Netflix Treasures.

Soo after some pretty serious posts lately that I knew was going to create quite the ruckus (and I could care less) let’s take things down a few levels with a bit more of a relaxed post. With the weather about to get cooler (at least where I live we’re almost into the 50’s already) we’ll be spending a little more time indoors. Hopefully that leads to more artistic adventures, cooking, re-decorating but then of course we become Netflix zombies. I see soooo many people asking what’s good to watch on Netflix right now so I decided to share some of my favorite little Netflix treasures.

Mona Lisa Smile


This is one of my most favorite movies in the world!! First of all, I love Julia Roberts. Second, this movie really captures the essence of the rise of feminism, what roles women were expected to play, and how badly women who didn’t want to play those roles were shamed. The art, teachings, attitude, and everything else about the film is just fantastic. Also Topher Grace is in it (Eric Forman from That 70s Show) and you’ve got to love him too!

Hungry For Change


One of the most excellent documentaries to only prove on how food is medicine. Our bodies were designed for greatness, and to be our friend not an enemy we have to fight. “We have become a society that is no longer eating food, but food like product.” If you are struggling with weight, eating, feeling like crap, or trying to find the right foods to grocery shop then THIS is a highly recommended documentary. I personally think every high school student should be forced to watch this. What a difference it could make in our societies health!

Rich Hill


What a great thing to have your older children watch, or students to show that not all families are living the same lifestyle. A very empowering documentary showing how most children in poverty (AKA A LOT OF THE COUNTRY) are being raised, with parents that are not paying attention, that are absent, and these kids are exposed to way too much in their life so early. While teaching, I experienced dealing with kids with a lot of emotional trauma that they reflected on me, but knowing what they were dealing with and what they were not taught showed me how to love them, and teach them correctly. This is a must see.

Side Effects


This movie will keep you on your toes! What a crazy movie centered on mental illness, lies, relationships and the scary side to the medical field! A great group of actors (oh Jude Law) deliver a great performance. For all you horn dogs, Channing Tatum is in it too!

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown


This show is fascinating for those who want to see, travel, and learn more. What I love about Anthony Bourdain is he is not just a “food show” guy, but he shows the history, and lifestyle of these different places he is visiting. What a great thing to watch, not to mention his humor, and sarcasm is excellent. Also, you might crave exotic food the whole time you watch this show!

Stand By Me


What a classic!! Just a great movie watching kids be actual kids, go outdoors, and get themselves into trouble. Definitely a “coming of age” film almost in comparison to the “Sandlot” but with a bit more edge.



A suspenseful classic with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn! Let’s put down the whole Breakfast at Tiffany’s obsession for a while and expand our Audrey horizons. This is a bit of a weird flick with mystery, great fashion, actors, and a little bit of fright. A great movie to watch in the fall!

Well there is a lot more I could suggest, but I’ll just leave it there for now lovelies. Enjoy the change of the season, find some cute decor, watch some awesome movies, and enjoy life. 🙂



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