Parental Skills, or Lack There Of.

Mondays have the reputation for notoriously being an issue. Seriously, why can’t there ever just be an easy Monday?

After working with parents so much in so many different environments, you come to the realization that they are life savers, or they suck the life right out of you. I cant help but witness a whole new generation of “Defender Dads” and “Monster Moms” rising from the shadows as this very “babied” environment is getting worse. We don’t raise our children these days…we baby them. You know its correct. Why all these attitudes, out of control teens, and kids who don’t want to accomplish anything?! Because you didn’t do your job. No, I’m not a parent, and it sounds like one hell of a mess to raise a kid. You never really know if you did your “job” correctly, I guess, but your behavior certainly influences what theirs will soon become.


Going to the doctor’s office for our shots was a dreaded trip, but we were given the stern talking to before. “You can bring a stuffed animal, you can shed a tear, and look away from the shot. If you scream, punch, run, or disrespect the nurse in any way, you’re going to need another shot for your pain.” Ohh, that sounds so mean. Um, no, it’s what is right. So many kids these days are crying just standing on the scale, and these aren’t babies…they are five to ten-year olds. Sometimes the nurses are holding down teenagers who are cussing them out…over a shot. Are you kidding me. Where are the parents? Why are they saying, “Its ok!” while grabbing three suckers to get their kid to calm down? Finally, a mom the other day made an office member hold her twelve month old while she held her eight year old son down while he screamed (like a scene from the exorcist) getting a shot. After that? She blistered him, and apologized to the poor nurse. She was not mean, she was not a child abuser; she was right. Finally! A gift from God! A parent who wants her child to not be a child his whole life! A parent who wants a child to still have to take spelling tests in the first grade, so he can actually write an essay one day successfully instead of talking in bingo language. U kno wut i mean tho? You should stop babying your children into thinking this type of behavior is okay. It is okay to fear a needle, or other things in itself; it is not okay to act a fool in attempt to display the fear. NO.

As a child grows, these issues move into other area’s of their life where parents love to step in. Dating, friend circles, and kid organizations. You know exactly what I mean. The kind where the kid cannot stand alone, because its mother or father is up there the next day to raise hell about a wrong doing. There is a time and a place to yell about a wrong doing to your child; when their safety (mentally or physically) is at risk, or actual bullying. I remember lots of girls attacking me in a ballet class because I was granted a solo song entirely of my creation for a recital. I had been dancing a good nine years, competed in Dallas, multiple training and summer seminars, and I was pro by ten years old you could say. I didn’t want to stand out, but I did earn my solo. You would think with my coming home, and yelling at my mom about how awful these girls were treating me that she would run straight to the director, or the moms themselves and tear them in two; You’d think my dad would too? No. They sat back, and they observed. That was my court, I had to choose exactly which move to make, and how to handle myself. It was my problem to deal with. It pissed me off, but looking back I’m glad not to be embarrassed with the rep of one of “those parents.” They taught me to stand me own ground, and to fight by myself. It showed me what an ass I could be, what I screwed up, and it also taught me right from wrong; It taught me how to fight smart.

dropdeadBecause the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous is totally relevant right now.

These days you have those parents that step over their children, who don’t even earn a say anymore. The parents will take care of everything for them, will fight, will bicker, and you’d think they were in high school themselves. They fight children for their own, instead of coming together to provide what is best for the children in general; Monster Moms and Defender Dads. They are up in everyone’s business making sure everyone’s business becomes their own. They are not cool; they are destructive people who take good things to a considerable halt. They are dangerous within our society, and yes, I know you’ve read articles like where the mom killed the head cheerleader so her daughter could have it. These people are mentally insane, but I see the disease spreading like wildfire in a society where children stay children their whole lives; Children raising children.


Your child will be strong when it learns to fight its own battles, when they come back with scrapes, and bruises society left upon them. It sucks, this gritty world, and despite your overcompensating behavior, you will not protect them instead you will enable them. They will learn what is right by trying it themselves. Raise your children, and step away. Let them grow out of that child when the time is right, because I’m tired of seeing such a society built upon pity.

Thats all. Song of the Week is How Still My Love by the one and only Stevie Nicks. Also, check out the CONTEST and PARTICIPATE. 😉



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