My What Spot?

My white spot. 

FullSizeRender (5)

“I can’t see it!” Well, it’s there. 

A month ago (maybe longer) I made a post about tanning titled  “Fake ‘N Bake.” If you read that, then you might get a sense of my tanning history. I started tanning at seventeen (before it was illegal in Texas) got realllllly tan my senior year of high school (and loved it!) Every since then I bet I spent close to three hundred dollars a summer on my tan. Last year I started working for a tanning salon, and got a little bit smarter about my tanning as I was educated more. However, all of us girls loved being tan! As long as we didn’t get the ugly C-word, we would probably still roast ourselves everyday.


A really dark seventeen year old, pre-diagnosis Haley

This summer I’ve been too broke, and too busy to worry about tanning. I moved to a very remote location that doesn’t offer it – which is a great thing. A few months ago, while putting on my makeup, I noticed a discoloration of a part of my face. It was weird because it wasn’t hyper pigmentation but rather than hypo after I did some research. Why did I have a white spot right in the middle of my extremely red cheeks (I have rosacea) and of course this ugly thing was right in the middle of where I contour.

My search results? UV damage. Hypo pigmentation is when a trauma to the skin occurs (like UV rays), now the cells that produce melanin die, and you are left with no color in your skin. Sometimes its a disease where it spreads, which is the last thing I need. Everyone remember Michael Jackson? Yea, its called vitiligo. But in my case, hopefully, it’s just going to be a small little white patch that will forever irk me.


I don’t regret what I said in my last post, in fact in the beginning I reminded you of the dangers of tanning. That post is merely to help those that still decide to tan indoors. However, after my experience I can officially say I’m done! I tanned for five years, and I got off really lucky yet with damage. It’s not just one of those things where it might happen to you, it WILL happen to you. I am not one of the crazies that protests tanning, and thinks it should be outlawd. If people want to do that, that is their choice. There is a right way, and a wrong way to do something, and the wrong way is trying to get everyone to do it the right way. 

So what am I doing now? Well I’ll be that person that will be wearing sunblock mixed in with my primer to protect my face, and whenever I can I’ll invest in a spray tan. My day to day routine consists of Jergans lotion (the darkest one) that has actually given me a great color, and it smells fantastic y’all! I’ve tried Sally Hansen’s spray on legs (the medium color) and I’m not too impressed. Its very shimmery, a bit of a nasty orange tint, so I don’t know If I will continue using it. Over all, I have a natural red tint to my skin, and I hold a decent color all year. I will settle for a less than amazing bronze color over skin damage, and cancer. I think I can live with that, because I’m choosing life. Merrrrp.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone! Song of the week is Sometimes Part 1 (Interlude) by The Nth Power who I got to see live at Gathering of Nations! They are sooo fantastic, please check them out.




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