What Are You Doin’ Man? LIVE!

This is about to be harsh. Prepare Thyself.

As I know I sound like I’m ninety saying this, but today’s youth really troubles me. Not necessarily because of how or who they are (well, yes), but because of what we’ve given to them and taken away. It’s what they’re becoming because of that, what side effect they are to our experimentation with socialization. It’s quite literally a disaster.

As seen with such fantastic examples (and classics) like American Graffiti, and Dazed and Confused, socializing back then was an actual event. You had your group of friends, you figured out how in the hell you were going to drive around all night, where you were meeting up, and that is what you did. By being out all night with these actual, real, and human friends, you met other new and interesting humans and probably smoked, and drank with them. You were out until it got blue outside, and OH SHIT, you forgot to wear a watch and its now probably close to four in the morning. Like I said, this socializing was an event. It wasn’t special, it was just normal.


Socializing today happens through a glowing screen that nine times out of ten is horrible for your eyes. And what are we doing? Staring at it, all day and night. We have these virtual “friends” (who we secretly criticize and hate), these virtual “events” we can RSVP to (we seriously never do) and this is your social life. Updating friends on your meals, most important events, daily conversations, and most recent pictures. Socializing is so convenient for us now that when it comes to actually getting out and seeing people, we refuse with excuses as dates with a virtual movie service, Netflix, or sitting on our bed all night watching pointless YouTube videos, or creeping people’s lives…you know you do it. We have made this such a trend that teen’s (and adults) do not want to get out and have fun with people, we don’t want to go dancing, we don’t want to drive around, we don’t want to bowl….we want to sit on our ass. Now teens have all these so-called awesome (actually dangerous) apps to fish through where they send nudes of themselves (that disappear into a virtual world forever), and at my dinner table I don’t see my family and friends….I see people with their phone turned towards their face for a Snapchat. I exploded when I received news that TEENS have their own dating app so they can meet other people. WHAT. They no longer drive around? Meet up at Drive-In’s? Meet at Football games where you always see a new face? Meet at a school dance, or the fair? No. They are meeting through the internet. Are you sick yet? You should be.

Granted, Social Media has done fabulous things for me. It introduced me to new patients, and launched a career I never thought about having. Therefore, I’m grateful for the internet. I learn more on it than it harms my brain. Why? Because I was taught how to use it correctly. We’ve let apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Meet me, Kick me, shoot me, whatever the hell else you can think of, turn our brains into social addicts to fake friends that don’t even care. Its taught us to sit on our ass, and socialize to a world that doesn’t even exist. “It wasn’t so great in real life, but with this edit and awesome caption everyone will think I had a great time. Thirty likes! Yes! I’m so awesome.”

Thats whats happening. In reality we are making ourselves more lonely with all of this “social interacting.” Why? Because it’s not real. When you post that suicidal status on Facebook? The twenty likes, and “praying for you” comments don’t make it better. The friend that picks you up, and stays with you till four in the morning does. There is a time, and a place for the internet, and you need to figure it out, because you are harming yourself. We have harmed our children, their train of thought, and tomorrows leaders. I encourage EVERY kid under the age of twenty to be forced into watching these movies. You know what their response will be? And I quote from the other night, “I never had times like those.” Yea, because you were in your room…Snapchatting.

Get off your phone, and the internet, meet people, and experience the world.

She spoke to me, she spoke to me right through the window. I think she said I love you. That means nothing to you people? You have no romance, no soul? Someone wants me. Someone roaming the streets wants me. Will you turn the corner?-American Graffiti

“If it ain’t that piece of paper, there’s some other choice they’re gonna try and make for you. You gotta do what Randall Pink Floyd wants to do man. Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they’re gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N.”      -Dazed and Confused



Ch-Ch-Ch- Ch-Changes.

I’ve pretty much diagnosed myself with the worst case of writers block ever. I’m not feeling inspiration, a drive, or anything else currently but to instead focus on my book. I really don’t want my blog to suffer (it’s what propelled me into writing) so I am attempting to keep my head above water with all of this. With that being said, some serious changes are coming to the blog.

It’s not just about PH anymore. This topic is what started the blog on issues that everyone overlooks with a disease, from fashion to tattoo’s, doctor appointments, and what not, but now its evolved. As I continue through my daily life, I realize how much more I would like to write about other things. Education, my heritage, other issues that need the spotlight of activism, and even little things like my room and pill bottle organization. YES! It will be synergy between my serious writing, and thoughts, to little daily things that help us progress. I think that, overall, is what I need and what people will enjoy more. I hope these changes are more enjoyable to my readers, and also help me find my inspiration a little better. 😉


With that being said, now we can focus on the book. YES! A Haley Ann book is in the making. However, it’s a young adult fiction book. I will start releasing certain quotes on posts WITH a poll, and you can vote (anonymously) if you liked it! While talking with Colleen Brunetti a couple of weeks ago who is in the process of writing her own book, and it’s already successful, I told her whats stopping me is talking about the book itself. I really don’t want to hype up the book if it’s not worth hyping up, which is why I need your help. You get to be the editor, and audience. So please take time to read, and vote!

Now to wrap up everything, song of the week is The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin because I needed a little classic rock to remind me of song good times with family. What a beautiful piece. I hope you continue to have a lovely week! The next post? Haley’s Room. Prepare thyself.


Two Years!

Happy Monday my loves!

I am trying to get inspired, but right now I’m enjoying some quiet time with Rocco Ricardo to reflect on art, read, and edit my book. Whenever I feel the need to write, I will definitely make a post, and try to this week. In the meantime, thank you to all of you who have made this blog possible. Without your support, curiosity, love, and eyeballs to read this text it would be pointless. So thank you again. Song of the Week will be I only Have Eyes for You by the Flamingo’s. Its very much the ending of summer, and all I can think about is that American Graffiti feeling. What a fantastic song to close with. In the meantime…

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Too Much Pressure.

Hello August! I feel like I’ve made it over a crazy couple months of non-stop on-the-go Haley, and now things are slowing down. More writing, more calm, and more happiness. 🙂

I finally had a two month PH checkup, in which everything is ok except for a high heart rate out of no where, and I’m being referred to a new specialist that is closer rather than going to Houston. Also, I met a new primary doctor to handle all other issues who blew me away with not only his looks (hehe), but him thanking me for choosing him, and taking almost an hour examining me from head to toe to establish me as a new patient. He was very precise, and already knew Pulmonary Hypertension inside-out, and was quite interested that I had it. A PH patient’s whole world is full of pressure. The word hypertension literally means high pressure, high pressure in the lungs, high pressure in the heart, and I also found out that the pressure in my eyes is even high. When my new primary said, “I think we need to check your kidney’s for high pressure” I through my hands in the air with the response, “if there is anything that could ever have a pressure in my body it is high.” He laughed, but I was not as amused.


You see, with all this “pressure” existing within my body, it makes it extremely hard to deal with outside pressure from other unnecessary things and people. Someone said to me to other day, or more yelled, “I know you’re done” and that struck an angry chord. I walk around everyday breathing twice as much as you, with twice the pain, and other everyday issues (like almost passing out from just bending over) and I’m just tired. Why? Because I have a disease that just so happens to have a side effect of chronic fatigue. When everything in my body is built up to functioning on a high level with outside demands, my body sure does reflect “done.” Emotionally, and really, I’m trying not to be done, but my lungs really want to fold themselves in half. Sometimes people really do not comprehend the realities of this disease…but your lungs and heart are a big part of why you are able to read this. When they don’t work right, despite how fine you may look, you really aren’t. People think I’m lazy, people think I exaggerate, but one of my PH friends who is my age (and shares my name) just received a double lung and heart transplant. While being prepped in the hospital she looked damn fine, because it’s an invisible disease. Appearances are deceiving.

Overall, you as a patient, or even just a caregiver, or person will have a lot of pressure throughout life. When its unnecessary, get rid of it, and embrace what truly matters. I’d rather my heart be overjoyed than overworked.

Song of this week! Houdini by Foster the People. Its fun, and perfect right now. Enjoy this week which is the start of a new month!