Life With PH

Your Shirts are (finally) Ready! Please Actually Read This.

Finally finally finally finally finally finally.

The shirts are ready. I picked them up the day before Thanksgiving. Why am I just now telling you and posting about it? Because, well, Thanksgiving. Then I worked overnight on black friday, then I had a Psychology test due on Saturday as well as my Novel. I somewhat got sleep, I barely passed my test, and I finished, and won NaNoWriMo. “I’m doing a lot right now” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Also, I have to go deliver posters to schools.


Anyways, before you send me an email, always always always check the blog posts for updates and whatnot. I will tell the world as soon as I know something. So always come here first and actually move your eyeballs across the words! Your lovely T-shirts are ready. What took forever was completely out of my hands, as I turned them in November 15th, expecting to have them by the 20th. Well, the yellow background in the design had to be taken out of it, and they had to send the photo off to a digital artist to do that, taking another week. Then adding on to the week to print them, it literally took forever. I apologize. You showed your support by ordering, and now you will finally have them. Keep in mind, I am one person, and I really am trying to keep everyone happy. Moving on!! I am going today to buy all of y’alls lovely packaging, then tonight (on top of Christmas decorating) I will be mass packaging them, and sending them out. If I have verified your payment with you, THEN you will get a notification when I ship your shirts! Sound fantastic?! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Stay tuned for ACTUAL posts coming this week instead of continuous updates. Love y’all, but I’m exhausted.



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