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Heart Healthy Week: Thoughtful Thursday.

Oh, this week y’all…we’re going to stay positive!!

Heart Healthy Week: Thoughtful Thursday.

Dont let the goofy title confuse you. I’m not talking about thoughtful as in thinking of others (because you should be doing that anyways), but I’m speaking about your own thoughts…and how powerful just those can be.

The other day I heard someone mention the word reputation, and I think I might have actually twitched. I had either a Clueless or Meangirl flashback. Isn’t that the meanest word you’ve ever heard? Okay, maybe it’s not the absolute worst but still. I had no idea that we still linger on our idea of “reputations” and other people’s “reputations.” GoodNESS.

For the longest time I was a gossip, loved to gossip, and still catch myself doing it. Hello, we all do. However, you can learn to control it and flip your state of mind when it comes to gossiping. Living in a small town word gets around fast, you bump into people who you already somewhat know, but have never even met, and when something happens you want to escape. Why? This so-called “reputation.” Let me just say this, when you reach a point to not care about other people, and their opinions, life is so freeing. Reputation to me just screams scoreboard! Like we’re all walking around with little pens and paper, and keeping tally over who is doing what with who, where that happened, how they are, and how much we can laugh in their mistake. Seriously people? Is the word reputation sounding awful just yet? In December, I kind of had this revelation. No longer will I ever judge a person based on what someone else has told me. I will meet them myself, what they say to me will in turn leave me to my private thoughts about that person. And even then, I have no idea what they have personally been through, what their personal choices are, and it’s not my place to even try to understand that. It’s merely my place to smile, and be supportive. Why? We as humans are called to love people.


Also, has anyone ever thought about spending time alone with your own thoughts? To anyone that has ever gone through anything mentally, that sounds like a terrifying idea. Usually we’re encouraged to stay busy to escape our own thoughts. Lately, its been so refreshing though to just soak in a bath, write, sketch, or lay down with Rocco. I consider this a reconstructive time that I’m going to need the rest of my life. Sometimes when we’re so busy with other people, and clouded with their talking, and their thinking, we really lose ourselves. I know a lot of moms go through this when it comes to our loving families. But, our own bodies, and minds are keeping us going. Sometimes you just need to sit down or go out, and be alone for a while with yourself, and reconstruct your mind or way of thinking for that time. Get into a habit of relaxing into your own thoughts, and it becomes quite peaceful rather than scary…and a process of accepting yourself.

People should be less consumed in their thoughts associated with someone’s “reputation”, or the fact that a “reputation” should even exist. Its called actually learning to love and accept people…which in reality could reflect into accepting yourself. You should never be concerned with scoring others, or even yourself. What a miserable life that makes for not just you…but seriously. When you have medical bills, tubes up your nose or coming out of your chest, pills to swallow…who has time to judge others or you? Think of who you are, and think of other peoples feelings. Relax. Love you, and love others!



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