You Best Stay the Hell Away From My Child.

So, If you’ve been on Facebook lately I’m sure you have seen the lovely little news bar that sits on the right side of your page. Ya know, that little negative strip of  information that really no one needs to see? And bonus! You can’t make it go away. The whole mom sitting in on her son’s sex-ed class thing caught my attention, and let me just ask you this, is this a nightmare? I’m all for parents questioning their children’s schooling because your children’s education is at risk. But this lady is bat-shit insane. Ohh yesss, the controversial subject of not only sex, but sex education. I remember my first class being in fourth grade, and I couldn’t think straight for a week. Then it seemed like it happened every week until I was in high school. It’s like the school could not shut up about sex because they knew everyone around them was having it.

Moving on, the problem with sex education is the fact that it is missing the educational part. They want to show you every disease, every pregnancy statistic, every colored condom and literally every documentary about why sex is wrong. So what do all the little children talk about even more? Um, sex. You just intrigued us and put a magnifying glass over it. I’ve always said that the problem with about 90% of educators is they do not make themselves culturally aware, and prepared to get on these children’s level. To be a successful educator, in layman’s terms, you have to stay hip in a way. You take a subject, and put it on their level using their language, and talking to them as though they are your own children. You get on their level.

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Recently, I went to a local junior high to discuss Native American activism and history. Thats something that could easily put anyone to sleep. Using their language, how they would talk to friends, getting their attention, making them laugh…it was ridiculously fun. And when I heard them talking amongst themselves “Ooo, I like her attitude” then I knew I did something right. People say it’s because I’m young, which yes is true. But honestly people, all these kids need is sincerity. They are exposed to so much more than you were ever exposed to at their age. They have real questions, and are going to need real answers.

They need to learn about real life sex. What it’s about, why its awesome, and why it’s a responsibility. They DO need to see the risks of STD’s (that are actually most of the time invisible – but we forget to mention that part and just show them nasty pictures) and they do need to see what raising a kid looks like. Not pushing it out, but rather than what it’s going to take. They need to be shown the responsibility behind the act.

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Then you have crazy-ass bitch bags that sit in like this. Why do I disagree with her?

1. She sat in on the class in the first place, among these children creating a stressful, and a harassed filled environment for the educators. I would’ve kicked her ass.

2. She has no earthly idea what other parent’s prefer their children hearing. I know its high school, but when you are publicly screaming “fuck” in front of my kid at another adult (giving an example of what a high school student would do instead of an adult) I have a fucking problem. Oops, did I say that? I may have a dirty mouth, but you best believe it’s cleaned up in public.

3. She’s a word twister. The guest speaker (who made a bad choice of words) made an example of “if a girl is saying she wants to wait and says no, then that is the girl you want.” I think all of us sane-people know what this means. But her crazy ass thinks he’s promoting rape. “Saying no really means saying yes!!” is what she is proclaiming. Realllllllyyyy bitch?

4. She doesn’t just encourage sex education, she encourages it period. Dude, really? Yes. Let them know its pleasurable, that it’s awesome, its normal to have…desires. Aside from that, these are still kids. They can look grown up, and feel grown up things, but they cannot execute them properly. They usually don’t want to, or can’t go to a clinic to get checked, they cannot raise a child, and they sometimes even throw bitch fits about buying condoms. Oh, but  have all the sex you want! Why should you deny yourself? You can’t get pregnant with oral or anal sex!!! Thats what she is wanting to tell your children.

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Bottom line, she wanted to make headlines (and she did) unfortunately while flaunting her knowledge. She is a Sex professor, and wants to teach everyone only the good points. I see why she does if it’s something she’s passionate about enough to get a degree in. But with this subject, especially with KIDS, they do need to see the bad. They do need to see the life changing decisions behind one what seems like a simple one. Ok lady, stick to the older crowds who probably have given up on their sex lives, or maybe some college kids that need to learn further about the subject.

But stay the hell away from everyone’s children.

Song of the Week is Combination of the Two by Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company. SCREAM IT OUT Y’ALL!!



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