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Mammal Monday.

I know that title just had to throw y’all off right? Well, this blog is definitely centered on Pulmonary Hypertension, and the life surrounding it, but also it will contain things that move me. No matter what that might be. Like many Americans, I was one of the viewers that the film “Blackfish” happened to piss off. In case you haven’t seen it, you need to because my poorly typed up blog post cannot go into such a highly intelligent beautiful disaster that this film encompasses when it comes to the Orca. I am newly obsessed with how beautiful, smart, emotional, and fascinating they are. Lets back up a little bit.


Since I can remember, I have been deeply afraid of water. Not just the deep blue liquid, but what can lie beneath it has always scared me as a child. I never liked being in a pool alone, the deep end, a dark pool, or the ocean. Even as an adult, I cannot possibly think of even getting in a pool at night because my mind will in fact play tricks on me. I just know that Jaws will emerge from the filter, grab my feet, and pull me under to a watery death. Also, I’ve had a recurring dream since I was a child that even to this day my sister can remember me talking about. I’ve always had a dream that I lived in a house with my family (me as the mom and adult in this family), and that we had a pool, and outside in my pool I had a pet Orca. I was terrified of the thing, but still got in the water, and swam with it. Also, I had the coolest “Scuba Diver Barbie” with her Orca that I always played with. She was the coolest y’all. Hey, don’t ask me.

barbie2Found a picture online! See, she was the coolest ever. Dear Mom, I want this toy again.

Moving on, I’ve never really studied Orca’s, or had anything to do with them. They are an ocean creature, so yea, no thanks. However, I’m totally the person that is always doing research, and I absolutely love documentaries. So, when Blackfish graced my screen I was highly curious. I watched a documentary before Blackfish that was just about Orca’s and their lifestyle. I was told how long they lived (a human lifespan), how much they loved and stayed with their families, and how they love people…in the wild. Then I watched Blackfish where all those facts still rang true, but at Seaworld these Orca’s are just different. So many attacks on humans, living to be only thirty years old (Seaworld staff lying on camera also about that), Orca’s being separated from their families and attacking each other, and even footage of them being captured in the wild. Dont fool yourself, these whales were never rescued. Also, trainer lives being taken because of these animals’ cries for help? I remember my senior year hearing about Dawn Brancheau’s death, and I accurately remember the news reporter blaming it on her and her ponytail instead of Seaworld and their captivity.


I am a huge animal lover, and yes I eat meat. I’m sorry, I love my Whataburger. However, I, myself, will not take an animal life. I will not shoot it, torture it, or whatever else. I just couldn’t live with myself. I understand the sadness yet necessity of killing a cow for meat. Its sad, but I do understand that part of the circle of life. But what part of keeping a twelve thousand pound whale in a tank for family entertainment sounds like necessity? It doesn’t. It’s not family entertainment, its torture with fancy music. I can’t even stand to see it anymore. Yes, they are beautiful, incredible, and mysteriously smart creatures…but they are not yours. They do have souls (I don’t care what people think about that), they do feel, and they are not slaves to your ticket prices. I encourage all my readers to watch Blackfish, and join the “AntiSeaworld” movement with me. Please show love and support to these amazing animals, and Boycott this “amusement” park. I was so happy to hear about all the artists cancelling their performances at Seaworld (Heart included, one of my favorite bands ever!) and Joan Jett sending a letter expressing her opinions as well. You Rock, literally, Joan Jett! Yes, these are beautiful creatures. If you are ever wanting an educational experience about these animals, and are concerned that you would be losing that experience when boycotting Seaworld, then please feel free to take a boat ride out by Seattle to watch them in their natural habitat. Thats what should be happening. I have no desire for my children to ever be taken to Seaworld, and be taught that this is how we should treat animals. With that being said, I know these Trainers that are interacting with these animals love them and do not abuse them. They love looking forward to taking care of them, and making them a part of their life. Captivity in itself is the problem. Please, my readers, do not invest another dime. I feel the need to defend my dream pet Orca, and favorite Barbie Orca. Loves these Animals…from afar.



3 thoughts on “Mammal Monday.”

  1. You are so right, Haley. I myself am guilty of spending money at SeaWorld and their sister company Discovery cove. I actually got to ride a dolphin at Discovery Cove, and loved it. However, when you look at the number of times these animals had to “perform” during the day, it is heart wrenching. We are polar opposites when it comes to water. I didn’t swim until I was in college, and I only learned so i could Scuba Dive with my boyfriend…now husband. We took our first trip together to Cozumel. When he told me we were going snorkeling, I didn’t even know what that was. He got me a float vest and off we went. The coral and fish were gorgeous. That’s when I decided I wanted to go deeper and see more…just not sharks. In the years since I have become a certified diver with several additional certs…deep diver, wreck diver, environmental, etc. And I have seen things that truly mesmerize me. I have swam with dolphins, turtles, seals, and many other animals in the wild…where they belong…and those experiences far outweigh and overwhelm you than anything SeaWorld and other companies “produce” to sell you. Nothing makes you giggle more than a wild animal that wants to play nice with you. My personal interest is the manatee, which is endangered. I participate by joining groups that take an active physical and political stance concerning manatees. I can’t Scuba Dive right now…Dr.’s orders…and am pretty bummed about that….OK, lets be honest…I am utterly pissed about that! Thank you for bringing this issue up. This is something that can jog some PHers minds about issues that mattered to them before PH reared it’s ugly head. Maybe I can do more for the organizations I join. I write, don’t mind calling politicians, and my husband will continue to dive…at my insistence…and is a wonderful photographer. Thank you once again, Haley, for zapping my brain.
    P.S. Please modify your Scuba and orca Barbie to two. I want one also, but I never had one as a child. 🙂 LOL.

    1. That is so cool that you’ve done all that! Definitely could not have done that!! I have such fear of the ocean, and all those creatures. But that is great that you have done that. It’s ok, I would still be tempted to go to Seaworld just to see the Orcas, but I definitely can’t bring myself to do it. Hahaha scuba Barbie is great!!! 🙂

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