Facts Vs. Feels

America is so scary right now. Outbreaks of racism, the persecution of women and our rights, and it just keeps going from there. I’m astonished at how much America doesn’t care. We are more interested in who has the newest drama, or the funniest posts rather than things we need to get involved in, and stand up for. I guess that is just too much work.

Let me just say this right now; if you support Donald Trump then you openly support racism, sexism, and a type of unprofessional that cannot even be put into words because it is so horrific. He is the modern Hitler. If you are woman, and you support Donald Trump then you are just plainly an ignorant person. Why? He thinks you are a disgusting animal, pig, and a sexual object cut out just for him. Have fun with that! While arguing last night with someone over the Keystone Pipeline problem, they stated that they like “facts more than feels.” I’m so glad they stated this because I was finally able to put a finger on what exactly is wrong with America. While it is important not to get carried away with emotions on some subjects, I don’t know where we would be without “feels.” It’s kind of important to feel, and to feel for others.


For example; a lot of people right now are undergoing medical treatment for rare diseases that they did not choose to have, and that are beyond costly. The facts are that insurance companies have laid out the rules of what they will, and will not cover, and after that it is the patients responsibility to meet the cost of treatment. If the bills are not paid, then the treatment will discontinue. This happened to someone I knew once…when he was around fifteen years old. Despite him having cancer, they were facing the discontinuation of medical care. Those are the facts. The feels? People seeing that this is a fifteen year old DYING of cancer. A fifteen year old with one parent who exhausted her insurance limitations, and cannot pay for medical bills because she’s at her sons side. The feels were people feeling for this situation and lending assistance that they could, paying for treatment, and seeing him to the end. Ps – he lived because of people’s “feels.” The facts are that my Adcirca is around $2,300 monthly. Its a fact that my dad and I cannot afford a medication to keep me alive. So the fact is that my medication will no longer be supplied, and yes I will die. The feels are a non-profit company that “feels” for patients like us, and picked up the tab for an entire year. Feelings are what keep me alive, and also someone feeling for people with this disease, and finding a method of treatment for us.

We all think highly of people because of their feelings, and what they can do for others. I will always respect a person more not because of what they are required to do, but because of what they extend themselves to do when they are not expected to. That speaks much more highly of someone’s character.

On a side note, I will always feel it is my job to protect my Mother Earth who is sacred. Water is life, and it cannot be replaced by the human hand. Mother nature, mother earth is a gift, and she is life-giving. If we continue to contaminate, and destroy her, we will be nothing. Keep that in mind if you choose to support Keystone Pipeline. Those are the facts, not just the feels.


Song of the Week is Sometimes Part One by the Nth Power who I got to see live at Gathering of Nations.



Lose Yourself.

Can I just say that one of my most favorite movies in the world is Don Jon? A lot of you haven’t heard of this because it’s an independently produced film with the fabulous Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Some of you have, saw the preview, or got five minutes in, and turned it off. If you can get past all the porn, and make it to the message of the film it kind of blows your mind.


I’m pretty much a huge fan of whatever Joseph Gordon-Levitt does mainly because he goes all out. Yea, he’s kind of a jackass, but he genuinely loves his career, and strives to improve it while providing a deeper meaning. He’s not just an actor, he’s truly an artist. Moving on from my Joseph rant – most people would look at Don Jon, and think “this movie is outrageous.” But you see, that is what is so good about this movie to begin with. We like to watch “fluff” films that yes, may entertain and give you warm fuzzies, but films like this to me are so much better because they are realistic with some movie glamour sprinkled on top.

Don Jon deals with the porn addiction that of course everyone deals with. Yes, pretty much every guy watches porn, and soon it becomes hard (no pun intended) to break away from watching it even in relationships. I really don’t care about porn itself. In fact when it comes to the best relationships I’ve ever had, that person and I have always been able to openly discuss porn. It’s great when you can have an open relationship like that with someone. So now, we have two major problems presented. The women who refuse to believe that porn is active in their relationship (despite how well he covers his tracks), and then the porn problem in general.

Lets just openly state that porn in general is unrealistic. None of it from point A to point Z happens that way. Mainly because that isn’t real sex; let’s just face it, it’s fucking. There are no fireworks, no connections, no huge explosions because it’s just an act. Everyone is pretending from the little skits they put on, to the costumes, all the way down to the actual sex. No one is having the best sex of their life, they are literally just using another person for a physical function. There really isn’t even another person there. What makes it even worse is that people get disappointed by actual sex because of their “porn” expectations.


While porn may seem natural to us these days, what is so unnatural is the fact that we see each other as objects. Just things to ride, and get us to some other destination in life. Women are not women, we’re just “pussy” with a phone number attached sometimes. Guys are just “d” to others as well. Not people with obsessions, culture, passions, fantasies or anything…


It’s a very unhealthy life we’re living when women are exploited as sexual objects to merely attain, and men are as well (Magic Mike.) It teaches us the break all the “scary stuff” down like emotions, and attachments that really despite all the work are kind of awesome, and teach us to love a person even more. I recently was talking to a guy, and he expressed that we didn’t need to know anything “bad” about each other yet. Like deep emotions, past experiences, and everything else. It blew my mind because liking someone, getting to know someone does not just depend on the good. I love people even more when I know the “bad” parts. It just makes them beautiful despite how much you have to work through it. It makes you love them that much more because you love all of them. If someone doesn’t care to hear everything about you within a decent amount of time then you probably shouldn’t care to stick around.

Stop expecting a fantasy whether it’s in a relationship, or in the bedroom. Instead expect tears of joy, laughter, or sadness. Expect emotional outbursts, fights, or no text. Expect passion, late nights, faults, and innocent kisses. Expect to lose yourself in a person.

Song of the Week is the original Me and Mrs Jones by Billy Paul.