Personal Life

Wake Up.

Destroyed, defeated, and damaged. I really have no idea how else to explain how I’ve felt lately other than those few, and negative words. Taking a far step back to acknowledge everything, a reality hit me in the face and somewhat confused me at that. Why is it almost every humans goal, whether they realize it or they don’t, to destroy someone? As we walk the streets, and go about our days activities we really don’t take to account what all of our actions, and words can do to someone. Thats all part of the human brain though, we all have a different sense of perception, and some humans are ignorant towards that fact.

Someone once told me that love was “giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.” How coincidental that he did that very thing, but its okay. Moving on, it honestly just all seems like one universal goal to break people down despite how we feel about ourselves. Posting about people, talking negatively (even if it is behind closed doors), and even TV shows that center their joy on making fun of people, and what outfit they chose to wear. Yes, I’m talking to you Fashion Police. I once loved that show, until I finally woke up. I am so incredibly guilty of this because its like we all evolve into this trance of these actions until we are awakened at how numb we’ve become to another persons existence. I know people who have flat-out said they don’t like me yet have no reason, and admitted to that. I mean really people? How is that humane or logical? Do you have blood pumping through your veins, and an actual heart? I guess you do, but you are just hardened by society.


I definitely feel destroyed. People don’t think through their actions, and sometimes they have no intent to destroy, but that’s the way the cards fell. I’m tired of my cards falling, I’m tired of things ending, and I’m tired of feeling destroyed. How much lying, criticism, leading on, name-calling, gossiped about, ignored, and pushed over is one person supposed to take? And people wonder why programs such as To Write Love On Her Arms exist, which I’m a huge fan of by the way. Seriously, just stop. Whether its intentional, or not. I think you live a life that is more fulfilled, and not fabricated when you can truly step back and learn to love people you can’t even stand…if that makes sense. That takes actual strength. So, love; giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to? Love is a silly thing.



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