Six Tips on Being a Prepared Patient.

Sooo, working in a doctor’s office has been interesting to say the least. Well I definitely don’t see myself doing it for very long, there have been a few positive take-aways especially with me being a lifetime patient. Sooo being on the other side of that counter, here are a few tips to make your Doctor appointments go more smoothly.



“Do you have a copay?” “I don’t know.” “Are you trying to meet a deductible?” “I don’t know.” “Do you know anything?” I cannot stress on how important this is. I was definitely that patient for a long time who didn’t know jack squat about insurance, nor did I care. Then I got a bill in the mail for almost seven hundred dollars…yea. There are so many people who don’t know what they have, or why they have it. Are we supposed to know with our fancy computers? Not exactly, because there are hundreds of different versions of just Blue Cross Blue Shield with a hundred different mailing addresses. Can you imagine all the other insurances? Maybe within getting to know your insurance plan you will find exactly where you might be getting ripped off too. Just a thought.



Mainly in reference to number one, but seriously. I know you didn’t plan on getting sick, and spending twenty-five or forty dollars. But at least plan on picking up some cash, or bringing your health savings card. After seeing how hard doctors work, yes, they kinda do still need to get paid.



The person that picks up the phone is most likely a secretary, receptionist, or an office assistant of some kind. The nurses are in the back with patients, so there is no need to tell them your life medical story of what has been going on the last week. We may seem rude to cut you off, but we need just the basics to hurry up and get your message into the nurse quickly so that she can be the one to listen, and figure out what to do. It’s not that we don’t care, or don’t think it’s an emergency, but we can literally do nothing for you other than hand it over to the nurse.



No, we did not all take medical terminology, I get that. But telling me that you have been feeling “blah” tells me absolutely nothing. I need details of what exactly is happening in what area. Yes, its graphic sometimes because it’s the medical field. Can you imagine how a gynecologist feels?



If you need to make a list of questions in a spiral notebook for your doctor, I would prefer you do that. Receptionists cannot give any medical advice, so don’t get mad when we don’t answer with anything but, “The nurse will have to tell you that.” We’re not rude, we just don’t want to get sued. Don’t ask a nurse, or Tech a diagnosing related question. Why? Because they have to be a doctor to diagnose you. They aren’t rude, they just don’t want to lose their job. Before I ever knew this I asked my sonogram tech the day I was getting diagnosed what she saw, and what was wrong. She quietly ignored me while answering, “well I’m just getting some pictures of your heart and the doctor will tell you.” I thought it was weird, but she handled it gracefully.



Yep, Doctors don’t always run on time. Not because they stopped for a latte in the morning (maybe they did) but in the meantime, they’ve had stitches come in, a patient had a heart attack, so on and so so forth. Your doctor’s appointment might take two hours, and you should know that risk when going in.

I hope this clears things up a bit on what is really going on behind the scenes of your phone calls, and visits. While it may be a frustrating part of life, doing your part to fix a few bumps in the road will help that greatly. Don’t forget to check out the new CONTEST under the contest tab, and the New SONG OF THE WEEK!




The War on Warbonnets.

While scrolling through my Instagram out of boredom, I noticed a local boutique wanting to find a blogger to promote their clothing. Instantly, I thought about reaching out, and just as quickly as I reached excitement, I was reminded that it might feel a tad bit like I was selling my soul. Why? Because the type of clothing they sell. This summer I got the idea that I would walk around Dillard’s, and take photos of any clothing that had Native American designs or inspiration. I got tired after I hit about thirty; that’s a problem. You’re using Thunderbird’s, “Aztec prints” which are really symbols used on our regalia, and after a while you realize you can’t fight everything. But there is one line in fashion that stores, hipsters, and others are continuously crossing…Warbonnets.

warbonnet“Whats that?” It’s that “chief headdress” on your shirt, in your picture, and what cheap replica you’re wearing on your head during a festival. Lets back up a bit, and discuss the exact cause and history on this very controversial, yet continuously ignored topic.

You see, a genocide happened right here in America. You flip open your history textbooks and they present numerous pages on what Hitler did, and to us that’s the only one we really remember. They skim over what they did to the people who were here because they know they’re guilty. I have little to no memory of ever discussing Native Americans in history class. This government was built upon genocide, I mean seriously, they put their effin’ faces on the sacred Black Hills that they stole, and wanted to sell back to us. Um, yea. Mount Rushmore? No. We really did try to get rid of anything in this country that wasn’t white. Don’t get offended if you’re white, you can’t help it, it’s just the facts.You can try to deny that all you want to, but the blood this country tried to build itself on has forever stained the ways of people now; and it’s not all great. Why is Native Culture so small? Because in the simplest terms, it was wiped the heck out.

woundedkneeWhy yes, they are standing over dead Natives.

So after this ignored American Holocaust against Indigenous people, a majority of American people who refuse to learn the culture are all about wearing it? Natives have been dehumanized so much. You take what we wore as spiritual clothing, and turned it into a successful yet cheap design for your boutique? You took a very sacred headdress, one many were denied to wear, and made it a costume? It’s not cool, its not nice, and it shows how much you know; nothing. I hear the people say, “I don’t mean it that way, I just thought it looked cool.” I think warbonnets are beautiful too, but I’m still not allowed to wear one. Our Native ancestors were punished for wearing them…but you get to? Nah. See, those headdresses were earned, just like certain military metals are earned; I don’t just get to wear one because they look cool.


What can you do to help? First things first; stop supporting it. Yes, some of those shirts, and jewelry pieces are super “cute”, but don’t give in to culture appropriation. Second; do your research. Watch a documentary, get online, watch a Pow Wow video and see this culture for yourself. Maybe then when you see that these “Indians” are real, and not a fashion statement, you will gain an understanding. Third; make it known. Put it on Instagram, comment why it’s not cool, share your knowledge. You don’t have to be rude, but you do have to be brave. Lastly, if you love turquoise, moccasins, or beaded jewelry then find a Native Artist and support them. They are the real deal honey, and your every dollar counts.

Bottom line; this culture is not a trend. It’s very real, and I’m tired of fake turquoise, and crazy fake Warbonnets that have nothing to do with war, but only bad fashion. Rise up, and speak out.

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My Drugstore Skincare Routine.

Our skin is constantly changing, and maybe one day you reach that miracle point where you know what it wants, and how to maintain it. Possibly in another two years you have to change it again, because this giant organ is ridiculously complicated in my eyes.


For a long time I didn’t give two craps about my skin, and it showed, but never to the point it bothered me. I had my few breakouts, but fell asleep in my makeup nightly. This fall, a very long and gruesome set of breakouts would not go away. My skin was rough, oily, pimply and I about had a mental breakdown. My skin went through a change where no longer could I just not care. I had to get active, and try products! You can do exactly what I do, and it may not work. I tried something that Claire Marshall loved, and it made no difference for me. Everyone’s body and skin is different, so no, I’m not swearing by this. But these simple, and affordable products have my skin under control. Yes, I still get my blemishes, but they are much more controllable and in less quantity. Let me also stress how important it is (like everyone else does) that you don’t sleep in your makeup. This skin care is pointless if you do because that is beyond damaging.

skincare1You really need to invest in makeup remover wipes! Even these things are not going to get everything off of your skin, but still help a lot when it comes to getting most of the makeup off. I’m using equate (because of the price), and they seem to be working out well. I tried ELF’s brand, however, it burned my face. I already have sensitive skin, so no.


skincare2Now after getting off most of the makeup, dirt and other things that are superficial on your skin you have to really get in there and clean it. This Biore charcoal cleanser has been nice, and I love how fresh it feels. The only problem I have is it is a little intense and can dry my skin out. Usually I just cleanse with my hands, or a couple of times a week I exfoliate with my Ulta exfoliating spin brush. Yea, don’t use your exfoliating brush (especially a knock off – they tend to be rougher than the Mia’s) every night. You are going to damage your skin, or irritate it.


skincare3Now, after cleansing and drying I tone my face. Rumor has it this is good for people who have oily skin (I do) and I love this stuff! It feels really good on my skin, its easy to apply. It’s amazing to see what still could be on your face after removing makeup, and cleansing it. Also, for this step I really suggest a clean surface to apply it with, so cotton pads or balls are the best, then rinse as the directions would say.


skincare4Have some spots that need a little extra attention? Then use this for that spot. The biggest mistake I have is smearing this across a generalized area, then it dries it out like crazy. Lets not do that.


skincare5As if It doesn’t seem like you’ve done enough, it’s so important to hydrate your skin after purposefully drying it out. I’ve been using this collagen filled remodeling cream for almost three weeks now, and I am in love with it! It’s very hydrating so I’ve been able to use it daily. Also, collagen is extremely good to put back into your skin. The difference this has made blows my mind. The overall quality of my skin has improved with this miracle cream. The coloring, texture, wrinkles…everything. I don’t know what it could do to yours, but I highly suggest it. Also, it smells pretty nice. 🙂

Well there ya have it loves! It’s a cheap routine, but overall it’s worked pretty well for me. I’m enjoying how my skin feels and looks so much better than before. Yes, I still have some slight spots because my skin is still skin, but I’m much happier. I think when that reflects through your face, its pretty awesome.


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The Life You Were Meant to Live.

My lungs lately have been their normal yet cooky selves, and taking a deep breath has been somewhat easy. However, I feel like I’m suffocating. After much thought, discussing, and research I found out the exact cause of what has been leaving me lifeless. What will I do to fix it? Well that is not so easy.

Many of you are about to roll your eyes, but please stay with me. I (as we all know) am very proud of my Native heritage and beliefs. Its lead me to feel things I have never felt spiritually anywhere, and I’ve met some amazing people while appreciating a culture that is dying out, and trended on. The more I’ve studied it, the more I’ve been able to understand a little bit more about life and our place exactly in it. Not only our place, but our creators, and mother earth’s place as well. What does this have to do with suffocating?

Well, before being forced into conforming Natives lived their life as they pleased, but with hard work and beautiful results. Many of you stand around in museums admiring their regalia (clothing), lifestyle, and even try to portray them on Halloween (shame.) There is a reason why you do it; its beautiful. But it wasn’t just a costume; it was their life. A Native way of life meant doing what you loved. You weave baskets? You hunt? You can skin animals? Great. Thats what you will do. We’ll all trade as one community to keep everyone alive, warm, and happy. We’re doing what we love together, while providing. We will pray to our creator, we will dance to honor the animals that gave their lives and bodies for ours, to thank our creator, and we will appreciate everything in existence given to us. The mountains, the rivers, the wildflowers…yes. That was life. That should be life. But now, many of us are forced into nine to five jobs to figure out a way to pay for these extravagant things America has forced upon us. Overpriced educations, insurances, the cost of disease, and so many others. We justify this by, “I work this job to pay for a life outside of it.” What good is it if ninety percent of it is spent at this job, and only ten percent is life? There is no life.

We are run down, over-tired, out of touch with the basics and important things in life Americans. We have forgotten family on holidays; it’s now just a time to trample others and get great sales. We make big extravagant ways to show that we love a God that we don’t study, or know, yet we can’t even love the people that we do know. We are medicated, unhappy, and out of touch with our ways people. I think our elders saw this within colonization; we would lose our sanity within money.


I’m not saying you should be wearing deerskin, living in a pueblo and be hunting everyday. I’m just saying; the life we were supposed to be living has been taken from you. How come the mountains take your breath away every time? Or the beach? Or the lakes you love? You were meant to be out with nature. How come you hate your job that you think about quitting everyday? You were meant to be using your gifts, and expressing your talents through these. Your love was supposed to extend into praise. Think hard about this; there were no jobs, no insurances, no money, no scary internet where people could find you and kill you. There were no credit scores, GPA’s, age, college degree’s and anything else to define you. You defined you, and so did your character. It was your people, your family, music, the creator, and nature. That was life.

That job you hate? Quit. Find something where you can express your talent. That relationship that’s dead? End it. You want to dance? Dance. Want to paint? paint. You want to go the mountains? Go. Live the life you were intended to live; because right now about ninety percent of the world isn’t.

Song of the week is Indian Summer by The Doors. Beautiful memories come to mind.


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