The Secret to Living a Better Life.


When having conversations with not only adults lately, but youth as well, my ears were assaulted at how many “I cant’s” and excuses fell out of their mouths. Not only were they limiting themselves, but limiting their life experiences…and it made me die a little inside on what life experiences they choose to miss out on. So many people these days build up “Pinterest Boards” of things to do, see, and make these fake bucket lists. Fake? Yes, fake. Because when it comes down to getting shit done, you make an excuse. We all watch these fabulous travel movies, or “Remember the Titans” and get all inspired to try new things, and be accepting of other races…yet the next day you refuse to go to the “sketch” side of town to have those awesome enchiladas, and you still curl your nose at the thought of someone having different colored skin. This is not only a problem making you adults look like the exact ass you present yourself to be, but you are raising your children to be little asses too; closed-minded ass-like families. “Well that’s a little harsh” – Yea, well I’m a little tired of it.


You see, life experiences do not come out of routine. Learning, and growth do not develop from comfort, but from pushing the limits. Anthony Bourdain is a huge inspiration to me because he is the living example of this. No, don’t pray to get famous, and be a travel show host, but what is so different about him goes beyond this “food network” image. He is not just trying new dishes, he’s talking to the locals, learning new customs, and genuinely interested in what is going on around him. Because he’s been ran off, and almost died in most countries (and sacrificed those not pleasant experiences) he has had the privilege to see things most would never see in a lifetime, taste things we’ve never heard of, met beautiful people who fight everyday to live a normal life, and in return he is living a truly beautiful life. For all the uptight Christians out there, do you really think this Jesus that you talk about all the time didn’t venture to the other side of town? Do you think he did what he was supposed to do by remaining closed-minded? Your “religion” gives you no excuse.

A beautiful life with one of kind experiences does not happen at a party college. It does not happen throughout your daily routine, and about ninety five percent of the time it doesn’t happen when you are doing what everyone else is doing. Stop raising your children within these mental walls. It happens by stepping outside the red lines that society put up to keep you guarded, and expanding your mind into consistently adapting and loving everything you could possibly learn. Never stop learning. It is a true gift to live the actual meaning of an open-minded individual with a life full of blessings. Yep, you are going to feel like an against the grain loner about seventy percent of the time…and its the most freeing feeling in the world.



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