Life With PH

Life Gets Pretty Ugly.

This has probably been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. From just straight up drama, life changes, and being crazy busy, I’ve just had it I guess you could say. My life is so full right now, and no I’m not happy, but I’m trying to keep pushing forward. Moving on, when it comes to T-shirts, I should have the order on Friday, which means I will start packaging them as well as shipping them out! I honestly can’t believe they took this long, but they will be ready soon, and I will let you know when they ship.

My posts lately have definitely been about staying positive which is all something that we must continually work on. We all have our own emotional roller coasters that can either bring us way up, or way down, and never should we find ourselves part of someone else’s emotional roller coaster. It happened so quickly, but the last couple days I’ve had a chance to step back, and finally notice that I was on several different emotional roller coasters, including my own, and tagging along for a part of their ride was not fun at all. Ultimately you end up attacked, hurt, uncomfortable, and secluded to your own personal thoughts. It doesn’t matter what intentions they have, they will gradually just turn to destroying you. I have definitely learned the hard way about some people, and no matter how well they present themselves, I should have never been a part of any type of their mess. You need to protect your mind, and emotions, because before you know it you are being eaten alive. Don’t settle, under any circumstance for anything that you don’t love, and keep pushing forward. There are some nasty, ugly people in this life, and when they drag you down, your mission should be not to become one of them. You know your intentions, and you have to live with that, no matter what story travels out of their mouth. Look for someone who can calm the ride, because those kind of people are worth keeping around. Protect yourselves my loves because life gets pretty ugly.


Also, I just want to write about Izzy, a beautiful eight year old girl who passed away a few nights ago. She had just received a heart and lung transplant, then they began to see some complications arise. This is just proof of why we continue to raise awareness, because of countless children who lose their lives to PH. It’s not fair, it’s not pretty, but we are given this opportunity to do something AMAZING with it. I don’t want Izzy’s story to just be here, and nothing become of it. Raise awareness, tweet it, share it, post it, instagram it…I don’t care. This invisible disease needs to be made visible. Thank y’all so much for reading. I know I haven’t posted hardly within this week, but I have finally gotten off an awful emotional roller coaster, and am having to catch my breath. It’ll all be ok now. Keep reading, and stay in touch!



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