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Fat Ankle Fashion: Boot Season!


Happy Fashion Friday for the first time in forever! A HUGE THANK YOU to Briley Dockery and her photography for making this happen! Its winter, which means boots are all the rage right now. Feel free to take complete and full advantage of abusing Fat Ankle Fashion! This is such a great season for those of us with this problem. Some of you make it to this site because you googled how to cover up your fat ankles, which landed you here. I’m so glad you came. For the rest of us that are here, it’s because of Pulmonary Hypertension, and its side effects along with our lovely medication. Why do we have fat ankles? Well, for some of us we are in right-sided heart failure. Our heart has become too tired and weak to pump out all the fluids in our bodies, so it sits in our ankles because we stand on them. For others, it’s because our vasodilators (or any medication) is dilating our arteries so much that those fluids just naturally sink into our feet as well. Bottom line, fluid build up (edema) is NEVER a good thing, you should always keep your doctor informed, and it’s not pretty so you can always try to cover it up! First on the list are tips to make it go away. How? Compression (orthopedic) socks that require the love of Jesus to get them on and off. I used to wear these (yes, at nineteen) to work when I was wearing flared jeans and shoes that covered. No one can see that you have them on, and they help so much by squeezing your lovely legs together to keep from swelling. Also, keep your feet up, (my ex boyfriend bought me extra pillows and would pile them into my “foot tower”) , and actually drink a lot of water. Last, get some diuretics from your doctor (and don’t forget your potassium!) Okay, now that we’ve covered that, lets talk about different boots this season.

We have so many to choose from if you walk into ANY store. Here are the few that are in my closet, and I need A LOT more! I have orange combat boots (resembling the Doc Marten look), my plain black boots that hit almost to my knee (Charlotte Russe), my ankle black boots (not pictured), my black ankle bootie wedges (Forever 21), and my leopard wedges (Forever 21)!

1. Always Wearing Them – Black Boots

They’re flat, they’re comfortable, and they cover. You can find them in any style, any color, and just about any store. Have fun with it. I have big calves, so I always look for some with a little give!


2. My Second Favorite – The Wedges

These are perfect for when my feet decide to act up on formal occasions. These are so incredibly comfortable because the cushion, and also, wedges are easier to walk in. Moving on, they zip to cover where my feet are usually swelling and are versatile. You should always have a shoe like this for formal occasions when strappy cute sandals, or platforms will expose the ankles.


3. Ankle Black Boots

These have made a crazy comeback. I absolutely love the look, and this is perfect for fat ankle fashion. Whats fantastic about this style? It’s not just for fall/winter but you can throw shorts on, and wear these ankle boots. For more style tips on doing that, look at Claire Marshall’s videos on YouTube. She is fantastic with all of that.


4. The Risk-Takers

Fat ankle fashion can actually be fashionable. There are so many different bootie wedges, and these are not only one of my favorites, but every time I wear them I get compliments. Little does the crowd know what I’m attempting to cover up! But hey, looking fantastic is kind of the goal.


This is the easiest, and best season for Fat Ankle Fashion! Go forth and have fun covering those things up! Have a lovely friday y’all. 🙂



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