Fifty Shades of Shit.

I’m so tired of hearing that anyone who doesn’t like this book, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is an uptight Christian. Well, I as well as all of my friends can tell you I’m probably the complete opposite. I don’t go to church, I flip people off, I drink, and I’ll just stop there because you should get the point. While we wont get into my Native beliefs about my Creator, we will just focus on the facts and fall out that this book is already in the process of causing. I know what I wont be doing on Valentines Day…excuse me for having a little moral fiber!

Just about every young person my age and older kept stopping me only to say, “You should really read this book!” I was in the middle of reading “Looking for Alaska” by John Green, and when I read what Fifty Shades of Grey was about, I sat it right back down. You see, the further we progress into the future, and the more new ideas that are introduced, we can either open our minds to them or object them. Is this something that we’ve become numb to? So do we just accept it, or is it something that the economy is trying to make us think is okay because we’ve progressed so far? Tattoos for example; this was a hell no thing even in my mother’s era. By the time I was ten, we were planning our future tattoos, and sticking fake ones all over our body. Over the years people have become more accepting of tattoos because of how numb we’ve become to this art, and opened our minds to its beauty when done correctly. Before I put the real ink on my body, I asked myself, “Am I numb to the realities of this, or is this still wrong?” Seeing as how this ancient form of art has been around longer than us, and I really don’t think my creator will hate me over a few words put onto my body, I’m good. But when fifty shades of grey was published, I caught myself again. We make excuses like, “Come on! Its two thousand fifteen!” I don’t give a damn. I will never succumb myself to being weaker than I am for a mans pleasure. Kiss my ass, yea, except don’t touch me at all.

kittyYa never know what Christian may do next!

What cracks me up about this whole thing is we have so many “fake feminists” running around these days. Man-haters, woman power, and they will be the first ones to protest about their maternity leave, and Rape culture that is growing. Yet, all these books are sitting on their shelves? You are a walking, talking, selfish, and loss of power contradiction. You gave money to the rape culture, honey. “Just because I like a sex book doesn’t mean I support rape.” Yes, actually, yes it does when it comes to this book. Psychologists have studied this Christian Grey person calling him the true American Psycho. This woman wrote about a man who controls her every move, stalks her, has her sign contracts, pushes her sexually, physically, mentally and goes so far to the point they have to create a “safe” word when the pain becomes too much? Seriously women? In the simplest of words; Wake the FUCK up. When you have to create “safe” words, I’m guessing whats going on isn’t safe. “How about kneeing you in the nuts, Christian? Oh, was that too far honey? Should’ve used your safe word!” Annatasia is the typical low self-esteem girl who is now being tied up, and fucked, because she was being so “wooed” with stupid materialism, and controlling tactics to make her think that she should accepting of this behavior. She was too dumb to be strong, and form her own opinion; We’ve all been her at one point…and we end up stronger, better off or battered, and dead. Hmmm, now that’s true romance.


Moving on; this isn’t just about the scary sex. The mental side to this book, what it’s promoting, and what it will do to our future generations? Did we ever stop to think about that? What happens when your impressionable thirteen year old daughter (or son) is digging through Mom’s cabinets (because who else did this when she wasn’t home?) and finds this “fifty shades of grey” pushed towards the back? Now to them, leather, whips, name calling and stalking is love; its romance, its cool. Now your daughter might let the unstable boyfriend beat the shit out of her in bed because she’s “totally into that thing” and it “spices things up.” Or your son might be the one doing that to someone’s daughter. Man, you should feel proud.


For all of you bored housewives who just invested in this to “spice things up” – you have bigger problems. I believe in a good marriage, and a good sex life on top of that. Sex is about two people being intimate, being together, and exposing not only everything emotionally about themselves but physically about themselves. You need to fix your marriage emotionally if the sex is boring, not go buy chains for the bedroom. You are putting barriers in between you and your partner; he could have this cheap sex with anyone…like the porn stars for example. I’m so glad you lowered yourself to that level. As much as I love American Horror Story, my bedroom will never resemble the set. If this was just for you, and for “your pleasure” then you are in fact a typical selfish human being. I should bound and gag you, and take you to a women’s shelter, and show you the battered women who bought into this new sex culture too, and are now unfortunately paying for it.

Christian Grey is not romantic; he is psychotic. Sadist Masochism and Domination is not romantic; its dangerous and it used to land people in prison (and sometimes still does.) Would you want your daughter being tied up? Would you want your son controlling some other female’s every move? Would you be proud of that? I know that as a human being, and what I have been created to be that I will always be better than this. I will never have to lower my dignity, or power in that bedroom to enable someone else to help both of our “pleasure.” I know that true romance is about loving someone else, and trying new things doesn’t include me (or him) getting hurt. Maybe it involves a change or scenery or lingerie, or how we are connecting emotionally. Yea, that sounds pretty lame doesn’t it? Well, I’m sorry it doesn’t live up to your rape culture bedroom standards. As for me, I’ll stick to my John Green book, because this man seems to comprehend a true understanding of not only the art of writing, but of love too.

alaskaThat looks like true love and romance to me; and someone I’d rather be with.

Stop pouring your money, time and energy into this horribly written book and movie. That is all.



2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Shit.

  1. Well-stated, Haley. I agree with you completely. Terrible writing, disturbing plotline. I picked it up at Hastings over a year ago and opened it to a random page. The author’s writing is cheesy and geared toward a 3rd grade reading level. She must’ve seen Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video and run with it, using her limited vocabulary and nonexistent knowledge of true literature to draft that crap. I didn’t even finish reading the page. Normally, I’d say, “At least they’re reading…”. But this is different. If women buy into this, sexual revolution=lost. I knew no specific details of the book before your blog post and am proud of you for speaking up about it. I have limited knowledge of S&M and am far from “uptight Christian.” Submitting to acts such as those crosses the line over into sexual dysfunction. I don’t care what some psychologists say…if both people want to do it, it is still dysfunctional. Some sexual partners like to take a piss on each other too–still doesn’t make it okay.

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