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Heart Healthy Week: True to Yourself Tuesday.

Second day into Heart Healthy Week! We’ve got this y’all!

Heart Healthy Week – True to Yourself Tuesday.

The other day while scribbling in the days date somewhere, I actually had the most ridiculous moment ever. I questioned for a second whether it was actually 2013, or 2014. Yes, I’m serious. It just seemed like it couldn’t possibly be 2014 already, in fact I remember when 2012 was supposedly doomed. Goodness!

With this all of a sudden being 2014, I don’t see how most of the public still finds it a problem making it over the hurdle of acceptance by others. We are so afraid of these “other people”, and their thoughts. What they are saying, what they are thinking, what they could possibly persuade others into thinking…and I’m totally guilty of it too. It’s amazing how another human being can scare us into the most miserable thing ever; not being ourselves. Within this little reality, comes another ridiculous reality. This is a cycle that will never stop. Children learn to criticize at such an early age, and breaking people down becomes almost a sport to the human race. It provides “great” gossip, “great” laughs, and overall a demented state of life.


I feel as though finally, a part of the human race has risen from this zombie state of mind and stood up for the love of others. I’ve recently discovered a wonderful community called, “So Worth Loving” that has re-established my faith in people. Please check out their wonderful website as well as Instagram. We accept our faults, that we are guilty of these faults too, and it becomes a tricky balance of not being judgmental of judgement itself. Overall, you can’t be a people pleaser. It’s just not possible to please every soul in the room, and when you think you can, you find yourself hurting others to please in reality another human that could hurt you. There are only a couple of people you should love and stay true too. Yourself, and your best friends. The best friends that love you, not the idea of you. The ugly you, not the “only on your good days” you. You have to love yourself, you have to present the real you, and the right people will love you. When you’re fake, you attract fake. Thats why I’ve made it a number one priority to stay myself on the blog, and present the truth no matter how dark and twisty it can be.

Accept yourself, accept others, love yourself, and love others. To quote Sex and The City, “If I gave a damn about what all the bitches in New York City thought of me, I’d never leave my apartment.” Have a lovely Tuesday y’all!



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