Happy No Fashion Friday. What?!

I spent most of my day on sixth street, which is Route 66 for all you historians out there. This is not only a source of fantastic shopping (antiques), but inspiration because anyone knows I’m an old soul. Today though amidst my inspiration, I found myself questionable. It really is somewhat depressing to try on all these hats, gloves, and glance at amazing dresses, but to realize that they would sit on a shelf in my home. Why? Because when does this society ever dress up? We wait all year to wear our fancy shoes to the Nutcracker, or some other once in a lifetime event (we don’t even have dance halls anymore; just disgusting “clubs”), so when exactly would I wear these delicate items? What happened to fashion?

This society does not believe in class. Class is something that faded, and took fashion, big band night clubs, talented dancing, and the good times all with it. You see, with class comes respect, and respect for yourself. I can already hear debatable people asking, “How in the hell does looking fancy show respect for myself?” You are a reflection of how you feel. Did you know that everything in this life down to the literal breath you take is art? Really? Yes really. Those lungs were beautifully designed to reciprocate the oxygen your body needs to give you one of the most precious gifts, a breath of life. That is art. That is a masterpiece. Life IS art. Moving on, with this being stated, you are a walking portrait. We can’t help but pin pretty pictures of dresses, and guys cant help but swoon when the “Bond” girl comes on the screen in a ball gown, or when he see’s his prom date for the first time. You see, this is such a rare occurrence these days, seeing people “fancy.” It’s not just women, but men as well. Really guys? You weren’t excluded on this either. Dress up! I don’t know if it’s just the town I live in, but the Sophie shorts, Nike Shorts, pocket tee’s and sandals everywhere? Are you going TO or from a practice? Then I shouldn’t see it. The sweats? Pajama’s? I didn’t know your bed was in this building! No? Then WHY are you dressed for sleep? You see, I am a big believer in if you look good, then you will feel good. Put effort into you, and the effort will show through your actions. Effort doesn’t show with Tinkerbell fuzzy pants in public. I don’t give a shit if it’s at walmart.


It’s so nice to see these ladies in dresses, these men in suits or button ups. SO NICE. It wasn’t a matter of money, occasion, sexual orientation, or time. It was a matter of respect for others, and themselves. We’ve become a society that loves to feed on comfort. Susie Q throws a fit, we don’t spank, we comfort. Little Bobby screams, so we promise a chocolate bar. We’re tired so we wear pajamas, and we also sit on Facebook. We don’t want to cook, so we take the family through the drive through. See? If its work, we want nothing of it.

Think really hard about your laziness, and to what degree its existing at. In all area’s now, society needs one big cleanup, and this week our clothes really bothered me. Get on Pinterest, and get inspired. Lets start changing little things about this day and age one area at a time! I would love to wear hats again, gloves, dresses on a weekday, and even a fur coat. Get inspired, spoil yourself, and respect yourself! Class is the only way.


For those of you who are serious about this, Modcloth is a great way to get started or inspired. I have never seen such true vintage yet new pieces, and shopping becomes such fun on their site. No this isn’t sponsored, but a valid personal opinion. Lets go people!



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