Angry Cat.

FullSizeRenderAngry Cat face courtesy of Rocco.

So, my loves, I was going to make a post about all the same-sex marriage legalization and Texas’s appalling actions following. However, it was going to come out exactly like a post a made a couple of months ago. Remember all the awesome MASH memes in my Religious Freedom post? Yea, that one. It’s been updated with all of this news. Its pretty simple, and it’s pretty funny if you know who Frank Burns is to begin with. Check it out, and feel free to share. In fact, please share. Click Here to Read the Religious Freedom Post!

Song of the Week is Baby Don’t Go by Sonny and Cher because…Cher. 🙂




My What Spot?

My white spot. 

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“I can’t see it!” Well, it’s there. 

A month ago (maybe longer) I made a post about tanning titled  “Fake ‘N Bake.” If you read that, then you might get a sense of my tanning history. I started tanning at seventeen (before it was illegal in Texas) got realllllly tan my senior year of high school (and loved it!) Every since then I bet I spent close to three hundred dollars a summer on my tan. Last year I started working for a tanning salon, and got a little bit smarter about my tanning as I was educated more. However, all of us girls loved being tan! As long as we didn’t get the ugly C-word, we would probably still roast ourselves everyday.


A really dark seventeen year old, pre-diagnosis Haley

This summer I’ve been too broke, and too busy to worry about tanning. I moved to a very remote location that doesn’t offer it – which is a great thing. A few months ago, while putting on my makeup, I noticed a discoloration of a part of my face. It was weird because it wasn’t hyper pigmentation but rather than hypo after I did some research. Why did I have a white spot right in the middle of my extremely red cheeks (I have rosacea) and of course this ugly thing was right in the middle of where I contour.

My search results? UV damage. Hypo pigmentation is when a trauma to the skin occurs (like UV rays), now the cells that produce melanin die, and you are left with no color in your skin. Sometimes its a disease where it spreads, which is the last thing I need. Everyone remember Michael Jackson? Yea, its called vitiligo. But in my case, hopefully, it’s just going to be a small little white patch that will forever irk me.


I don’t regret what I said in my last post, in fact in the beginning I reminded you of the dangers of tanning. That post is merely to help those that still decide to tan indoors. However, after my experience I can officially say I’m done! I tanned for five years, and I got off really lucky yet with damage. It’s not just one of those things where it might happen to you, it WILL happen to you. I am not one of the crazies that protests tanning, and thinks it should be outlawd. If people want to do that, that is their choice. There is a right way, and a wrong way to do something, and the wrong way is trying to get everyone to do it the right way. 

So what am I doing now? Well I’ll be that person that will be wearing sunblock mixed in with my primer to protect my face, and whenever I can I’ll invest in a spray tan. My day to day routine consists of Jergans lotion (the darkest one) that has actually given me a great color, and it smells fantastic y’all! I’ve tried Sally Hansen’s spray on legs (the medium color) and I’m not too impressed. Its very shimmery, a bit of a nasty orange tint, so I don’t know If I will continue using it. Over all, I have a natural red tint to my skin, and I hold a decent color all year. I will settle for a less than amazing bronze color over skin damage, and cancer. I think I can live with that, because I’m choosing life. Merrrrp.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone! Song of the week is Sometimes Part 1 (Interlude) by The Nth Power who I got to see live at Gathering of Nations! They are sooo fantastic, please check them out.



Welcome, Newbies.

Welcome to all of you who just recently started following. The blog has changed a lot in the past couple of years, as well as meeeee. You can always check the FAQ page, and here are some  fun little questions I answered recently. Comment, rate, or shoot me an email if need be.



How old are you? 

I’m about to be twenty-three.

When did you start blogging, and why?

I want to say in August of 2012 because I had finally figured out I was okay with my disease (Pulmonary Hypertension) and had a lot to say about it.

What is your blog’s primary focus?

Honestly, just things that capture my heart.

Do you still work on writing outside of the blog?

Yes, I’m finishing my book (I’m re-writing the ending) and I’ve dabbled in poetry.

Where are you located?

A very colorful, and cultural state. 🙂

Describe your personal style?

Boyish with a few jewels, and vintage pieces thrown in.

Which fashion icon has most influenced your approach to style?

Janis Joplin, Millicent Rogers, Stevie Nicks, and Betsey Johnson. I could never narrow it down to just one.

What is your greatest splurge?

Food, purses, jewelry and art.

What is your best feature?

My Kat Von D cat-eyeliner that is painted on, always.

Where do you find most inspiration?

Within nature, my culture, and music.

How has Education influenced your career?

If we’re talking about the piece of paper you pay a lot of money for, then it hasn’t. I’ve taken my college courses, but everything that I’ve learned that has truly helped me in meeting other people, talking with them, loving them and learning through them…I’ve learned by living. I love learning. Not everything important comes by a paper earned by sitting within four walls. But if you have that piece of paper because you worked your butt off for it, that’s cool too. I have to get that one day too.

What are you currently most frustrated with?

I can honestly say I’m not…is that insane?

What most boosts your confidence?

When I’m tan, having a good hair day, and when people compliment my writing.

What is a woman’s greatest asset?

Independence, and knowledge.

Which character trait do you must value in others?

Probably humor, and honesty.

How do you relieve stress?

Painting, drawing, and writing.

When are you happiest?

When I’m in the mountains, making new friends, and when I’m cuddling with Rocco.

What do you want people to know about your disease?

Yes, I’m actually sick.

What do you think is the most important thing in life?

Never stop learning. And of course loving other people.

A Want To Life.

As we all might know by now that finally I moved. My family has been calling to check on me every now and then to see how I’m liking it, which honestly, I was worried about of course. I moved to a very small town that attracts tourists, and the community seasonally changes. The mountain scenery is unbeatable, but yea, I make a forty-five minute drive just to get to groceries. After talking with my brother on the phone one night about how different things are, it kind of made me realize what makes me so happy here.


You would think giving up a mall, a high-dollar makeup store, and even a grocery store would be something I wouldn’t even consider, but I really don’t care which surprised me. You see, corporate America has taken over not only our lives, but our brains. They decided what we eat, drink, how we behave, and they try to convince us what we can’t live without. They are mass producers with telephone lines where machines talk to you, they don’t know about their customers, and they are in a rush of production. America is all about the rush. Faster internet, faster shipping, faster customer service, run errands faster, faster, faster, faster!!! Pretty soon we are blind to see how much we are running around, and come home only to collapse on the couch, and scroll through Facebook. We are living a “have-to” life because society convinced us of what we “have to have.”

I’ve only lived here a little over a week, and I feel like I’m in a rehabilitation center. Not in a bad way, but in the kind of way where I just feel relaxed all the time. And miraculously, I HAVE time, something I never thought I had before. Why? Pretty much everything here is local. Every store is owned by someone who lives here, even the small grocery store we do have available. And what is there to do? A few shops to get some cute things, a candy store, coffee shops, restaurants where people already know your name (cue the Cheers music) and if that doesn’t suit you, there are yoga classes are the community center, or hiking, or fishing. You really don’t have to do anything, except work. I overheard a lady talking about her grandson visiting the other day, and how he was ready to run around town and she only had her coffee in her hand. Her exact words,”He’s not used to this life. Things are a little slower and calmer here.”  Exactly.


Everyone around here does what they need to basically put food on the table, and what else they do is up to them. Walking down the street, waving to neighbors, sitting on the porch in the middle of the day drinking a beer before you get back to doing whatever. It’s not a have-to life its a want-to life. I think this is as close to the “good ‘ol days”  as it gets. Everything that’s unnecessary that the world has convinced you that you “can’t” live without, you can. You just have no idea, because you are brainwashed into thinking its necessary. Live the life you want to live before it’s too late, and live simply.

Song of the Week is Ventura Highway by America.


State of Mind.

Its been a while lovelies! I woke up one day, realized how unhappy I was, and that I needed change soon. So, here I am, in a completely different state of mind, and actual state. For a while, a lot of people secretly (and probably still do) hate me. I was a pretty angry person, and I’m not a liar. I’m very upfront about what I feel, so, I guess you could say that I wasn’t scared to show I was angry. Yea, that gets old, and we feel the need to hide these people from our Facebook timelines, and delete them out of our lives. But for what? Treading on ours, or in other words, being human? You see, I felt supremely judged for feeling and expressing a human emotion. I think from time to time we all realize we are stuck at some point. Our attitudes follow into despair, and clog up our social media. Pretty soon, people want nothing to do with us, and we’re sitting alone at night with our ice cream. Why? Because we’re being shamed for anger. So many people these days are constantly posting on their social media about how lovely life is. And, I’m sure it is, don’t get me wrong. But we get so used to seeing the great side that the minute anyone posts anything that isn’t so great, we are hated on. Get real people. Literally. We need to learn to accept that people, and we ourselves are living life. Through up’s and down’s be there to support people despite how they are expressing their emotions at the time. It sucks, a lot, and maybe we can help it not suck. The difference in my situation, and the people that we should be getting annoyed with? I knew I was unhappy, I knew why, and I was prepared to do something about it. I just wanted to say a quick thank you to those who stuck beside me in a truly terrible time. This has been a changing period like never before! I had such a great year exactly one year ago starting now, and for my feelings to up and change (and me have to change everything to keep up with it) has been exhausting in every form. Thank you to those who kept in contact with me, for letting me be human, for supporting me, to keep reading my blog, and to keep being a friend. My mountain views may be lovely in the morning now, but I’m still struggling in other ways now. Life is life. It’s just a little bit prettier now. 🙂