My Drugstore Skincare Routine.

Our skin is constantly changing, and maybe one day you reach that miracle point where you know what it wants, and how to maintain it. Possibly in another two years you have to change it again, because this giant organ is ridiculously complicated in my eyes.


For a long time I didn’t give two craps about my skin, and it showed, but never to the point it bothered me. I had my few breakouts, but fell asleep in my makeup nightly. This fall, a very long and gruesome set of breakouts would not go away. My skin was rough, oily, pimply and I about had a mental breakdown. My skin went through a change where no longer could I just not care. I had to get active, and try products! You can do exactly what I do, and it may not work. I tried something that Claire Marshall loved, and it made no difference for me. Everyone’s body and skin is different, so no, I’m not swearing by this. But these simple, and affordable products have my skin under control. Yes, I still get my blemishes, but they are much more controllable and in less quantity. Let me also stress how important it is (like everyone else does) that you don’t sleep in your makeup. This skin care is pointless if you do because that is beyond damaging.

skincare1You really need to invest in makeup remover wipes! Even these things are not going to get everything off of your skin, but still help a lot when it comes to getting most of the makeup off. I’m using equate (because of the price), and they seem to be working out well. I tried ELF’s brand, however, it burned my face. I already have sensitive skin, so no.


skincare2Now after getting off most of the makeup, dirt and other things that are superficial on your skin you have to really get in there and clean it. This Biore charcoal cleanser has been nice, and I love how fresh it feels. The only problem I have is it is a little intense and can dry my skin out. Usually I just cleanse with my hands, or a couple of times a week I exfoliate with my Ulta exfoliating spin brush. Yea, don’t use your exfoliating brush (especially a knock off – they tend to be rougher than the Mia’s) every night. You are going to damage your skin, or irritate it.


skincare3Now, after cleansing and drying I tone my face. Rumor has it this is good for people who have oily skin (I do) and I love this stuff! It feels really good on my skin, its easy to apply. It’s amazing to see what still could be on your face after removing makeup, and cleansing it. Also, for this step I really suggest a clean surface to apply it with, so cotton pads or balls are the best, then rinse as the directions would say.


skincare4Have some spots that need a little extra attention? Then use this for that spot. The biggest mistake I have is smearing this across a generalized area, then it dries it out like crazy. Lets not do that.


skincare5As if It doesn’t seem like you’ve done enough, it’s so important to hydrate your skin after purposefully drying it out. I’ve been using this collagen filled remodeling cream for almost three weeks now, and I am in love with it! It’s very hydrating so I’ve been able to use it daily. Also, collagen is extremely good to put back into your skin. The difference this has made blows my mind. The overall quality of my skin has improved with this miracle cream. The coloring, texture, wrinkles…everything. I don’t know what it could do to yours, but I highly suggest it. Also, it smells pretty nice. 🙂

Well there ya have it loves! It’s a cheap routine, but overall it’s worked pretty well for me. I’m enjoying how my skin feels and looks so much better than before. Yes, I still have some slight spots because my skin is still skin, but I’m much happier. I think when that reflects through your face, its pretty awesome.


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2 thoughts on “My Drugstore Skincare Routine.

  1. Hi Haley,I just was asking about you on FB last week. I am hoping that you were busy with friends and family. I enjoy your blog posts and your post about your heritage as well as your PH posts. I def need to get those make up remover wipes although I only wear make up when I leave the house, LOL

    Hope you have a Blessed New Year and got some rest.

    Hugs, Jen

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