My Beauty Must Haves.

Hello loves! Sorry I took such a long break. With sketchy internet, working, and concert hopping I was quite busy. For those of you who don’t know, last week I got to travel to Albuquerque to watch Toro y Moi tear the stage up. Being in the city gave me the inspiration I needed to start writing again, and also some new ideas which I will be working on to bring to you. It felt like such a breath of fresh air to be around malls, Asian restaurants, Urban Outfitters, and to see one of my favorite artists in the entire world. It sounds silly, but when you live miles upon miles away from anything the city really does get your heart excited. While I was there, a friend wanted me to do her makeup before the concert, and it was incredibly fun. She was so happy with how she looked that she wanted to take a million selfies, and that got me thinking to. About my passions, artistry, and things I might want to consider. After discussing many different products she can invest in, I thought I would just tell everyone else too. So, here are my absolute beauty must haves!

ORG Skin Care Mineral Face Peel

bblogAfter discovering this on Instagram, I absolutely had to invest in it. This is a very very delicate peel (when people say face peel, I tend to shy away) however this is just a spray. After applying it to your face, and waiting a couple of seconds you gently start massaging your face…and you feel all this dead skin start to ball up. Yea, it sounds gross until you rinse your face, and notice how incredibly soft your face is now. It just removed all the dead useless skin that makes us look a little dull after a while too! This really does create a natural, and healthy glow. I think this peel is an absolute must have for anyone, and especially if you want your skin to glow a little more. It is on the pricey side, so make this a splurge just for you to have. I use this peel maybe twice a week! I am definitely in love!

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco

bblog2Originally I just bought this because hair oils were a new thing at the time, and it had Rocco’s name in it. Yea, I’m that cat lady. However, when I started using this oil It became a lifetime investment. If you’re anything like me you think at first, “Why do I need oil for my hair when it’s already really oily?” No no no honey, you need this type of oil. When you’re on day three hair (or beyond) and it hasn’t been washed, it has been curled, and straightened then you start to notice it gets this “frizz” look to it. You’re applying all this heat, and product so eventually your hair starts to reflect the damage being done until its next wash. Well, this oil is a life saver. Not only is the smell AMAZING, but you spritz it into your hand, applying it mainly to the ends of your hair and kind of up mid way, and BOOM it looks sleek and smells great. This oil really  helps de-frizz, as well as repair some of that damage! This is especially great for dry hair in the winter.

MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance


So let me open with that I in no way support MAC except for this product. MAC was just recently busted for not being cruel free. The pictures showing different animals dying from being abused by MAC were heart-breaking. This prep and prime however is the only primer I have found to work with my skin, and rosacea. It sucks. I have extreme redness, and oily skin and after trying so freakin’ many primers that were messing with my makeup I had about had it. Most people think that these silicone primers are the way to go. They have an “air brush effect” they make your skin feel incredibly soft, and when you put your make up on it really looks amazing…only to glance in the mirror a couple of hours later, and it looks as though your makeup is an oil zone, and it’s all slipping out-of-place. Sound accurate? It’s because silicone primers were invented for things like photo shoots where models needed to look amazing for maybe an hour. THEY ARE NOT LONG TERM PRIMERS. This stuff however feels more like a lotion, and combats the redness in my skin. It just feels great to apply it, and it holds my makeup the absolute best. I do not support MAC, but unfortunately I can’t find anything else that works quite as well. This continues to be a must have!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


I just recently invested in this product (a little sample box with some other items of his), so I’m going on a first impression here rather than long-term use. This is a spot treatment for acne about to pop up, and ruin the day. First off, you do not shake the bottle like most people want to. The alcohol and lotion stay separate. You stick a Q-Tip down into the bottle, touching the pink lotion then apply it to your problem area (not an area where the skin is already broken!) The smell is intense because of the alcohol. However, this really does quickly dry an area out. It doesn’t make it disappear, but it does make it less of an issue. Don’t use it day after day as it will dry out that skin. I think this is a step up if you really want a bad ass spot treatment instead of the little crappy lotions in tubes from Target.

Lime Crime Venus Palette


So this is my favorite makeup eye palette of all time. The colors are exactly what I wanted, they’re cohesive, highly pigmented so basically you get a lot of bang for your buck. I’ve been using this everyday since July…and does it look like it’s running out? Nope, because one tap with your brush and you get so much color!! Lime Crime itself had an actual crime spree last summer I think? Anyways, basically someone hacked their system, and stole a lot of money from the customers that had recently bought stuff, and basically fucked everyone over. Lime Crime also has a reputation for not handling things like they should. Supposedly they have their shit together now which I would hope so because every single one of their products are amazing, and professional. If you still don’t feel comfortable ordering from them, then try Urban Outfitters which carries many of Lime Crimes products, and is where I purchased my palette.

Lush – Let the Good Times Roll


If you have never heard of Lush, or invested in them before then you are truly missing out. Lush is so organic it’s insane, and on top of that they are CRUELTY FREEEEE!! Yay! They are incredibly famous for their very exotic and fun bath bombs which make you feel extra special, and their facial scrubs and masks are to die for. If you order from them they will always give you samples, which is actually how I discovered this product! The smell is absolutely intoxicating, and yummy. This is an exfoliate including cinnamon, and caramel which is why you probably think you could eat it to. This is great for your arms, as much as your face! It’s just a favorite product used as a pick me up for my skin, as well as my heart.

Native Touch – Warrior Bear Rub


Native Touch is a very small company which is why a lot of you are like, “What the hell is a native touch?” This company is an actual Native American skin company (which is extremely rare these days.) They preach on Native values, listen to Pow Wow music while making these products which are just awesome. It’s somewhat comparable to Lush as in its organic! Their soap boxes have seeds in them so when you’re done you can PLANT them, and grow a new plant at your house. LIKE WHAT. Their products include soaps, scrubs, and also these “rubs” that are really for skin healing purposes, and JUST WOW!! If you have maybe a rash, dry spot, cracked heels than Warrior Bear Rub is great. It has a very strong mint smell I guess, and it is going to last forever. Warrior Bear Rub also has a great reputation for healing tattoos! It is natural, doesn’t suck any ink out, and keeps it disinfected to heal it faster. Tattoo shops actually carry this product. I used this on one of my new tattoos in July, and yes it works. It healed it extremely fast. I think this is a must have especially with skin issues, or little ones always getting scraped up in your house. A true nature healing product.

Kenra Blow Dry Spray


Ohhhh this stuff. For years my hair dresser was using it on me, and it was one of those amazing things that I finally had to get for myself. The smell is AMAZING, but the price is not which is why I have the mini version! hahaha. This is not only a thermal protector, but it de-tangles wet hair, and dries it much faster. It also provides a sleek feeling when finished, and your hair is just incredibly soft. If you notice your hair is somewhat frizzy after being blow-dried then you really do need this. It’s an investment, and it doesn’t take much to make the miracle happen! You will have even the little one for a while. Simply spritz it onto damp hair, blow dry, then BAM!! Beautiful sleek hair.

Anastasia Contour Kit


So, I have a lot to say about this as well as other products. Try not to get lost in translation! My first ever Contour kit was the Kat Von D Shade Light kit, and I love that one as well. This one provides more of a natural contour, and I actually use the Kat Von D after applying this color to go in and intensify my contour. I use both kits to get by! Not only do I love the Anastasia contour kit, but I live off of the Anastasia Eyebrow Wiz which I have no idea why I didn’t mention it. It’s literally the only thing that I can get to do an exact drawing to my eyebrows, the color matches, and it stays all day. It’s very easy to use (as most of you might know that half of my eyebrows are fake and drawn on hahahaha) and the product is amazing. Be on the look out for Anastasia if you need an eyebrow fix, or contour fix!

Lime Crime Velveteen’s


Again, Lime Crime wins. If you are looking for a MATTE lipstick that lasts all day then this stuff is for you. The color is extremely rich, is easy to apply (you apply it like a lip gloss) then it dries completely matte, and smudge proof. They have soooo many colors too!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner


This is my absolute must have. As everyone knows I am not complete without my winged eyeliner. There are so many horrible eye liners out there that are not pigmented, permanent, and they can irritate your eyes. My eyes are extremely sensitive! They water all the time, and usually my eye make up leaks off by the end of the day. With this Tattoo Liner, it goes on easily, it’s actually deep black, waterproof, and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I will never go back to a cheap eye liner again!

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm


This is a must have for dry lips! Most lip formula’s dry your lips on purpose that way you keep buying more. EOS did this for me, and it’s hard to find lip balms that last, smell good, and actually help your lips pretty fast. This stuff smells amazing, and works fast. I love the tin version, as well as the tube version. Laura Prepon (Alex from Orange Is the New Black) preaches on using this stuff as well!

Loreal Infallible Pro Matte


If you are looking for a drug store foundation for oily skin that will keep you matte, and actually has great coverage for a good price, then this is it! This works better than my Makeup Forever Pro Matte sometimes! It has great coverage, and only requires setting powder throughout the day to keep it matte, but this is really a fabulous drug store foundation.

Well that is all for today loves! I hope this helps you discover new products to try, or if you were looking for a specific miracle product for a problem I hope this helps as well with that. 🙂 Have a Happy Halloween! Song of the week is Bewitched!!




Forty-five years ago today Janis Joplin was found dead in her hotel room in Los Angeles at the age of twenty-seven. Many people remember the lethal drugs that tragically ended her life instead of what contributed to the drugs in the first place.

NEW YORK - MARCH 16:  Blues singer Janis Joplin and  the Kozmic Blues Band perform on the Ed Sullivan Show on March 16, 1969 in New York City, New York. (Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images)

NEW YORK – MARCH 16: Blues singer Janis Joplin and the Kozmic Blues Band perform on the Ed Sullivan Show on March 16, 1969 in New York City, New York. (Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images)

Janis Lyn Joplin was a Texas girl just like me. She was born into a period where freshly trimmed lawns, party dresses, and upholding the perfect image were all too important. From an early age Janis actually tried to fit in well as her family had wanted her to. Plagued with a boy-ish figure, not the ideal face, and severe acne she was discriminated against, pushed aside and bullied. Naturally Janis’s response to this was to rebel which introduced her to a whole new side of herself she had never  seen. Crossing the state border to go watch “Blues Bands” and to drink became a frequent thing to do with her “out cast” friends, and from there on she began to sing Blue-grass herself. When Janis decided to move to Austin, Texas for college, she met a new group of friends where she began to sing with actual bands. She felt as though she finally fit in only months later to be nominated the “Ugliest Man on Campus” which naturally crushed her. Once again, she was laughed out of the state of Texas, and left for California. Janis of course then met Big Brother and the Holding Company through friends, and her career changed after her stunning performance at Monterey. Finally, the world saw this woman as who she actually was instead of a clashing outward appearance with society’s standards. Still though, the attacks against Janis didn’t stop. Despite her powerful lungs, she was rejected among so many.

Janis Joplin, Hotel Chelsea, March 1969, #4

Janis Joplin, Hotel Chelsea, March 1969, #4

This is the part about Janis that is so disappointing, but that I love. Women in these days were expected to be a certain way. A career woman, married, children, a manicured outfit, and to sit down and let the men speak. Janis wore crushed velvet pants, sparkly shirts, feathers in her hair, bracelets stacked on each arm, she spoke her mind, and was proud of it. When asked why she didn’t sound like other female singers at the time on the Dick Cavett show, she said “I don’t know why. I always wondered because it seemed so natural to me, but um, I don’t know it’s not feminine maybe that’s why. To really get down, and really get into music, to get on the bottom side of the music instead of float around on the top like most chick singers do. I think they float around on the top of the melody instead of getting into the feeling of the music. I don’t know.”

Janis was the first of her time to display such an outrageous feminine outcry. Not because she wanted to, but because that’s who she was. She wanted to get down with the boys because she loved it, and she wanted more. She didn’t care about the makeup, hair, and candy-shop beach wave love songs. She wanted the audience’s hair to raise at her screaming onstage. People loved her, people rejected her, and ridiculed her publicly. She never knew where she sat; if she was good or bad in people’s eyes contributing to her many many emotional and self hate problems. Janis truly just wanted to be accepted, and loved. Janis is so special to me because she presented a new idea of a woman. A woman who could get onstage with men, and belt the blues; a woman who didn’t have to be in the home. She presented this idea that you could do what you love, and feel like doing despite what society is screaming at you. In return, society ridiculed her saying that she was out of control, and crazed. Except, she was still was a woman with heart, and values saying on the Dick Cavett show that she eventually wanted to “learn how to bake organic bread, and have babies.” Janis was progressive for her time, ahead of it, and I truly believe that is what killed her.


In society when it comes to being progressive, or presenting new ideas, we haven’t changed much from Janis’s time period. You are called a “dumb liberal”, or a “bitch that needs to be put in her place.” We are still trying to contain this image of women, dumbing them down, and refusing them rights. When we feel something that is so new for this economy, in return we are ridiculed, and we are hated. We are taught to think we are not worth loving, and we should hate ourselves too. It teaches you to be overly self-aware, and it drives people to do things for escape. Alcohol, drugs, whatever you can get your hands on. We are taught to be unworthy, as Janis was. She depended on a regular supply of Southern Comfort, heroin, or speed because humans had wronged her. At least these things accepted her, and gave her an overwhelming feeling of comfort (or high) regularly.


People knew she was different, and that she was making a mark. To some she was a taboo topic, a typical drugged out singer, and surely within enough time she could disappear so everyone could go back to normal. They were right. While recording her new album “Pearl”, Janis found herself alone in her hotel room. She hated being alone because alone gives you time to think, possibly to think about how alone internally you feel. To take the edge off, her dealer stopped by with a new batch of heroine. After recording that whole day, she went back to her again empty hotel room where night had fallen. Thats where she then prepared her needle, and injected heroin that had a purity of forty to fifty percent…when the average is around three percent. Immediately, the drug knocked her to the ground where she fell between her bed and bedside table, where this final fix of heroin finally stopped her heart.

Today I am sad because someone who is so fun to listen to whether it’s her songs, or her just talking about ordinary things accidentally killed herself. The world lost someone who was a game changer for Rock and Roll, and for women. I am sad because she was taught that she was not worth of love here, and had to find comfort in such awful, and dangerous things. What a different world it could be if we learned to accept others instead of all the name-calling and shaming. The public was right – she did disappear physically, but Janis never ever went away. Her voice is still pounding through stereos’ and her face is now on the United States forever stamps. I wish she were alive to now see how loved she actually was.


Black Cat Awareness Month.

Happy Black Cat Awareness Month loves!


I’m so excited that this month I get to show off (even more than normal) my lovely little Rocco. A lot of people shrug this month off, and say how pointless it is to be “aware”of black cats. We are not necessarily raising awareness about the cats themselves, but the stigma attached to them.

I remember being around eight years old when we had our first two black cats (one we still have today), and when October rolled around my Mom would swat them out of the windows telling me also to not let them sit in the windows this month. We made sure the house was locked up, and that they stayed out of sight. I thought it was weird because it was Halloween, and they were perfect decor! When she explained to me that people want to “attack black cats” around Halloween I was shocked. What shocks me even more is that in 2015 this is still going on.


In most recent years, I’ve only met one person who hated my Rocco. That person was extremely tacky, but would love to slam her bible in your face. Anyways, Rocco Ricardo, and Fantasia were probably the best cats I’ve had. Extremely protective, concerned, the cutest personalities, and beautiful. They are no different from any other cat you would meet, except for the pitch black coats. These little black beauties are least likely to be adopted, and most to be persecuted. Shelters are now watchful for people who attempt to adopt them around Halloween due to people choosing to take them home to only have fun at torturing them. Just why?


I can’t imagine anyone coming after Rocco, and someone help the poor soul who would think they could. Rocco’s life is more innocent, and less harming than an abusive human, and Fantasia was full of love and moodiness. Please share the awareness of how these beauties need love just like any other animal no matter what time of year it is!! They are not spooky, but spectacular. 🙂 Here are some fabulous “black cat” items I’ve discovered to help your Halloween become more cute.

Bath and Body Works


They always have a lovely selection of cute cat items this time of year! If you don’t snag them fast, they sell out fast like the Pocket Bac black cat holder. If you love having your car smell awesome, here is this little guy to make it look that much better. Yes, I have one.

ilikeCATSshop via Etsy


This shop is adorable, and I’m so glad I stumbled across it! They are perfect for not just black cat lovers, but any cat! They have a lovely selection of prints, buttons, cards and more. With the size of these cats, they look just like my Rocco.

Cat to the Chase Bag via Modcloth


So I’ve pretty much been dying to have this bag. A perfect little way to sport your black cat vibes on the go, and it has great reviews! Modcloth is full of a cat lovers dream items! If you search black cat you will be simply overwhelmed.

-haley and rocco.