Heal Yourself. Save Yourself.

Happy Mountain Monday lovelies!! I’m so excited about this week mainly because I’m making big changes. After so many problems, you have to say “no more” and actually pick yourself up enough to make change.

I can’t even put into words how many medical problems I continuously have. Back pain, neck pain, chronic fatigue, severe anxiety, PH, watery eyes, skin issues…the list goes on. Anytime a new issue comes up, I can always go see a doctor who will prescribe me a pill which will cause a whole array of issues, and won’t really eliminate problems rather than cause more. See, that’s a huge problem with America. We continuously jump off into a world of investing in the pharmaceutical market which is not our best friend.

You see, the Government is not your friend either. I really hate to sound like a crazy conspiracy person, but until you understand that the Government makes money off of you, then you will be continually mislead, and pissed off. It makes more sense (for heartless people) to not release natural cures, natural remedies, herbs, and natural healing because it is more affordable. It does make more sense to chemically fuse things together to put into people’s bodies that isn’t natural that will cause other issues that will need more pills racking up huge costs that the government makes money off of. Big Brother makes money off of you being sick. They don’t care that your life is dragging, or suffering…you are a walking wad of money to them. It sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my Adcirca. It’s helped so much, but if I knew about something natural that could do the same without headaches, nausea, red rashes, and blurring vision then I would totally take it.


I firmly believe that there is a cure for everything within nature. I also firmly believe that they do already have a cure for cancer and for a variety of other illnesses, but why would they release that to the public when they make so much money off of these poor patients? The cancer industry is big bucks to them! Everyone bitches about weed not being legal, and I’m one of those people too. Medical marijuana is a great thing. It doesn’t put you out of your mind, it doesn’t eliminate pain but rather than take the edge off, its safe, its effective, and its natural. It’s what the creator put here himself. “Why wouldn’t it be legal?” we scream to ourselves. Well, because Big Brother makes more money off alcoholics. The bars they go to, the money they spend, how they get sick, the treatment they will need…it all fits together. Big brother does not care about natural, herbal, or what is good for you. They chemically create food in a lab (rather than preparing it) and shoot it up with all kinds of chemicals so you will get addicted to horrible food. It’s not even food anymore, it’s a food like product. They want you to eat your heart out, become obese, require medical care for all sorts of problems. Big brother doesn’t even care about your safety, and now doesn’t even want companies to tell you what is going into your “food.” He cares about where the money is coming in from. It’s a harsh truth. All the Herbal or Natural doctors that just ended up poisoned? Questionable, isn’t it?


My big change? It starts with food. It’s amazing how incredible the body itself is, and how much it wants to heal. We are very powerful beings, and so are the bodies we were put in. They are not designed to be miserable, inactive, sore, and sedated. They naturally want to receive nutrients, burn fat, our bodies want to look healthy, and want us to feel healthy and function at one hundred percent. Our bodies want to have healthy skin, a healthy mind, and an active day. Our bodies are meant to work miracles. Instead, they are eating lab-created chemicals that our bodies don’t know what to do with. We put on more weight than we should, we don’t feel good, we’re storing toxins, we start dealing with illnesses that we eventually start taking pills for which causes more issues…its an infinitive circle effect. It all connects. This week, I invested in a juicer, and I stopped buying food at Walmart. Instead I’m buying vegetables from a local health store, wheat flour, natural sugar, natural chicken that I can cook, and it feels amazing so far! To give my money to local people who in turn help me live a healthy life!


I can’t wait to keep y’all updated on how difficult the juicing will be at first, and what I feel like two months from now. I’m expecting big changes, and I want my body to heal itself after helping it along. It will be difficult, it will be hard, but I can’t wait to feel like I’m not on the edge of death. I encourage not only everybody, but especially those with a disease to be juicing, and eating natural foods. Heal your body from the inside out, and put down the pills!!


Song of the week is Something in the Air by Thunderclap Newman. 🙂


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