Christianity Lately Is a Problem.

Ohhh yes, it’s about to get hot up in here. Mainly because Christianity isn’t about Christ anymore, it’s just about being hateful.

Growing up in the bible belt, we went through our Church-going phases. Christianity was always present in my life, but never really forced. At fifteen, I got wrapped up in a church group, took it seriously, was baptized, taught Sunday school, and lived it day in and day out. Then after about seventeen, my views slowly started to change. After being diagnosed with stage four Pulmonary Hypertension, and having to deal with new bigger problems that I didn’t volunteer for, and being attacked by Christian groups, I REALLY started to become bitter.

I’ve tried the whole church thing so many times in my life, but it never felt quite right. The atmosphere, attitude of the people all just felt very “off.” I felt more like an investor in a business than I did a person coming to study. Church leaders would learn about my diagnosis, and would almost refuse to believe it saying I would be healed, and what not. When I asked about healing I was told “It’s all been recorded on a disk set that you can purchase in our shop.” Nothing was ever personal at hardly any of the churches I’ve attended (well maybe one) and when it was personal, I was also being “talked about.” Years later, here I am still taking my pills to relieve my symptoms from PH.

Having PH totally changed my future that I thought I was going to get. From day one I’ve always wanted a large family, and any person could tell you that I am all about kids, and want my own. PH pretty much destroyed that. A person with PH has an 85% mortality rate trying to carry a child, cannot take medication, the fetus is at high risk because it will be exposed to medication we need not to mention not receiving enough oxygen, and usually the mother dies from heart failure before delivery. Also, we can’t be on birth control because we already have a high risk of blood clotting, stroke, and heart attack. So we’re left with “good luck” and condoms which usually leads to the very hard decision to have an abortion. Most of these women having abortions are having them done with their husbands…the same women who are spending THOUSANDS of dollars to have a child through adoption and surrogacy. We are good people…yet Christians attack us with the label that we are “murderers” “horrible people” and “whores.” Hmmm, what good people you must be by labeling others. We didn’t choose our diagnosis, and we deserve access to safe and healthy abortions.

That’s where my fist major turn off is with Christians. They stand outside protesting things like gay marriage, homosexuality, and abortions like they are doing something good. Yet, if you crack your bible open further, it will tell you that all sins are looked at as the same by Christ himself.  Romans 3:23 For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Christians lately are all about protesting only a few sins, and ranking them. If you are going to stand outside and protest abortion, or gay marriage, then you DAMN WELL better be protesting those who gossip, or have premarital sex, or you better go stand outside of the bars protesting all the “horrid and sinful” people who are drinking, and lusting. YOU BETTER START MAKING ALL SINS EQUAL AS YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THEY ARE. STOP PICKING AND CHOOSING WHICH ONES ARE WORSE. YOU ARE A SINNER. PUT YOUR SIGN DOWN, AND SIT DOWN.


Now this brings me to another huge problem; religious freedom. This crazy Kim Davis that is currently in jail for not issuing a same-sex marriage license is being praised by Christians everywhere. Christians continuously are bitching about how “everyone get’s to express their opinions but Christians aren’t allowed to, and we’re supposed to be accepting.” YOU DON’T GET AN OPINION BECAUSE IT IS FULL OF DISCRIMINATION AND HATE. YES, you are supposed to be accepting just as the Christ you are worshiping was accepting!! You only love those, and believe that Christians only should attain religious freedom. WE ALL DESERVE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Native American’s, EVERYONE deserves religious freedom. You have to respect others. If your job requires you to hand out a same-sex marriage license, and you don’t want to then it’s time to find a new job. You cannot impose your beliefs onto others. They deserve freedom. We are not all Christians, and the more you continue to rank others sins, protest others sins, call people murderers, the MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL BE TURNED AWAY FROM CHRIST. You are a huge disappointment, and turn off to the Bible. You don’t get an opinion anymore because it is filled with HATE.


Christ gave people an option. CHRIST gave people an option, yet y’all little ol’ bible thumpers don’t give people an option. Everyone is just supposed to fall under what you believe in. Set people free, and do what your God has told you to do. LOVE OTHERS. RESPECT OTHERS. If you don’t like it, then walk away, and let people live their lives how they intend to. As far as I can see right now, Christianity is just another word for hate and oppression. Yikes.

Song of the week is Tiny Spark by Brendan Benson.



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