Haley’s (and Candice’s) Gift Guide!

You have less than ten days to finish the insane task of Christmas shopping. If you’re anything like me, you have no one on your list crossed off. Go us! So, here are some idea’s from mine and my best friend’s perspective on the top best and worst Christmas presents. We’ll start with the worst to help make your decision faster. 😉 Disclaimer: The thought still counts!


1. Knick Knacks that take up space.


I know that ceramic cat is oh so cute, and describes me perfectly, but I probably have ten others. After a while, you run out of shelves, and tables, and wall space and whatever you need to display the last ten Christmas’.

2. Food.


This comes across as a good idea (especially for men), and paired with something else that’s cool, it has potential. But really, as if the holiday weight we gained wasn’t enough? Forget the turkey! Here’s a gift wrapped block of cheese.

3. Christmas Decor.


Thank you for my Santa, snowman, and reindeer entourage…that I now have to put away tomorrow. NO!

4. Lingerie.


If you want to buy her panties that bad, just get her a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. No one wants to watch that awkwardness unfold in public. If it is a private gift? Well now you have to get a family appropriate one too. Also, don’t buy your husband lingerie for his main gift. He still wants something he can use, not temporarily enjoy before it hits the floor.

5. Necessities.


Thanks for all the stuff I could’ve picked up at Walmart. Receiving that deodorant, or razor you’ve been meaning to pick up on the way home is not a present. Shampoo?! POO on that!!


1. Electricals.


Record players, camera’s, phones, curling irons, etc…are all fabulous ideas IF they need it, want it, and don’t already own it. Yes, it’s on the pricey side. Look for a deal! If not, resort to a different idea.

2. Coffee Mugs (with hidden treasures.)


Any one else’s friends and family have caffeine addiction? Oh hell, the whole world does. Coffee mugs are endless fun, useful, and collectables. Instead of just going with only a mug, put a hidden treasure inside. Jewelry, gift cards, package of their favorite coffee…get crazy!

3. Music.


Because music always wins.

4. Shoes


Men like shoes, women like shoes, everybody likes shoes. Shoes. PS – Sizing is easier than clothing.

5. Gift Cards/ Money.


Everybody likes money, and gift cards are actually useful rather than impersonal especially for college kids, or newlyweds who are struggling (well that’s everyone these days.) This can actually make people happy (by getting what they need/want), and by saving you some time. Believe it or not, you are NOT a douchebag for choosing this option.

Well that is all that Candice and I could think of for now. I hope this makes the last minute madness a tad easier!!



Fifty Facts.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I had a terrible weekend, so I think I’m going to unload with a ton of emotional writing on the blog. So lets kick it off with something a little more light-hearted like a post of “Fifty Facts” on myself. Lets see how well this goes.


1. I was named after Haley’s Comet.

2. I hate space.

3. Speaking of space, Tony Nelson is probably the only astronaut to ever have my heart, and I wish I could be Jeannie when I grow up. (If you didn’t get that…shame.)

4. My dream career is to teach, not to be a test-giver, or scorer.

5. The mountains are heaven on earth.

6. I am spiritual, not religious.

7. Studying Native beliefs in a way made sense of how I should be living my life.

8. Rain, and clouds are the most favorite of favorites. I’m not into sunshine.

9. I believe in equality; and yes I’m a feminist, not a man-hater.

10. I’m an old soul.

11. I want four kids, possibly five. Don’t tell me that’s too much, I’ll figure it out myself.

12. Rocco Ricardo is my love.

13. I don’t seek a relationship, or marriage. What will happen, will happen organically.

14. I believe in mother nature’s healing.

15. If you don’t like my music, it will be difficult to get a long with you.

16. You cannot understand the creators love for you if you do not understand how to love the people you can see. I believe in loving people.

17. Throw your beliefs onto me, and I will throw you out of my life.

18. Disrespect me once, and that’s the only chance you had to begin with.

19. I was a trouble maker in high school, not for usual reasons. I just believed in calling it how I saw it which made people mad.

20. Yes, I have severe anxiety.

21. I think I eat grits once a week. Its comfort food. Is that sad?

22. Eggnog latte’s are my favorite holiday drink.

23. Despite my opinions, I am a very open-minded person.

24. I like to adapt.

25. I don’t like labels, or titles, or status’.

26. I’m inconsistent because that’s just how I function, if you can even call that functioning. There is no time management skills in my life, and I own up to that.

27. I love a lot of qualities about my hometown, but I strongly dislike the values and people.

28. I don’t believe in watching the news.

29. I believe its important for your kid to be involved in a physical activity, but an art based one as well. Art is beyond important, and the ability to communicate those underlying talents and emotions. Art is a universal language to be able to sit, communicate, and understand more.

30. I can’t decide on a favorite anything hardly.

31. My mind works two ways; utterly obsessed or completely uninterested.

32. I’m not shy, or moody. I’m just socially selective.

33. I am weird, and I don’t care.

34. I own a record player, typewriter, and eight track table. Yes, they all are used regularly.

35. I have a heated mattress because who survives without one?!

36. I plan to be in New Mexico within five years.

37. Writing is a happy part of my life, and I do it for me.

38. Being a patient with Pulmonary Hypertension gave me a lot of direction, determination, and opportunities. I’m glad they were here, and now I’m ready to move forward.

39. I wrote a book. I don’t know if I can ever publish it because yea…

40. I collect wedding rings (obviously cz.)

41. This is the first Christmas where I’m actually getting into the spirit. I bought a tree for my back living room…

42. I don’t actually know how to correctly play any instrument. I pick them up, and I can play by ear. Its something that my brother, dad and I have in common.

43. I can’t stand people who cannot listen to others opinions. When you walk around believing only what you think is right, or what you know, you live a very close-minded life. How terrible.

44. I am an accessory NUT. I love jewelry, coats, shoes, bags…you name it. Clothes are another nightmare.

45. My favorite part of my job is holding screaming patients down. SO FUN. Sounds terrible, I know. I miss teaching my students, but I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

46. Anything mid-century, or sixties, and I would probably love to own it.

47. Dancing is my favorite. Any type of dancing.

48. I used to never watch anything scary. Now I’m almost through all seasons of American Horror Story.

49. I’m not a very private person. What ever happens, I will tell people; there are no secrets.

50. I’m attempting to enjoy my life, and love me. Its not working out so far.