State of Mind.

Its been a while lovelies! I woke up one day, realized how unhappy I was, and that I needed change soon. So, here I am, in a completely different state of mind, and actual state. For a while, a lot of people secretly (and probably still do) hate me. I was a pretty angry person, and I’m not a liar. I’m very upfront about what I feel, so, I guess you could say that I wasn’t scared to show I was angry. Yea, that gets old, and we feel the need to hide these people from our Facebook timelines, and delete them out of our lives. But for what? Treading on ours, or in other words, being human? You see, I felt supremely judged for feeling and expressing a human emotion. I think from time to time we all realize we are stuck at some point. Our attitudes follow into despair, and clog up our social media. Pretty soon, people want nothing to do with us, and we’re sitting alone at night with our ice cream. Why? Because we’re being shamed for anger. So many people these days are constantly posting on their social media about how lovely life is. And, I’m sure it is, don’t get me wrong. But we get so used to seeing the great side that the minute anyone posts anything that isn’t so great, we are hated on. Get real people. Literally. We need to learn to accept that people, and we ourselves are living life. Through up’s and down’s be there to support people despite how they are expressing their emotions at the time. It sucks, a lot, and maybe we can help it not suck. The difference in my situation, and the people that we should be getting annoyed with? I knew I was unhappy, I knew why, and I was prepared to do something about it. I just wanted to say a quick thank you to those who stuck beside me in a truly terrible time. This has been a changing period like never before! I had such a great year exactly one year ago starting now, and for my feelings to up and change (and me have to change everything to keep up with it) has been exhausting in every form. Thank you to those who kept in contact with me, for letting me be human, for supporting me, to keep reading my blog, and to keep being a friend. My mountain views may be lovely in the morning now, but I’m still struggling in other ways now. Life is life. It’s just a little bit prettier now. 🙂





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