Remarkable? Maybe.

remarkableAnother lovely quote brought to you by John Green. Have I mentioned how much I love him? You should really start reading his books, and watching his video’s on YouTube.

Anyways, this has been the fuel to my fire lately, and quite frankly, I say this to myself a lot throughout the day. I’m managing y’alls shirts and trying to get that mess cleaned up, getting posters ready and delivering them, finished my damn novel, photo shoots, writing, and everything else in between. Don’t push me, I already push myself. Around this time of night when I’m not asleep and I’m tired, and my head feels like it might burst and decorate my walls I think, what in the hell am I doing this for? Why am I so tired, and so worn down, and is this worth it? I think back to remarkable…and I keep reminding myself, I am remarkable even if I don’t feel it right now, I WILL be remarkable, what I’m doing is remarkable, and the effects on the research, treatment, and cure of Pulmonary Hypertension WILL be remarkable. In other words, I do feel like complete and utter shit right now, but this blaring white laptop screen in my eyes is totally worth it.

So, just a reminder to you, what are you doing to make your world remarkable? What makes you feel different from the others, and what makes you feel like you are actually living your life? That totally hit me in the face a couple of weeks ago, and inspired some life changes. I don’t care what you have to change, edit, or what you are doing…but do something remarkable. So many people just don’t care anymore. Some are half-naked, drug abusing, hopeless wanderers…there are so few that try to do something with their lives to help, and inspire others. I just encourage you, that whatever you are doing to keep going. To see y’alls emails, comments, instagram’s and words is so much encouragement. I feel awful. I am emotionally and mentally strained, and tired, and I feel like checking myself into the hospital just to have an excuse to REST. I’m so tired loves. But I’m trying. Thank you for the words, it means a lot. I’m going to stop rambling and take a couple of sleeping pills now.



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