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I really don’t have much to say about this past year. There have been a lot of changes, tears, fallen emotions, and just overall weirdness. I say this almost every year, but seriously, lets actually make this a good year. Wait, but how?

I honestly don’t believe in “resolutions” because those are just typical conversation starters, and are usually weak. They give us something to focus on for the first month, and we usually throw in the towel. I think giving us a whole year to get one simple thing done, and eleven of those months we make excuses for ourselves, is ridiculous. You should be making resolutions daily, to not only help yourself but help others. January resolution? Lose the Christmas weight, and work on it all year. February resolution? Improve your mental health so all the red hearts, and nasty chocolate that flood your environment wont trigger an emotional breakdown in the target home decor isle. Oh, don’t forget, I want to read my bible more, and actually attempt to understand this amazing yet mysteriously confusing God. I want to be able to raise funds for Pulmonary Hypertension KIDS, and ADULTS. I want to simply grow my hair out, I want my Rocco’s health to improve along with mine, I want to move, I want to pet an Orca, I want to meet someone who wont destroy me, I want to see the Fault in Our Stars movie, meet John Green, and I want to be a published author. Basically, I’m going through my bucket list. ONE resolution? You’ve led yourself to crazy. Rocco and I encourage you to start out this new year with many resolutions, and to successfully work through them all! Consistently produce a better version of you, despite how demented, and hopeless you feel at times. Happy safe, wonderful, maddening, upsetting, confusingly beautiful New Year Y’all.

photo(115)Rocco Ricardo is already celebrating!


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Questions, Questions.

Your questions have been answered! Candice tagged along, and of course we became distracted. Its a tad ridiculous. So, if you make it through the twenty four minutes then congrats! Thank you so much for the questions, and we had a lot of fun with it. Y’all are awesome. Have a lovely weekend y’all!


Personal Life

Wake Up.

Destroyed, defeated, and damaged. I really have no idea how else to explain how I’ve felt lately other than those few, and negative words. Taking a far step back to acknowledge everything, a reality hit me in the face and somewhat confused me at that. Why is it almost every humans goal, whether they realize it or they don’t, to destroy someone? As we walk the streets, and go about our days activities we really don’t take to account what all of our actions, and words can do to someone. Thats all part of the human brain though, we all have a different sense of perception, and some humans are ignorant towards that fact.

Someone once told me that love was “giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.” How coincidental that he did that very thing, but its okay. Moving on, it honestly just all seems like one universal goal to break people down despite how we feel about ourselves. Posting about people, talking negatively (even if it is behind closed doors), and even TV shows that center their joy on making fun of people, and what outfit they chose to wear. Yes, I’m talking to you Fashion Police. I once loved that show, until I finally woke up. I am so incredibly guilty of this because its like we all evolve into this trance of these actions until we are awakened at how numb we’ve become to another persons existence. I know people who have flat-out said they don’t like me yet have no reason, and admitted to that. I mean really people? How is that humane or logical? Do you have blood pumping through your veins, and an actual heart? I guess you do, but you are just hardened by society.


I definitely feel destroyed. People don’t think through their actions, and sometimes they have no intent to destroy, but that’s the way the cards fell. I’m tired of my cards falling, I’m tired of things ending, and I’m tired of feeling destroyed. How much lying, criticism, leading on, name-calling, gossiped about, ignored, and pushed over is one person supposed to take? And people wonder why programs such as To Write Love On Her Arms exist, which I’m a huge fan of by the way. Seriously, just stop. Whether its intentional, or not. I think you live a life that is more fulfilled, and not fabricated when you can truly step back and learn to love people you can’t even stand…if that makes sense. That takes actual strength. So, love; giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to? Love is a silly thing.


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Merry Christmas Y’all.

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas y’all! I am so thankful for my PH supporters and families. This in itself is a private little world to me that means too much to put into words. Congrats to Summer Gibson! You won the Angel ornament and a Just Breathe T-shirt! Also, check out the blogs Facebook page to stay updated with some private contests! I hope y’all love this blog as much as I do, and it’s definitely opened up a world I thought I would never see. Thank you so incredibly much for following, liking, commenting, sharing, and supporting. Enjoy your Christmas whatever you might be doing. Rocco and I will be doing absolutely nothing other than breathing treatments and relaxing. We are so glamorous. Merry Christmas y’all!



Life With PH

I Am Determined.

I hope y’all are set for Christmas. If you are shopping tomorrow, shame shame. Its Christmas eve and you should be at home! Dont worry, I’ll be fricken working. I’m exhausted y’all.

christmasvintageIt looks like Rocco!

Anyways, I’m really feeling some determination lately to reach my goal. Wait, which one? All of them. I would love to be a published author eventually, and I really want this blog to be more of an inspirational place. To do that, I need to post more, keep y’all updated, and of course I need y’alls help too! Do whatever you can to share, post, like, and what not. Media is an overwhelmingly massive sea of so many individuals, so I’m really working my tail off. I’m so excited to try my hardest to not only make this a great place for my mind but y’alls as well. For some odd reason, I feel so inspired today. I have no idea where it comes from. Other than that, I need more coffee and some pain pills. After my awful mood I’ve been existing in for the past month, I finally took my pills last night. I’m paying for it today. Dont skip y’all! There will be a few posts later in the week that aren’t really PH centered, but they are extremely important to me, and I’m a loud person so I’ll be voicing my opinions on those topics. Stay tuned. Also, this blog has a FACEBOOK PAGE you can find and stay updated with! It’s so easy!     GO LIKE IT! There will be contests for Facebook people only sometimes, so make sure you are in that circle.

If you haven’t already, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to submit your question to me to win the Hope Angel off my tree, and a Just Breathe T-shirt! Hurry Hurry loves. 🙂 I will see y’all tomorrow for a Christmas post! Song of the week is my absolute classic favorite, Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song.” Have a listen.

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Last Minute Gift? Check.

This is by far the funnest thing I’ve ever done. Why? Because I love coffee, I collect coffee mugs, I love art, I love crafting…well, you get the point. Anyways, I think homemade gifts speak louder than the two hundred-dollar jeans you bought someone. If you are a last-minute person like me, don’t want to mess with the shopping crowds, and still want a unique gift then this is something you should definitely consider.

Not Just a Sharpie Mugs

photo(105)My mug reads, “I can fall in love with the sound of words.”

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You will see these all over pinterest, except some people will lead you to believe that this can be done with just a regular sharpie. Well, yes, some people do it that way, but you will soon see your design fading away. I encourage you to instead purchase the super permanent, and perfect for this project “Sharpie Paint Pen.” Make sure to get the oil based pen, NOT the water based. They have a variety of colors to choose from, and since I’m dark and twisty I stuck to black. Moving on!

photo(108)I put a ring on the handle! Have fun with it!

I had hell trying to find cute ceramic mugs. Of course, they were right under my nose the whole time at walmart. This place has a whole section of just plain white ceramic dishes that excited the artist in me! I shall definitely be trying other things soon. Find the cups you will need, I chose a large more rounded mug. It’s all about your preference.

photo(106)I love surprises! Had to write this on the inside.

Shop Haley’s Zazzle Store!

Or Check out her book!

Once you get the mug home, make sure to clean it to get any hand oils and dust particles off the mug. After that you can start your work of art! You will need to shake the paint pen for a little pit, then press the tip down to get the ink flowing to it. DO NOT press it down on the mug. Once a mark is made, it cannot be removed, so carefully plot out your design. Also, the paint pen is moody. It’ll seem like its running out, and sometimes if you try to go over a part of the mug again it’ll look awful. Keep trying until the ink is in “full flow” mode again after shaking it and pressing the tip down again. If you can’t think of a design, get on Pinterest. For the person you’re gifting use their name, obsessions, loves, or whatever. It’ll make a fabulous personalized gift.

photo(107)Whiskers on the other side of course!

Once you are done designing, put the mug inside your NOT TURNED ON YET oven. You want to mug to preheat INSIDE the oven to prevent cracking. Turn it on, set the dial to 425 degrees, and then let the mug bake. Turn your timer to 35 minutes, and keep checking on your mug to make sure it doesn’t turn brown. It didn’t happen to me, but ya never know! The house will smell weird, but once checking on your mug after 35 minutes, if it looks good I gave mine another five minutes just in case. Once your extra optional time is up, turn off the oven and let the mug sit in there for another hour, almost two. It needs to cool down with the oven to prevent cracking.

After you pull your mug out of the oven, it should look the same! If there were some spots where your pen wasn’t as dark, it will seem even lighter on the mug now. Its okay, you know what to do next time. The pen will still have texture on the mug, I tried picking at mine to see (carefully) but nothing came off. Just remember, and tell the person this, NO DISHWASHER! Other than that your mug should be fabulous. Another idea? Get something small like jewelry, a gift card or whatever to wrap and put on the inside. Double surprise! 😉 Enjoy loves! Merry Texas Christmas!


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Its the Little Things.

Yesterday, I visited the school I worked at, walked into a classroom where children attacked me and screamed my name. It’s absolutely nothing, but visiting them made the holidays complete for me. Celebrating with the kids is so much fun. This time of year things are so ridiculously busy, and we are pushing ourselves to get shopping done, pleasing families, and friends, fixing the house up along with meals, that I think in a sense we lose base with whats keeping us happy. Maybe this is whats been happening with me, that I’ve been so covered up with keeping others happy, and “going with the flow” that I lose contact with what I really need. When you put your own life, your own happiness on the back-burner this is what happens. Exhaustion in every way possible.

photo(110)Didn’t my school look beautiful? This is what its all about.

Christmas always gets me thinking about in what ways we overextend ourselves, and exhaust our bodies to make things possible for people we care about. Yet, we end up rushing out to the stores practically ON Thanksgiving, ON Christmas Eve, the DAY AFTER Christmas in search to not only please them but ourselves. Tell me crazies, do you remember what you got for Christmas a couple of years ago? What about the Christmas after that? Exactly. I remember certain things but I can’t even remember what year it was, and what not. I do however remember what house I was at, what food we were eating, and what game we were playing. WHY? Because these holidays were invented for spending time with your family, and loved ones. Instead, America has turned it into a marketing scheme to “rush out, spend money and make everything perfect”. As a new generation, we are being taught the opposite of patience. We get faster, better internet speeds, faster phone calls, overnight shipping, waiting two minutes inline at the Starbucks is unbearable, and we want it all right now! Thats what our minds are being groomed with. Little to anyone I’ve ever met possesses more than an ounce of patience, or at least can act on it. “Oh, we opened your Christmas gift and it’s too small? Hell if its Christmas, we are going to the store right now to fix it!” Seriously people. On that little side note, America has stripped the value out of almost anything. I mean hell, our dollar isn’t worth anything so I guess everything else might as well go right down the toilet too. We’ve taken the value out of our holidays. It’s amazing to sit back and analyze my moms and dads Christmas photos. Everyone is dressed like they are going to prom, and no they didn’t go to a high school dance that evening, they went to church. On top of that, a fireplace is lit (or candles) along with the Christmas tree, they are all opening gifts, and then they are sitting around enjoying each other and discussing things. My mom talks about how they owned a piano, in which her mom would play, her dad would play the guitar and her grandpa would join in on a fiddle. Are you throwing up yet? Yes, those are cheesy stories but they are real. America has turned them into fictional, cheesy stories because we’ve been groomed to make sure those kind of events no longer exist.

I guess I went on a rant because visiting that school struck a chord in me. It is the simplest and littlest things that count. The decorations? My brother and I are the first to crack those out. Why? Because those matter a lot to us. Keeping the kids happy at school, and their beliefs in the magic of Christmas? That also means a lot to me. Eating a Thanksgiving meal, then sleeping the whole night until the next morning? Sounds great, instead of dealing with your shopping experience until five in the morning. Its sickening that Thanksgiving is no longer in existence. This turkey day is now defined by the shopping day that America so loves to embrace, so much that people get shot, killed, run over and what not. Don’t forget cyber Monday and the tens of thousands obnoxious emails you’ll be getting that day! Spending time with my family, instead of dealing with your stupid returns the day after Christmas? I’d rather be with my family, eating breakfast and talking than dealing with impatient strangers. Call me sour, call me crazy, I really don’t care. Holidays are holidays. You need to focus on your home, and stop focusing on the money. When you are dying one day, what will you want to cling to? That awesome shirt or iPad? The little things really do count.

Check out the new contest (under the contest tab) to win an ornament off my tree as well as a Just Breathe T-shirt!! 🙂


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Hey loves. Finally, I’ve made time for my actual passion. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for over a week, but last week was very busy, and very difficult. If you would like to see the video on my meltdown, click the link below.

Moving on, we have a lot of catching up to do. Some of you know that I participated in the writing competition “NaNoWriMo” (National Novel Writing Month), in which I finished and won. That was extremely difficult, tiring, and literally drained me. It was so incredibly worth it thought. But for the past two weeks my room has been a mess, T-shirts are taking forever to get shipped, college took a backseat, and I’ve been working what feels like non-stop. Anyways, I feel like since I’ve put all my emotions on paper to be judged my editors and publishers, that I literally have none left. I’ve definitely hit a “bottom” part in my life recently not really knowing how my mood or feelings will play out throughout the day. I’m going through a very trying time right now (cue emotional roller coaster) so once again, I don’t have much to say. I’m going to do a couple posts throughout the week, and be sure to check out one of our newest competitions! Despite my craziness I hope y’all have been enjoying your holiday season so far. I really haven’t been in a Holiday mood, and I have no idea why. Like I said, things just really are not good right now. But I just want y’all to stay inspired, and stay happy, and If you are dealing with anything right now feel free to contact me. I might take forever to get in touch with you, but I would love to hear your thoughts. The song of this week is once again a Charlie Brown Christmas Song (My FAVORITE Christmas music) called “My Little Drum.” I absolutely love this music, and it captures every feeling of Christmas to me. Anyways, stay tuned for a post tomorrow on more information! AND check out the NEWEST CONTEST underneath the contest TAB!!! 🙂


PH Fashion

Fat Ankle Fashion: Boot Season!


Happy Fashion Friday for the first time in forever! A HUGE THANK YOU to Briley Dockery and her photography for making this happen! Its winter, which means boots are all the rage right now. Feel free to take complete and full advantage of abusing Fat Ankle Fashion! This is such a great season for those of us with this problem. Some of you make it to this site because you googled how to cover up your fat ankles, which landed you here. I’m so glad you came. For the rest of us that are here, it’s because of Pulmonary Hypertension, and its side effects along with our lovely medication. Why do we have fat ankles? Well, for some of us we are in right-sided heart failure. Our heart has become too tired and weak to pump out all the fluids in our bodies, so it sits in our ankles because we stand on them. For others, it’s because our vasodilators (or any medication) is dilating our arteries so much that those fluids just naturally sink into our feet as well. Bottom line, fluid build up (edema) is NEVER a good thing, you should always keep your doctor informed, and it’s not pretty so you can always try to cover it up! First on the list are tips to make it go away. How? Compression (orthopedic) socks that require the love of Jesus to get them on and off. I used to wear these (yes, at nineteen) to work when I was wearing flared jeans and shoes that covered. No one can see that you have them on, and they help so much by squeezing your lovely legs together to keep from swelling. Also, keep your feet up, (my ex boyfriend bought me extra pillows and would pile them into my “foot tower”) , and actually drink a lot of water. Last, get some diuretics from your doctor (and don’t forget your potassium!) Okay, now that we’ve covered that, lets talk about different boots this season.

We have so many to choose from if you walk into ANY store. Here are the few that are in my closet, and I need A LOT more! I have orange combat boots (resembling the Doc Marten look), my plain black boots that hit almost to my knee (Charlotte Russe), my ankle black boots (not pictured), my black ankle bootie wedges (Forever 21), and my leopard wedges (Forever 21)!

1. Always Wearing Them – Black Boots

They’re flat, they’re comfortable, and they cover. You can find them in any style, any color, and just about any store. Have fun with it. I have big calves, so I always look for some with a little give!


2. My Second Favorite – The Wedges

These are perfect for when my feet decide to act up on formal occasions. These are so incredibly comfortable because the cushion, and also, wedges are easier to walk in. Moving on, they zip to cover where my feet are usually swelling and are versatile. You should always have a shoe like this for formal occasions when strappy cute sandals, or platforms will expose the ankles.


3. Ankle Black Boots

These have made a crazy comeback. I absolutely love the look, and this is perfect for fat ankle fashion. Whats fantastic about this style? It’s not just for fall/winter but you can throw shorts on, and wear these ankle boots. For more style tips on doing that, look at Claire Marshall’s videos on YouTube. She is fantastic with all of that.


4. The Risk-Takers

Fat ankle fashion can actually be fashionable. There are so many different bootie wedges, and these are not only one of my favorites, but every time I wear them I get compliments. Little does the crowd know what I’m attempting to cover up! But hey, looking fantastic is kind of the goal.


This is the easiest, and best season for Fat Ankle Fashion! Go forth and have fun covering those things up! Have a lovely friday y’all. 🙂



Remarkable? Maybe.

remarkableAnother lovely quote brought to you by John Green. Have I mentioned how much I love him? You should really start reading his books, and watching his video’s on YouTube.

Anyways, this has been the fuel to my fire lately, and quite frankly, I say this to myself a lot throughout the day. I’m managing y’alls shirts and trying to get that mess cleaned up, getting posters ready and delivering them, finished my damn novel, photo shoots, writing, and everything else in between. Don’t push me, I already push myself. Around this time of night when I’m not asleep and I’m tired, and my head feels like it might burst and decorate my walls I think, what in the hell am I doing this for? Why am I so tired, and so worn down, and is this worth it? I think back to remarkable…and I keep reminding myself, I am remarkable even if I don’t feel it right now, I WILL be remarkable, what I’m doing is remarkable, and the effects on the research, treatment, and cure of Pulmonary Hypertension WILL be remarkable. In other words, I do feel like complete and utter shit right now, but this blaring white laptop screen in my eyes is totally worth it.

So, just a reminder to you, what are you doing to make your world remarkable? What makes you feel different from the others, and what makes you feel like you are actually living your life? That totally hit me in the face a couple of weeks ago, and inspired some life changes. I don’t care what you have to change, edit, or what you are doing…but do something remarkable. So many people just don’t care anymore. Some are half-naked, drug abusing, hopeless wanderers…there are so few that try to do something with their lives to help, and inspire others. I just encourage you, that whatever you are doing to keep going. To see y’alls emails, comments, instagram’s and words is so much encouragement. I feel awful. I am emotionally and mentally strained, and tired, and I feel like checking myself into the hospital just to have an excuse to REST. I’m so tired loves. But I’m trying. Thank you for the words, it means a lot. I’m going to stop rambling and take a couple of sleeping pills now.