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Laziness = Ridiculous

laziness is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot stand people who put things off, just wont do something, and prefer to sit all day yet have no excuse. I hate laziness. With that being said, we all have days that are lazy, and in fact we actually need those days. They’re important. But when they make up the majority of our week then you need to evaluate yourself.


I procrastinate, and I should probably work out more than the amount of chocolate bars I consume, but I like to get things done. Mainly because I hate running around last-minute, sorting through a room that has a years worth of clothes and mysterious items everywhere, and not being able to function like an organized human being. Am I perfect? absolutely not. I don’t expect other people to be, and we have faults. Work on them instead of embracing ones that can be changed. For instance, my room is cleaned every Sunday. Now, why in the world am I talking about laziness? Well, because quite frankly, I’m pissed. I think that with the amount of research being done, and drugs being discovered that there should in fact be WAY MORE AWARENESS about PH, and that led to evaluating some things on social media, and getting angry. I think we love to put responsibility into other people’s hands simply because we’re human. I also think that when we’re passed the ball, we tend to drop it instead of run with it. WHY WHY WHY wont you raise awareness? Is it hard? Time consuming? Expensive? Exhausting? Too risky? Too lame? What keeps you from posting, or talking about it, or supporting it? The disease itself? Stop making an excuse, even if PH has inhabited your lungs, and threatened to bring its walls down. That should give you even more drive to make this disease happen. I’m so done with us making excuses for ourselves. Its exhausting, and it’s why children, and adults will continuously die without getting the help they need. Because PH isn’t a household name, and it’s not on TV, and it’s not in the papers. You even refuse to get involved online. Some of us battle our “getting involved issues” which is what I went through, and I understand that. If you’re going through that phase, then I highly consider talking to someone, even me if you have to. Isolation leads to mental destruction. People need people.

Stop being lazy. With EVERYTHING. Lazy is annoying, its not cute (no matter what pinterest tells you), its not funny, and it makes me want to kind of kill you. Get off the couch, out of bed, and DO SOMETHING. Post, plan, buy, represent, get involved, spread the word on PH, Blogs, posts or whatever you can do. Most of all, participate. Those of you who contact me about shirts (the lungs), I’m so grateful you love them. But you earn them by participating, you don’t buy them. Moving on, stop being lazy. You will never get anywhere other than your living room where you watch other people live their lives.

I love y’all! Check out our song of the week, “Write This Down” by George Strait. Also, enter yourself in the EASIEST CONTEST EVER, and the winner will be announced FRIDAY! Check out the contest tab for more info, and also check out our updated shopping tab.



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