My Immunity Routine.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking how I’ve stayed so healthy this season. Usually I’m posting about how sick I am at the moment, but throughout the digging around on this blog this year, you wont see much of that. With a compromised immune system, usually people like us are the first to get sick, and the last to get well. It’s important to stabilize our immunity if possible, but how?

First off, I did not get the flu shot, nor do I believe in getting the flu shot. The last time I let them inject that into my body I wound up incredibly sick, and stayed that way through January. This year when they offered, I refused. In return? I haven’t been actually sick once. Sometimes my throat might be sore, or maybe a runny nose that doesn’t last more than a day, but hey. How do I do it? Here is my Immunity Routine.

Step one. Coffee. Always Coffee.


Step Two. I take Vitamin D3 for Immunity (and supposedly bone health), B12 because I feel fat, Vitamin C for Immunity, and my prescribed Thyroid pill for my hypothyroidism. All can be found at a local store.


I take one of each except for D3, I take literally three. Why? Because you can take up to five a day, and I guess the more the healthier.


This has been working great for me since July. The only way I plan to enhance it is to add Biotin to it for my hair, and nails. So my loves, I encourage you to step away from the awful flu shot, and take it into your own hands when it comes to maintaining your health. You can do it, the easy way!



2 thoughts on “My Immunity Routine.

  1. Hi Haley! I just wanted to let your readers know what my doctor told me about taking vitamin D3 only because I saw 3 vitamin D3 pills in your picture. I take vitamin D3 because my level of D3 is very low due to taking Tracleer. He has me taking 2 pills of 1000 IU a day. He told me not to take them together because your body can only absorb so much of it at a time and the rest will just flush out of your system. So, it’s better take them spaced apart throughout the day. So, I take one in the morning and one at night. Because I was so low of vitamin D3, I was have serious energy problems. D3 helps that! =o)

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