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Oh, Happy Day!

Oh my goodness loves. I am sick, for the first time this year. I really just want to sit at home, and write, but having two jobs doesn’t permit that. Ugh…moving on.

Happy Monday I guess! I’ve never really thought about Martin Luther King Jr. Day even though what he did was beyond amazing. It has always just been one of those days where we got off from school, and I had no idea until half way through it that we were celebrating him. I sound awful I know, but its the truth. I was raised into believing that absolutely no one is different from you, despite their appearance. As a result, I had a wide variety of friends that were different races and what not, and I never thought once about it. I still have a wide variety of friends, and now I even work with kids in which most of them are not white. Being raised with that outlook has made me ten times stronger in associating a bond with them, because I love learning about their cultures, and them in general. I couldn’t imagine living in a time period when that would’ve been shamed. Well, I guess I can.

mlk3Wow, just absolutely wow.


Back to the main point. Like I said, Martin Luther King Jr Day just happened to slip by until I saw a post this morning that woke me up. A friend of mine who had extreme trouble getting pregnant (happened to be blessed with her first boy), but could not get pregnant again decided to adopt. She ended up with a beautiful baby girl who just happens to be half black (I think), and she is the cutest thing ever. She is absolutely wonderful, and this multiracial family is just fantastic. With Pulmonary Hypertension, I too one day might be looking at adoption. I too might have a multiracial family, and I will in fact be proud of that. I absolutely love the kids I work with everyday who are different races. No, they are not mine, and if I can love them that much I think I am suited for adoption. Bottom line, I just wanted to say how thankful I am for MLK Jr. because I get to work with these amazing kids. I get to actually talk to them, and love on them, and it’s not a crime. Also, my family one day just might be complete. I am so incredibly thankful.

Also, just a little fun fact. The cover photo on this blog (and where even more pictures were shot in a Fashion Post) just happens to be at an abandoned school in my hometown. This school was shut down in 1972 because it was a predominately “Black” school, and finally integration started to take place making this educational facility not needed anymore I guess. I absolutely love it, it’s a wonderful part of hometown history, its creepy, and it made for an awesome photo shoot. Enjoy the song of the week, Dearest by Buddy Holly. Happy MLK Jr. Day y’all!

stephanieMy friend, Stephanie, in front of Summit. Beautiful building. You can check out my photo shoot pictures around Summit in “Fat Ankle Fashion: Boot Season!”



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