsessed with kimonos. They are so in style right now, and I hope they never go out of style. They make a statement, they’re comfortable, they’re artistic, they are everything. You can find one that I’m sure would interest your style pretty much everywhere. Forever 21, Etsy, and if you are willing to spend big bucks, Free People. Channel your inner Stevie Nicks, and sport a kimono.




My inner 90’s streak has been peaking through this month, and I’ve been watching 3rd Rock From The Sun almost nonstop. The humor is fantastic especially on a bad day! Sit down, and watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s sass mouth, and long hair cheer you up. I never thought alien humor could ever interest me.




This month has been so crazy that I don’t even have an official favorite nail polish picked out. But, I’ve been wearing nothing but bright pink on my nails to make me look tan. So, such brands as Piggy Polish, and China Glaze have great neon-like options. You do need to be prepared to have a glossy top coat ready (you should have that anyways) because they don’t say on the bottles, but most of these colors will dry matte. AKA, no shine. So, prepare thyself!




I warned you about the 90’s streak….but I’m so in love with 10 Things I Hate About You. If you, or your daughter is having a sucky day, pop this flick in and enjoy Heath Ledgers adorableness, as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Such cuties, and the perfect 90’s comedy. Rest in peace Heath.




Seriously, I haven’t been drinking a lot lately, or going out. I’ve hit an exhaustion period with my PH where all I want to do is lay around the house. However, when I did go out, my friend Jess always gets me a White Russian. Vodka, Kahlua, and milk. Delicious.



Like I said, this has been a super chill month, and I wish I had better answers for y’all. But, my favorite and most used item this month would be my Betsey Johnson cards. I’ve been sending out Thank you to loves who have helped me, and what not, and I’ve loved writing actual letters. Plus, who wouldn’t be excited to write with a Betsey Johnson stationary?! You can find the collection at your local Michael’s store.


Okay loves! I know I wasn’t super exciting, but its the end of the week, and we are all tired! Celebrate, smile, and relax. Dont forget TODAY is the LAST DAY to participate in the current contest!! Check out the CONTEST TAB for more details!! πŸ™‚


PH Fashion

Fashion Friday: Always On Time, Sort Of?

Well, here’s a little post to lighten things up on the blog. My views will never change, and its so refreshing to see y’alls comments, and sharing your stories with me. I love to see that there are real people out there that had to deal with real problems.

Moving forward! As always!

Happy Fashion Friday! After all this nasty talk, fashion is a for sure cheer up. Lately, I’ve gotten so many compliments and just people in general noticing my giant gold watch. I’m not kidding when I said its giant. I was super inspired by my favorite fashion vlogger, Claire Marshall, and the giant gold watch always on her wrist.

photo(12)As seen here, and her lovely cat Bruce! Y’all can follow her on Instagram or Youtube @heyclaire

When I was still working in retail a couple of months ago, there was a mens watch, gold, huge, and everything I needed. I, of course snagged it up, and I absolutely love it! Yes, its HUGE, but its fabulous. Claire’s I think is in fact a mens watch as well. Anyways, back to actually wearing the watch. A watch should be versatile, as well as add a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe. I hate seeing the giant colored ones, and what not (unless you are Betsey Johnson), so always keep your wardrobe in mind. Nina Garcia frequently wears mens watches as well because its very chic for a woman to be able to wear a mens wardrobe with elegance, and it can even be a tease. Hints the 80’s look that slammed our runways around ’84, and is still popular these days.


I love my gold watch. Keep your eyes peeled, and if you find a mens you love do not be afraid to throw it into your wardrobe. Chic and sophistication at its finest. Thank you to my wonderful co-worker, Anthony, who had to take a billion links out of it to fit. Have a fantastic Fashion Friday my loves!


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Hello Spring Break.

Finally, I have a decent amount of free time. Rocco and I are loving just vegging out at home. First off, I just wanted to say thank you to those who have submitted their pic for the PH Pets contest! There is still one day left! Check out the contest tab for more info. Also, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who has ever clicked on this page, commented, voted, liked, shared, or supported. It means so incredibly much to be the winner of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association 2014 Young Outstanding PH Citizen Award. I’ll be at the conference in Indianapolis to receive the award, on top of all other functions, and I cant wait to meet y’all!

Moving on…

Since we’re broke as a joke, Rocco and I will not be hitting the beach, the mountains, or a resort. However, we are determined to make this a fantastic spring break. So here are some things to keep y’all busy my loves, and feeling fresh!


I’m not saying go run some laps, but as a heart and lung patient, it is important to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Unless being told by the doctor, you should do everything possible to stay active without putting yourself in dangerous health situations. I used to be a dancer, so I will always have that love deep in my failing heart. I absolutely love Yoga, and pilates. If you can, start with simple Sun Salutations to your favorite (relaxed) music. I choose Frank Ocean sometimes, for all you young kiddos out there. If you’re wearing oxygen, make sure you have a long cannula so you can set your oxygen down, and move like so without choking yourself out. The goal is to control your breathing during these movements, and to keep your muscles controlled, and head and neck STRAIGHT (aka, mountain pose.) Do not bend your head and neck. Also, squeeze your gut to maintain your balance. If you choose to do hip opening exercises (they feel AMAZING but will PULL a lot at first), they will work on releasing all the tension in your hips. Women carry a ton of stress in our hips, so opening and loosening these muscles will feel fantastic after a while, and you may even notice yourself emotional after this exercise. Remember, do NOT do this before bed thinking you’ll tire yourself out. Your body will release endorphins to make you feel great, energized, and refreshed, which will do the exact opposite. Do these in the mornings to help yourself wake up. πŸ™‚




Spring cleaning is underway! It’s proven that when our physical lives are cluttered, we feel literally cluttered, and stressed. It takes a lot to be able to get on here, post, respond, and stay on track on top of working, and what not. I feel like I don’t have time to clean, but I promise, it’s all about time management. Take some time each day to work on one side of your house,Β  or room. The other day I completely cleaned my room, and today I brushed Rocco’s winter coat off of him, and gave him a flea treatment. It’s the little things to get out-of-the-way that will truly help!

photo(2)Where the magic happens. Ha, just kidding, sort of.


Yes, feel the sunshine on your skin, breathe actual fresh air, put down the phone, and gadgets! Social media has been killing me lately. Today, the weather has warmed up (almost the 70’s), and sister and I are taking advantage by going and walking! If there wasn’t wildfires, I would be in Palo Duro Canyon. Anyways, get outside and DO something. Unless, its snowing…BUT, if there is sunshine, you should be under it!

mountainsThrowback to being in my mountain home.


Of course, my favorite, unfortunately. Drive to your favorite place, vintage shop, or even shop online if you have the resources. If you’re in a tight spot, one of my favorite things to do that is shopping, but doesn’t cost a dime is shopping online, but only putting your favorite items into a wish list! When you eventually hit payday, all your favorites are there to choose from. I’m excited, because I just ordered a fabulous shirt from So Worth Loving. Check them out!


Enjoy this new season approaching us loves! Stay tuned for more to come this week on some more serious issues, as well as PH fun! Our song of the week? Better by Saint Pepsi. Soooo catchy.


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Friday Favorites!

So its been a couple of months, and instead of Fashion Friday I’m doing a “Friday Favorites”. If you’ve never seen one of these before, I just talk about my favorite things lately to encourage y’all to branch out and try new things. Why? Because its life, and we need a little refreshing from time to time. Also, I don’t believe in posting about PH all the time. Yes, this is a blog revolving around a rare disease, but other parts of our life are just as important. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who becomes their disease.” (The Fault in Our Stars) I have an actual list I’m going to stick to so that every one of these posts will at least have the appearance of being organized. Each post, I will mention my favorite (at the time) music, makeup, book, clothing, TV show, something to do, nail polish, movie, drink and household item. Here we gooo.

The Music.

I’m always discovering new bands, and rediscovering my classics. When I tell people music is important to me, I’m extremely serious about that…hints why I do a song of the week. Music is what feeling sounds like. Right now, I feel Night Beds one hundred percent. Favorite song? 22 and Ramona. Their sound is so emotional, and moving. There are no other words.


The Makeup.

Lately, makeup has currently been eating my face away. Every morning I wake up I find a new little red dot tucked in the corner or crease of another part of my face. Good grief. However, MAC foundation has saved my life! Its been my absolute favorite (I can’t tell you which kind because its like I got a personal fit, so go find your match.) What I can say is it does cover and matify your face. Also, Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder (can be found at Ulta) has been so fantastic as well for covering up those little ridiculous blemishes.


The Book.

As much as I talk about The Fault in Our Stars, I don’t give enough credit towards Looking For Alaska my other favorite by the inevitable John Green. Its dark and twisty in the most perfect of ways, and I loved this book incredibly much. John Green is beyond talented. So, as much attention as TFIOS is getting, don’t forget to shine some light on Look For Alaska.


The Clothing.

Oh, Jeez. Honestly, I’m obsessed with gold jewelry and vintage lazy finds. I love finding REAL plaid, not this shit at old navy that’s stiff and pink. I love finding the plaid that is soft, worn down, vintage, over-sized and the sleeves are rolled. I’m also obsessed with simple gold jewelry to accent this lazy look. It’s like taking a loud, boyish fashion yet giving it a delicate womanly touch. Try it, which might require a Goodwill run.


The TV Show.

I am so obsessed with Sex and The City right now. I used to watch this all through high school, and at the time it was weird but cool. Now its hysterical in ways I thought I would never imagine, and it’s just always going to be that all time girl show. Plus, I love the writing in it, for obvious reasons. Sorry loves, I’m just really in touch with my chick flick side lately.


Something To Do.

With the same old partying, shops, bars, movie theater’s…things just get tiring really fast. However, I never get tired of bowling. Honestly, it seems like the fun is overlooked. Everytime we go we all have so much fun, whether we are drinking or not. Not everyone is from the same small old town as me, but next time you get the chance, take a date, friends, family and go bowling. A little bit of competition, beer, and a whole lot of laughing.


The Nail Polish.

When I first saw this color I had flashbacks to my first grade years. However, I think Essie did a great job of turning it into not only a fun, but chic color. I’m not quite ready for light “summer” nails, and this bright yet overpowering color is the perfect balance. Aruba Blue by Essie.


The Movie.

This has been a favorite since high school, and has a special place in my heart. Dan in Real Life is that perfect little love story, that’s screwed up in its own ways to make you appreciate it even more. The characters, setting, dialogue, and music have always been fantastic. It’s just one of those “feel good” films to uplift your spirits in the weirdest of ways, and when has Steve Carrell ever been not funny? Valentine favorite this year y’all, even for the singles.


The Drink.

I know I’m a Texan, but beer will never be my thing. Three words y’all. Cherry Vodka Sour.


Household Item.

Recently, my obsession with candles has taken a new turn. I have them everywhere (usually tea lights) because I love the look in my room. Also, I’m a very picky candle-scent person. Usually I have pumpkin candles, evergreen tree candles, and that’s it. I hate the flower ones, the fruit ones, the cookie ones…just no. They get my stomach going, and before I know it I’m nauseous. I like something clean, or relaxed smelling….and y’all I have found the most perfect candle scent ever. Might I add it’s not seasonal, so it’ll be out all year. Its called Mahogany Teakwood… also known as Sexy Man. This scent is so masculine (not too much), and leaves my room smelling like a guy just walked out. That sounds tacky, but I really don’t care. This to me is such a romantic scent, and why not get it for yourself around this time of year? Helllloooo Ladies. Sexy candle alert! Buy it.


Sorry this post is up late loves! Branch out, and now you have some new things (hopefully) to think about trying! Enjoy your weekend y’all with not too many Cherry Vodka Sours. πŸ˜‰


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Fashion Friday: Feel Good.

Oh, finally. I have not forgotten, in fact this is a daily subject in my life. Also, a passionate subject. FASHION FRIDAY!!!!

So, usually I’m giving tips on how to cover up some medical PH mishaps (fat ankles, red blotching, tubes, oxygen, cold) due to medication that we take, but lets not forget about the MENTAL side to our disease. We can cover our bodies however we need to, but we also need clothes to make us feel good. When I think about amazing fashion that makes us feel good only one person immediately comes to mind. betseyBETSEY JOHNSON.

Of course its Betsey. Of course. If you have no clue who I’m talking about, lets sum it up to the queen of pink, fun, and staying true to yourself. Betsey is a designer that started in the 60’s (Alley Cat by Betsey). She had a great, and extravagant taste that didn’t stop her! She stayed true to her crazy fun self, and pushed through. Now she’s an extremely successful and well-known designer. She’s famous for doing a cart-wheel at the end of her runway shows, and these aren’t the boring runway shows either. The models are laughing, playing around, blowing kisses, and all of this is encouraged by Betsey. Her clothes, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses, socks, purses, and even cards and stationary sets are a hit! You can find her at Macy’s, Dillards, Nordstrom, and Michael’s for your cards and pens! She’s fabulous.


Moving on, her personality is just contagious. Never has she once acted like she cared which is so refreshing. She’s truthful to the core, and everyone needs a “Betsey” in their life. In fact, the world needs a whole lot more of Betsey! Many times I’ve used her leopard fuzzy socks to wear into surgery because not only are they warm, but fabulous. So, if you are looking to add a little spice to your life in fashion, or anything of the sort, think Betsey! Just looking at her products will make anyone smile. Fashion Icon at its finest. Thank you Betsey for being you! Happy Friday Loves. Take care of every part of you!

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetRocking my new Betsey Blues.

photo(125)Betsey “Raven” Sunglasses right before my first specialist appointment.

photo(124)Betsey shirt!


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Mammal Monday.

I know that title just had to throw y’all off right? Well, this blog is definitely centered on Pulmonary Hypertension, and the life surrounding it, but also it will contain things that move me. No matter what that might be. Like many Americans, I was one of the viewers that the film “Blackfish” happened to piss off. In case you haven’t seen it, you need to because my poorly typed up blog post cannot go into such a highly intelligent beautiful disaster that this film encompasses when it comes to the Orca. I am newly obsessed with how beautiful, smart, emotional, and fascinating they are. Lets back up a little bit.


Since I can remember, I have been deeply afraid of water. Not just the deep blue liquid, but what can lie beneath it has always scared me as a child. I never liked being in a pool alone, the deep end, a dark pool, or the ocean. Even as an adult, I cannot possibly think of even getting in a pool at night because my mind will in fact play tricks on me. I just know that Jaws will emerge from the filter, grab my feet, and pull me under to a watery death. Also, I’ve had a recurring dream since I was a child that even to this day my sister can remember me talking about. I’ve always had a dream that I lived in a house with my family (me as the mom and adult in this family), and that we had a pool, and outside in my pool I had a pet Orca. I was terrified of the thing, but still got in the water, and swam with it. Also, I had the coolest “Scuba Diver Barbie” with her Orca that I always played with. She was the coolest y’all. Hey, don’t ask me.

barbie2Found a picture online! See, she was the coolest ever. Dear Mom, I want this toy again.

Moving on, I’ve never really studied Orca’s, or had anything to do with them. They are an ocean creature, so yea, no thanks. However, I’m totally the person that is always doing research, and I absolutely love documentaries. So, when Blackfish graced my screen I was highly curious. I watched a documentary before Blackfish that was just about Orca’s and their lifestyle. I was told how long they lived (a human lifespan), how much they loved and stayed with their families, and how they love people…in the wild. Then I watched Blackfish where all those facts still rang true, but at Seaworld these Orca’s are just different. So many attacks on humans, living to be only thirty years old (Seaworld staff lying on camera also about that), Orca’s being separated from their families and attacking each other, and even footage of them being captured in the wild. Dont fool yourself, these whales were never rescued. Also, trainer lives being taken because of these animals’ cries for help? I remember my senior year hearing about Dawn Brancheau’s death, and I accurately remember the news reporter blaming it on her and her ponytail instead of Seaworld and their captivity.


I am a huge animal lover, and yes I eat meat. I’m sorry, I love my Whataburger. However, I, myself, will not take an animal life. I will not shoot it, torture it, or whatever else. I just couldn’t live with myself. I understand the sadness yet necessity of killing a cow for meat. Its sad, but I do understand that part of the circle of life. But what part of keeping a twelve thousand pound whale in a tank for family entertainment sounds like necessity? It doesn’t. It’s not family entertainment, its torture with fancy music. I can’t even stand to see it anymore. Yes, they are beautiful, incredible, and mysteriously smart creatures…but they are not yours. They do have souls (I don’t care what people think about that), they do feel, and they are not slaves to your ticket prices. I encourage all my readers to watch Blackfish, and join the “AntiSeaworld” movement with me. Please show love and support to these amazing animals, and Boycott this “amusement” park. I was so happy to hear about all the artists cancelling their performances at Seaworld (Heart included, one of my favorite bands ever!) and Joan Jett sending a letter expressing her opinions as well. You Rock, literally, Joan Jett! Yes, these are beautiful creatures. If you are ever wanting an educational experience about these animals, and are concerned that you would be losing that experience when boycotting Seaworld, then please feel free to take a boat ride out by Seattle to watch them in their natural habitat. Thats what should be happening. I have no desire for my children to ever be taken to Seaworld, and be taught that this is how we should treat animals. With that being said, I know these Trainers that are interacting with these animals love them and do not abuse them. They love looking forward to taking care of them, and making them a part of their life. Captivity in itself is the problem. Please, my readers, do not invest another dime. I feel the need to defend my dream pet Orca, and favorite Barbie Orca. Loves these Animals…from afar.


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Fat Ankle Fashion: Boot Season!


Happy Fashion Friday for the first time in forever! A HUGE THANK YOU to Briley Dockery and her photography for making this happen! Its winter, which means boots are all the rage right now. Feel free to take complete and full advantage of abusing Fat Ankle Fashion! This is such a great season for those of us with this problem. Some of you make it to this site because you googled how to cover up your fat ankles, which landed you here. I’m so glad you came. For the rest of us that are here, it’s because of Pulmonary Hypertension, and its side effects along with our lovely medication. Why do we have fat ankles? Well, for some of us we are in right-sided heart failure. Our heart has become too tired and weak to pump out all the fluids in our bodies, so it sits in our ankles because we stand on them. For others, it’s because our vasodilators (or any medication) is dilating our arteries so much that those fluids just naturally sink into our feet as well. Bottom line, fluid build up (edema) is NEVER a good thing, you should always keep your doctor informed, and it’s not pretty so you can always try to cover it up! First on the list are tips to make it go away. How? Compression (orthopedic) socks that require the love of Jesus to get them on and off. I used to wear these (yes, at nineteen) to work when I was wearing flared jeans and shoes that covered. No one can see that you have them on, and they help so much by squeezing your lovely legs together to keep from swelling. Also, keep your feet up, (my ex boyfriend bought me extra pillows and would pile them into my “foot tower”) , and actually drink a lot of water. Last, get some diuretics from your doctor (and don’t forget your potassium!) Okay, now that we’ve covered that, lets talk about different boots this season.

We have so many to choose from if you walk into ANY store. Here are the few that are in my closet, and I need A LOT more! I have orange combat boots (resembling the Doc Marten look), my plain black boots that hit almost to my knee (Charlotte Russe), my ankle black boots (not pictured), my black ankle bootie wedges (Forever 21), and my leopard wedges (Forever 21)!

1. Always Wearing Them – Black Boots

They’re flat, they’re comfortable, and they cover. You can find them in any style, any color, and just about any store. Have fun with it. I have big calves, so I always look for some with a little give!


2. My Second Favorite – The Wedges

These are perfect for when my feet decide to act up on formal occasions. These are so incredibly comfortable because the cushion, and also, wedges are easier to walk in. Moving on, they zip to cover where my feet are usually swelling and are versatile. You should always have a shoe like this for formal occasions when strappy cute sandals, or platforms will expose the ankles.


3. Ankle Black Boots

These have made a crazy comeback. I absolutely love the look, and this is perfect for fat ankle fashion. Whats fantastic about this style? It’s not just for fall/winter but you can throw shorts on, and wear these ankle boots. For more style tips on doing that, look at Claire Marshall’s videos on YouTube. She is fantastic with all of that.


4. The Risk-Takers

Fat ankle fashion can actually be fashionable. There are so many different bootie wedges, and these are not only one of my favorites, but every time I wear them I get compliments. Little does the crowd know what I’m attempting to cover up! But hey, looking fantastic is kind of the goal.


This is the easiest, and best season for Fat Ankle Fashion! Go forth and have fun covering those things up! Have a lovely friday y’all. πŸ™‚


PH Fashion

T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts. Oh my!

Ok y’all! T-shirts are finally official. READ CAREFULLY.

The shirts will be gray, featuring the black design (flower lungs) on the front. On the back they will read, “Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month 2013”. That text will be in PURPLE. A short sleeve shirt will be $15, Long Sleeves are $18! Contact me about shipping through my email. If you want to order, please email me! I will need your payment by November 2! I handle orders through my email only. πŸ™‚ So that’s how I’ll communicate with you! Thank y’all so much! I’m so excited!

ALSO, don’t forget to enter The Fault in Our Stars quote contest! Submit your favorite quote to my email by October 24. The computer will randomly pick its winner on October 25th! What will you win for this simple task? A Just Breathe T-shirt and a copy of FiOS. You NEED to read this book y’all. Here is a random pic from the set of Augustus (Ansel) helping Hazel (Shailene) put on her oxygen cannula. Did you have a mental breakdown? Maybe not, but I did. So romantic. Anyways! Visit the contest tab for more information. ansel


PH Fashion

Friday Favorites

So I thought I would discuss things I’m obsessed with right now since I haven’t done this in a while. At least once a month I try to do a post of my favorite things at the moment (I try to stick to ten, and sometimes I get carried away!), but I thought I would try one for October. Its my favorite month, so why not? I hope y’all enjoy, and that this might encourage you to branch out and try new things.

1. The Fault in Our Stars

How is anyone not obsessed with this right now? The book is so fantastic (hints the contest currently running on the blog) , and it’s just amazing in every way. The fact that this is centered on her lung cancer, Augustus’s charming personality, and just everything in between about suffering from a disease makes it a must read. It’s great to those who don’t quite understand our thought process, and to those of us who deal with disease it registers even more. The movie will be here June 6th. Read the book anyway.


2. Oxblood

So, it’s a trend I picked up on and soon became obsessed with it. I’ve found myself attracted to clothing, lipstick, nail polish, and just anything in general that’s oxblood. It’s very chic, very fall, and one hell of a way toΒ  make a statement. I’m loving the oxblood trend so far, but hoping it doesn’t get overly abused like mint did.


3. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

I’m totally the crazy lady that lives off of anything Pumpkin through what seems like January. Seriously. You’ll find pumpkin coffee creamer, baked goods, candles, hand sanitizer, lotions, body sprays…yea. I even have my class using pumpkin sanitizer right now! They love it! Don’t forget the famous Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks.


4. After School Boy Blazer by Essie

Lately, I’m really not into putting designs on my nails. I don’t know if this is laziness, or just I don’t find it “in style” anymore, but I just love slapping a color on and going. I really wanted a perfect fall color (I loooooove dark polish), and Oxblood aside, my favorite is by Essie! After School Boy Blazer is a perfect dark midnight blue, that almost looks black on your nails. But it’s not. πŸ˜‰ Also, I just really love the name too as ridiculous as that sounds.


5. Fancy Earrings

So, I’ve always been kind of intrigued by fancy earrings, but lately I’ve been buying more. I have no idea why earrings intrigue me so much, but I believe that they can really kind of display your character in a way. I’m always buying bedazzled ridiculous ones, and I love it. I had to buy an earring rack thing (if you follow me on Instagram you saw it, and its awesome) but yea. I just love earrings. These are probably my favorite pair!


6. Claire Marshall

So this seems like a bit of a ridiculous one, but I’ve recently discovered Claire on youtube, and I love her videos! She’s a makeup artist, so she does beauty, hair, fashion and vlog videos. She’s super funny, down to earth, and we have a lot in common. Including the cat obsession, our cat children look exactly alike. Not to mention, her tattoos are gorgeous as well. Loooooove her! You can find her on Instagram as well.


7. Jaaaazzzzz

I just have to say it like that. Anyways, life gets crazy in the fall for me (school starting) so I need some calm somewhere. I feel like this is a time of year when we all start listening to “chill” music that fits the weather, and its cloudiness. Except it’s almost never cloudy in Texas. But Rocco and I have just been getting some awesome work done listening to jazz. He falls asleep most of the time, but when is he not? My favorite track ever right now is Dear Lord by the John Coltrane Quartet. I heard this song on the Cosby Show and “Shazamed” it (that fancy little app on my phone—I use it a lot!), and I LOVE this song. Other favorites are of course Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, and Walter Scharf (background music of Jerry Lewis’s Nutty Proffesor).


8. Cointreau Citrus Margarita

Oh my, I found this lovely jewel at Olive Garden. I’m not a big drinker, but this was soooo incredibly good. I love orange flavored things, and this simply tastes like fancy orange juice. So in love with this y’all! I had to control myself, but I shall be going back for another. If you follow me on Instagram (@haleyann92)Β  you saw this picture a couple of weeks ago. Ammmmaaazing.


9. The Buckle

So this is probably right now (besides Forever 21) my favorite store of all time. Yes, its outrageously expensive, but I always find something (well, a lot of somethings) that are fantastic for my body. Not to mention, the sales associates are super friendly (almost annoying haha) and can put together great outfits for you. I wonder if they’re trained in that. Anyways, I find a lot of great items I love that last me a looooong time there. I find that when I shop from Charlotte Russe, and places like so, my clothes start “pilling” which leads to a “worn” look super quickly. Nina Garcia warned us of this in her fabulous book, The Style Strategy, which taught me a lot about my wardrobe, and how to shop smart. I don’t have fancy stores in my hometown, so The Buckle seems like my go-to place, and they never disappoint. I should probably get a job there. hahahaha.


10. Halloween

It’s definitely that time of the year, and I’m obsessed with this every year. Growing up, Halloween was not scary in our family, spooky, or awful. My mom decorated the house with pumpkins, (we had a two-story house so we even had pumpkin garland wrapped around the staircase railing which was super cute), and it seemed like “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” was playing in every room. Halloween was about cute, pumpkin things, and dressing up cute as well. My brother was always a fireman, biker boy, or something of the sort. Dad looked ridiculous, and us girls were princess’s of some sort. It was never considered a demonic holiday, but just something to do together as a family. I can’t stand people who turn it into that, look at us like we’re awful people, but I understand where you’re coming from, so I’m shutting my mouth. Moving on, Halloween is still something fun for me (even though the costumes are outrageously slutty for my age group), and I can’t wait till I have my own kids to dress up. My house has cute decor everywhere, and even Rocco finds himself dressed up! hahaha. Anyways, I call it “Rocco’s time of year” since you can find black cat stuff everywhere. I love Halloween, and we also have fun with it in my classroom. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen. Almost.