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Anonymous Haley.

So this has been one crazy week! Its Saturday, right? Tuesday night I had a fever, and some pretty bad abdominal pain that continued into Wednesday. Dad and I decided to go to the Emergency Room, and sure enough it was my appendix. I was admitted, finally had surgery Thursday night, and I’m finally home now. I’ve never been in the hospital for more than eight hours, so this was definitely a new experience.

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While hospitals, needles, and whatever else have never bugged me, this time I was highly disturbed. I’ve never been under anesthesia for a surgery, and this would be the first necessary time. Most people are shocked to hear that I do not want to be under, but its a serious fear of mine. While laying in my bed waiting for over thirteen hours, I tried over and over to tell the surgeon as well as the nurses that my primary doctor needed to be contacted because of my Pulmonary Hypertension. Everyone knows that with PH, and right-sided heart failure, anesthesia is a huge risky deal. Finally, I decided to call him myself in which he immediately, and calmly took action. Thursday evening I was wheeled down to the Pre-Op room in which only my dad was able to wait with me before they took me back. At this point, I haven’t seen my primary, I have no idea if the doctors are actually prepared for me (I know they’re doctors but they still had no idea to what extent PH is), I’m on the edge because I have no idea if I’m coming out of this alive, and anyone who knows me knows I’m going to snap like a twig while watching and judging everything. Let me tell y’all, I had the worst Pre-op nurse in the history of all my visits. Like I’ve stated many times, my dad and mom know exactly what they’re doing especially in this hospital. She was condescending towards them, and I could see the flames shooting out of their eyes which had me extra wired. On top of that little disaster, my sister was telling me by in which we acted our stupid goofy selves that doesn’t include hugging, and the nurse says, “Well if something happens you are going to be sorry you didn’t hug her.” WHO in their RIGHT MIND reminds the patient of death RIGHT BEFORE they are going back? That is horrendous patient care on so many levels that I can’t even go into. Mr. anesthesiologist decides to come back and talk to me in which he asks about my PH, then tells me I look nervous. I answered yes, then he turns to my father who I can tell is getting wired as well and says, “Well you don’t have to be nervous since your daughter’s pregnancy test came back negative.” I am the type of patient where I will do everything myself, because I don’t want my privacy violated. I don’t even let them publish my room number, so when people call, they have no idea where I’m at in the hospital. What a privacy violating, horrifically not funny thing to say to my Dad, and also how degrading to say in front of the patient. I would’ve murdered y’all, but I looked up and saw my primary walk in, and burst into tears because I was so relieved someone with a brain had entered the room. While talking to the anesthesiologist (Mr. not being pregnant is funny) My primary discovered he had the completely wrong medications picked out for me that would’ve clashed with my breathing. Thank God for him showing up, and chewing the guy’s ass. After he talked to me for a little bit, and exited with my father, I was wheeled back, moved to the operating table, and don’t remember a thing.

So after my life story that I just had to tell y’all, I hope you dealt with my complaining. I do not know how people who stay long periods of time do it! I lost all sense of time, privacy, and everything else. However, I had excellent nurses, and nurse techs helping me through everything! Such wonderful people! So my loves, that’s why I’ve been more like anonymous Haley instead of PHenomenal Haley! But I’m back! Thank you to everyone who texted, commented, prayed, sent positive thoughts, and overall showed appreciation towards me. You really learn who your true friends are when they are just as scared as you, and trying to keep track. Thank you so much to people I havent even met who showed support! I felt beyond loved!

Now for a speedy recovery (hopefully) , and that my giant C02 pregnant belly deflates soon. Oh, but I’m not pregnant. Har Har Har. Prepare yourself for a new contest, and a hospital do’s and dont’s post next week!



3 thoughts on “Anonymous Haley.”

  1. First, so glad it all was okay, and you are on the recovery side of your ordeal! Second, I really think you should send a copy of this blog post to head of surgery at your hospital!! Or some kind of rant and rave letter…that nurse should be fired, IMO 😀 Take care!

  2. Ok, I am super livid on your behalf. I’m really, really serious. You need to report the nurse and the anesthesiologist. File a complaint. FYI… if you ever need surgery or a hospital procedure, make sure your pulmonologist and/or your primary care physician is called first. Don’t depend on the hospital to call right away. Hospitals don’t know you or have your full medical record. They use their own doctors unless you have yours called in. Your dad knows medical stuff, right? Next time have him give that anethesiologist hell. You are your best advocate girlfriend. I can’t believe you had a couple of buffoons taking care of you. Thank you Jesus your PCP showed up in the nick of time and saved the day! Are you on diuretics for the belly swelling? I mean if it’s water retention? Get well fast because I don’t like the fact that you don’t feel well still! 🙂 *Hugs*

  3. I’m so sorry for the negative experiences you had while in the hospital! My daughter (who has PH as well) spent 6 weeks at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 3 years ago and I could tell you some interesting stories about things that happened during her stay. While most members of the staff at CHOP are fantastic, we had a few that didn’t quite live up to my expectations. My daughter and I were both SO happy when we finally got to come home. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery from your surgery!

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