Find Your Wings.

I’m about to be that ridiculously cliche’ person, and say how much 2015 was packed with changes…but really it was. This year I pushed myself out of so many boxes, comfort zones, and had to learn extremely tough lessons. Because of doing that, I think I’ve definitely become a happier person even though I don’t always express it.

I’ve known this about myself for a while now, but lately I see it developing more inside of me. I love to learn, and experience just about anything I can. When I’m not exploring, reading, learning, searching then I find that I’m dead inside. I love to share this with other people which I think is where I get such a joy in educating kids. Also, plainly it just really sucks to be like this in a generation of people who are so dead to learning. They don’t open their mind, or their books yet they wonder what their problem is. But that’s for a whole other post I guess.

I don’t make New Year resolutions because I think it’s stupid quite frankly. Committing to only one thing? Commit to being better everyday. 2015 was all about change, and I guess you could say I really want 2016 to be full of experiencing, and “finding my wings.” I’ve learned that this is something that I can’t depend on anyone else to do for me, not even support. I’m becoming more confident in my abilities even as a loner, which yes sometimes it actually does sting.

I’ve been by myself a lot of years now, and being tucked away in the mountains I’m really really by myself. I love it though. This year, I’m shedding and pushing myself further into change. I may not always have the time to talk, or write about it, but my soul will live with it. Find your own wings.


P.S. Check out song of the week.



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