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Warning: Adult Content, and Personal Opinions.

Ok, this is about to be a full on opinionated, debatable, harsh, make people mad type of post. If you cannot handle it, or deal with it, then please stop now. I have avoided, avoided, and avoided this post because It should never be the focus of my blog. Negativity should never be the focus, but reality is. The blog has my name on it, and this is my view. The end.
The other day, I found a nasty pin on Pinterest that was the typical “pro life everyone is a murderer” type of pin. My anger got the best of me, and I commented how disgraceful it was. This persons profile of course had a bible verse on her description, as well as all this other “stuff” that immediately made her an identifiable Jesus follower. Except, I can’t call her that. I downright can not call this person a follower of Jesus in my eyes. She can, her family and friends can, but I’m going to tell you why I can’t.
“Well Haley, you don’t KNOW her.” You’re right, I don’t. But by the words she proceeded to type to me, I definitely know where she stands. She said “I hope you seek the mercy you deserve/need” or whatever. This is exactly what is wrong with our world. We are so stuck in our ways, our views, our opinions that we don’t have love, sympathy, or compassion for any other human. I am a pro choice person. There; there is the “ugly” truth. I believe it is in fact your body, and it is no one else’s decision, or a politicians decision on such a personal thing of what you will do with YOUR uterus. With that being said, I think if you have a perfectly capable body to deliver a child, but don’t want it, please consider adoption. People like me would LOVE to adopt. Also, getting rid of safe abortion options, leads to unsafe “back alley” ones. So all in all, I am PRO CHOICE. I am also pro adoption, pro birth control, pro abstinence, pro reality, and pro women’s right to choose.

freedomThis will never be a free country, until these assholes mind their own business.

However, after my Pinterest encounter with this person, apparently all people who are “pro choice” are whores, sluts, and murderers. Even pulmonary hypertension patients that have an 85% mortality rate when they are pregnant. Even the PH patients that have husbands, merely wanted a child, but know her body has a slim chance of making it. Most PH patients die within 35 days of delivery. What about birth control? Oh, we can’t be on that either because we already have a risk of blood clotting, stroke and heart attack on our own. So what are us “sluts” and “murderers” suppose to do? Are we supposed to carry through with this baby because they made it a law, so then we end up leaving a grieving husband and family with no wife OR child?
Bottom line, carrying a child will NEVER be anyone else’s decision except for the mothers uterus it’s in. Oh, and what did the girl on the pin say when I told her our side of the story? “That’s an extremely rare thing that’s even unavoidable.” Oh my. Honey, you are talking to the “rare thing.” I’m sorry about this post. I’m so tired of slut shaming, judgement, and being so stuck that you cannot appreciate people. All you do is turn your nose up, call them names, and tell them they need mercy? Like we don’t feel that enough as a HUMAN? These type of “Christians” have put such a horrible taste in my mouth. I hope the Jesus you are following is a tremendously different Jesus that I’ve heard of, and ever want to follow.
Everyone is SO WORTH LOVING. Just stop. You have your opinions, but you have no mercy, no bible quote, and no ground to stand on when you can look at someone, and call them a slut, and murder without knowing them. I hope you seek the “mercy” you in fact “deserve.” I don’t want to know you. Ever.


6 thoughts on “Warning: Adult Content, and Personal Opinions.”

  1. Oh Haley, you sound a little upset about this. You have a right to feel upset. Unfortunately, but yet fortunately, God took the choice of carrying a child from me because I was born with no uterus. So, HE took that choice from me for a reason that HE saw way before I knew of it. So, I know the pain you feel about not being able to have your own child. I too am Pro-choice. I also feel that we are not put here on Earth to bear judgement on others. It’s not our job. Our job is to love one another no matter how idiotic this woman is. Of course, we can grumble under our oxygen-assisted breath about people who use their faith as a shield to spout horrific things to and about other people.

    Haley, you are sweet girl. I hope you can let this go and realize that there are a lot of people who walk through life with blinders on. *hugs*

    1. Christine,
      I definitely (still am) super upset. Just amazing the people on earth! Lord have mercy. Wow, thats crazy! Exactly Christine. Thank you so much for the support. 🙂 You are a PHantastic friend!! Hugs to you as well!

  2. Haley, you know I love you girl! Thank you for your opinion on this. I too am PRO CHOICE. I believe it’s every woman’s right to make decisions with regard to her body. When I was diagnosed with PH 10 years ago I was a month pregnant. The doctors told me that I would not be able to carry the child to term. I was 35 years old and I knew that it was one of my last chances to have a child. I was completely devastated. My father had passed away the month before my PH diagnosis and now this. Bam! Bam! Bam! Hit by a truck three times in a month. I was in such a daze. The doctors wanted the baby to grow more before they took it from me to “make sure they got it all”. It was just horrible feeling my body change and knowing there was a little one inside me that I’d never know. To this day it’s still a painful thought.

    1. Karen,
      Wow, just wow. What a difficult time in your life. You are a real woman, with real problems, and this is what people need to see are situations like this. I am very happy you were able to make that decision, yet it is a painful one. I can only imagine the emptiness you feel, and can somewhat relate. I am so sorry Karen. Hugs to you, and the pain you feel. However, a loving God would never persecute you for that decision. No “sin” is greater. You are loved and supported. 🙂

  3. You are so right on. Your post was one of the best arguments for a woman’s right to choose. I am a mother of a biological child, now age 38 and an adopted child, now age 31. Everything you said in your post is very true and so right on with the Jesus I have come to know and love. NO JUDGMENTAL person should call herself or himself a follower of Jesus. And yes, I am an ordained person. Rev Maureen L. McGill. I love you. And yes, I have a Ph granddaughter. Consider me your friend forever.

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