Life With PH


I really don’t have much to say about this past year. There have been a lot of changes, tears, fallen emotions, and just overall weirdness. I say this almost every year, but seriously, lets actually make this a good year. Wait, but how?

I honestly don’t believe in “resolutions” because those are just typical conversation starters, and are usually weak. They give us something to focus on for the first month, and we usually throw in the towel. I think giving us a whole year to get one simple thing done, and eleven of those months we make excuses for ourselves, is ridiculous. You should be making resolutions daily, to not only help yourself but help others. January resolution? Lose the Christmas weight, and work on it all year. February resolution? Improve your mental health so all the red hearts, and nasty chocolate that flood your environment wont trigger an emotional breakdown in the target home decor isle. Oh, don’t forget, I want to read my bible more, and actually attempt to understand this amazing yet mysteriously confusing God. I want to be able to raise funds for Pulmonary Hypertension KIDS, and ADULTS. I want to simply grow my hair out, I want my Rocco’s health to improve along with mine, I want to move, I want to pet an Orca, I want to meet someone who wont destroy me, I want to see the Fault in Our Stars movie, meet John Green, and I want to be a published author. Basically, I’m going through my bucket list. ONE resolution? You’ve led yourself to crazy. Rocco and I encourage you to start out this new year with many resolutions, and to successfully work through them all! Consistently produce a better version of you, despite how demented, and hopeless you feel at times. Happy safe, wonderful, maddening, upsetting, confusingly beautiful New Year Y’all.

photo(115)Rocco Ricardo is already celebrating!



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