Feminism; Not Just for Females.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping (because what other kind of shopping is so exciting?!) and found a shirt that I immediately made mine. “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” We all know that Haley is a feminist because a long time ago I decided to start playing on my own team. Now before we make this a man-hating session, lets quickly establish what feminism actually is and what all you “Women against feminism” and “feminism haters” have made it.

feminismShirt by Wicked Clothing

Feminism is for everyone; It’s not just a vagina squad yelling about the injustices done to them, and how all of these injustices were committed only by men. Feminism is taking a stand for women’s rights, and realizing that they are people. Your girlfriend? She’s a person. Your mom? She’s a person. Your daughter, sister and nieces? They are people. Just because they don’t have a dick doesn’t mean they should be treated any less. If you agree with that paragraph, then yes you are a feminist. And that word, feminist, something people seem to have tainted; it’s not a bad word. It’s merely summing up where you stand on a hefty issue instead of explaining everything that defines it.

feminism3No, no, no! She’s such a whore for choosing the “easy way out!” Despite how many people cannot have kids because of other dangerous medical reasons…

I read the other day that women not being paid the same, and that “rape culture” is all a myth; It doesn’t exist, and that women are as equal as they believe themselves to be. “Ahh, slavery never existed. Blacks were as free as they believed themselves to be.” Yea, you make yourself sound like an ignorant jackass when you say that, whether you are a man or a woman. Sex slavery, and women being traded into it is still a very real thing. Women not being paid as much is still a very real thing that people continue to prove. Women being put into positions that make them weaker, or sex objects is still a very real thing (cue the Fifty Shades of Shit battle.) Get online, start researching, or just walk outside the fucking door and its easily everywhere. After all this time we are still raising generations to think women do put themselves underneath a man. The only time they belong underneath a man is in a consensual missionary position, of course. It is equally important that not only women believe, but men as well believe and act on the notion that women are equals, and important.

Now the women who just think it’s all about man hating; NO. How else can I put it? Feminism isn’t about hating men, because despite my thoughts on equality I still have awesome men in my life that support me. How can I put it simply; why are you giving any type of damn (outside of the bedroom) what is in anybody’s pants? Men are not all lazy assholes. Yes, a lot are because the world is progressing towards the end. Women are not all psychotic contradicting bitches. Yes, a lot are because the world is progressing towards the end. It’s your job to sort through the shitty pile of people and stop blaming them for whats in their pants.


I need feminism because first I am a woman, and want to respect myself. Second, I am a young, fertile woman that happens to have a fatal disease with an eighty-five percent mortality rate with woman who become pregnant with this disease. A disease that also does not allow these women to be on birth control because of the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes that us patients already have. I need feminism because of the massive risk that maybe one day I will get pregnant, not because I’m a careless whore, but because I love someone. Despite the children of mine I want to become a mother to, I will have an abortion so that I may continue to live MY life, because that abortion is my choice. I need feminism so that I may have a safe abortion, free of judgement despite the already ridiculous emotions I might be feeling with that decision. My life is my choice. I choose equality, and freedom.

Feminism is about recognizing that women are people; it’s not a big scary liberal riot like you are making it out to be. We are not your “fuck holes”, sex slaves, BAE, or anything else. We are your equal. We are equals, and we deserve just as much respect. That is feminism, ladies AND gentlemen.

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