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Congrats On Your Three Shirts!

I got so many wonderful emails of y’all telling me what you were thankful for! It was so awesome to read all of y’alls positive words, and I’m so glad you participated yesterday. Congrats to miss Katie DeWalt, the computer selected your name!! How funny because she had just recently messaged me about how to win the lung shirt. Katie’s sister Carey, is a Pulmonary Hypertension survivor with continuous IV treatment. Katie’s email was very touching, and consisted of this:

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words.


Thank y’all so much for the wonderful words, and support! Y’all are awesome.


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Be Thankful…and Win This Contest.


I hope y’all have enjoyed the lovely holiday! Its days like this that give us the opportunity to step back, and actually LOOK for reasons to be thankful…unless you are camped out by Best Buy. I’m sorry, I just think it’s unnerving how we go straight from Halloween to Christmas music, to black friday. WHERE is the slow time to just sit with our families and relax? Anyways, I hope y’all are enjoying yourselves. Here is a little alternative to joining the massive crowds! Today only, send me what/who/whatever you are thankful for, and enter yourself at the chance to WIN THREE JUST BREATHE T-SHIRTS! Stay at home, relax, submit your story and hopefully you will win. Y’all are awesome, I love y’all, and I will see you next week with A LOT of changes coming your way!!



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Vlog Venting.

Happy Monday. My life is once again just completely centered on putting out little fires that seem to keep popping up everywhere. This video contains info on T-shirts, my posters, and of course whining about my daily dysfunctional problems. Moving on, Song of The Week is Low Shoulders by Toro Y Moi. Check it out because quite frankly that is keeping me happy right now. You will all know ASAP when the shirts are in! Also, WordPress change the video settings, so I can no longer just insert a video. Click the link below to watch. Thanks!

Vlong Venting: Monday Mishaps

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Life Gets Pretty Ugly.

This has probably been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. From just straight up drama, life changes, and being crazy busy, I’ve just had it I guess you could say. My life is so full right now, and no I’m not happy, but I’m trying to keep pushing forward. Moving on, when it comes to T-shirts, I should have the order on Friday, which means I will start packaging them as well as shipping them out! I honestly can’t believe they took this long, but they will be ready soon, and I will let you know when they ship.

My posts lately have definitely been about staying positive which is all something that we must continually work on. We all have our own emotional roller coasters that can either bring us way up, or way down, and never should we find ourselves part of someone else’s emotional roller coaster. It happened so quickly, but the last couple days I’ve had a chance to step back, and finally notice that I was on several different emotional roller coasters, including my own, and tagging along for a part of their ride was not fun at all. Ultimately you end up attacked, hurt, uncomfortable, and secluded to your own personal thoughts. It doesn’t matter what intentions they have, they will gradually just turn to destroying you. I have definitely learned the hard way about some people, and no matter how well they present themselves, I should have never been a part of any type of their mess. You need to protect your mind, and emotions, because before you know it you are being eaten alive. Don’t settle, under any circumstance for anything that you don’t love, and keep pushing forward. There are some nasty, ugly people in this life, and when they drag you down, your mission should be not to become one of them. You know your intentions, and you have to live with that, no matter what story travels out of their mouth. Look for someone who can calm the ride, because those kind of people are worth keeping around. Protect yourselves my loves because life gets pretty ugly.


Also, I just want to write about Izzy, a beautiful eight year old girl who passed away a few nights ago. She had just received a heart and lung transplant, then they began to see some complications arise. This is just proof of why we continue to raise awareness, because of countless children who lose their lives to PH. It’s not fair, it’s not pretty, but we are given this opportunity to do something AMAZING with it. I don’t want Izzy’s story to just be here, and nothing become of it. Raise awareness, tweet it, share it, post it, instagram it…I don’t care. This invisible disease needs to be made visible. Thank y’all so much for reading. I know I haven’t posted hardly within this week, but I have finally gotten off an awful emotional roller coaster, and am having to catch my breath. It’ll all be ok now. Keep reading, and stay in touch!


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So, my life is a bit crazy right now. I promise I’ll return to writing at the end of this week. Sorry y’all!

Anyways, the contest winner for “Something Positive About PH” was Melissa Purpura, because what she wrote was so beautiful. Every person should take something positive from their diagnosis. Melissa is LIVING proof. Congrats Melissa! I will let y’all read what she sent me below. Enjoy your day, and stay positive!

“My name is Melissa and I’m 29 years old. In 2011, my life was forever changed but in the last year in particular, drastic changes have occurred that have made me take a really close look at what matters most in life. Nobody wants to be sick at any age, even with a simple cold, so when you hear the words “incurable,” “rare,” and “terminal,” along with a disease called Pulmonary Hypertension, which you thought was just asthma, you get thrown for a loop. Soon comes the time when they are delivering oxygen supplies to your house, ordering specialty medications for you, and you are overwhelmed for a while. Since you never know how you are going to feel from one moment to the next, making plans is nearly impossible and eventually friends start leaving or treating you like the plague. Isolation sets in as well as the stages of grief, but then you learn to stand up and fight and not to let your disease win. Having PH has been a blessing in disguise for me in some ways. It has taught me how to give to others with no reserve, to love everyone with no boundaries, and to always pay it forward.  While I might not be able to participate in some of the activities I once did, it has allowed me to pursue some creative activities that I have found very fulfilling, like writing and getting back to my roots in playing instruments. It has allowed me to express myself and to show others that we must believe with all our hearts that there is a purpose for each and every one of us; no matter how much time we have here on Earth. It has also positively influenced me in allowing me to step outside my comfort zone and do things I would not have done before, particularly travel to places in US.  It has shown me that there should be no limitations on life and that we should take advantage of every moment we have to be spontaneous and do the things in which we could only dream of. It has created some wonderful memories for me.  Without being diagnosed with PH I never would have taken some trips to places like NYC or Nashville or Las Vegas and met so many wonderful people from around the world. So thank you PH for showing me love and kindness and for showing me how to live life for the moment and how to give myself to others in hopes of leaving a lasting impact in this world. Also, thank you for showing me that one person can make a difference, even if it only in a small way.”


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Radiate Positive Vibes.

So, the past couple of weeks I’ve been a blank slate when it comes to writing. But after reading some exceptionally good posts on a blog, I was inspired to show y’all something that Patrick, a cancer survivor, wrote on his blog. Forever now I’ve always thought I was insane for trying to be happy about Pulmonary Hypertension (not that my lungs suck, but trying to make it a positive thing) because I’ve met so many people who are consumed with nothing but negativity towards it. I understand that what we have is rare, incurable, painful and whatever else when can throw into that pile. I get that, believe me. But seriously? I hate being around negative people. They make life so much rougher, not fun, and quite frankly depressing. Even if this disease is killing me, I’m not living my short life talking about how awful it is, and being a side effect of dying. I’m going to stay positive because miracles DO happen. In fact, Patrick who wrote what I’m about to quote had A ONE PERCENT CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. He’s obviously still alive, raising awareness, and he’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. Your mental state will bring your physical body down so fast, you wont even be able to comprehend how quickly you deteriorated. MIND OVER MATTER people. It’s not easy, it’s a workout. A workout that builds your faith, and from there on nothing but blessings should come. Pulmonary Hypertension was my blessing in disguise.


“Survivorship does not equal freedom from this disease; it equals new opportunities to show your strength.” –Patrick Betters

Amazing right? Because it’s the truth. Check out the newest contest that ENDS NOVEMBER 18TH! It is under the contest tab y’all! Also, our Song of the Week is Rose Quartz by Toro Y Moi that I am SO IN LOVE with. Check it out. Have a lovely week y’all, and start changing your way of thinking.


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You Asked, I Attempted to Answer!

The camera plan fell through, so you get my crappy quality video again. I can edit pictures all day long, but I’m lost when it comes to videos y’all. Anyways! I hope these are the answers y’all were looking for! 🙂 Click the link below to watch. Obviously.

Congrats Carla! I will get in contact with you so you can receive your Just Breathe T-shirt! 🙂

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Keep Out the Cold.

I once heard that cold air was harsh on the lungs, but never really thought about it until the past couple of weeks. My class starts at 7:30 in the morning, which requires me to walk a long distance across campus, in the dark, and in forty-five degree weather. By the time I arrived at my building, I was gasping, and realized that it didn’t matter how many times I took a deep breath, the cold air wasn’t helping. So, after some research I found that it is true! Cold air is super harsh on our lungs (our noses turn red from trying to warm it up before it hits our lungs), but with PH I don’t breathe through my nose when walking since its kind of a workout. I breathe through my mouth. Cold weather for people with any lung condition is extra harsh. We need that warm air because with cold air, it causes bronchial-constriction which leaves our chest feeling extra tight, we breathe harder, and sometimes even cough. Well, doesn’t that just suck.

However!! Take these ridiculously simple steps in order to help your breathing when you venture out into the cold.


scarf You don’t have to look like a Eskimo, but a chic scarf (an infinity one, or regular) draped around your neck looks completely stylish and normal. How does this help my breathing? When walking outside, take the front part of the scarf by your face, and pull it up over your mouth and nose like a mask. You might look like a serial killer, but a cute and stylish one at that. It’ll keep the air you’re breathing in warm and moist, and make a quick walk outside a whole lot easier. You shouldn’t be gasping after this trick!


coffeeI’m a coffee addict, and this is totally a little white girl suggestion, but when you’re walking in the cold not only does it taste yummy, but coffee (or hot tea) will of course warm you right up. It sounds ridiculous, but I had time to bring coffee with me to class, and it worked. However, take care of your coffee breath. hahaha.

I know this consisted of two suggestions, but hey, try them and surely it’ll help your lungs in dealing with the cold. Other than these walks, you shouldnt be out in the cold anyways!! Anyways, stay warm, and keep breathing. There is still time to get your contest question in at your chance to win a shirt! Check out the contest tab for more info! 🙂


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Laziness = Ridiculous

laziness is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. I cannot stand people who put things off, just wont do something, and prefer to sit all day yet have no excuse. I hate laziness. With that being said, we all have days that are lazy, and in fact we actually need those days. They’re important. But when they make up the majority of our week then you need to evaluate yourself.


I procrastinate, and I should probably work out more than the amount of chocolate bars I consume, but I like to get things done. Mainly because I hate running around last-minute, sorting through a room that has a years worth of clothes and mysterious items everywhere, and not being able to function like an organized human being. Am I perfect? absolutely not. I don’t expect other people to be, and we have faults. Work on them instead of embracing ones that can be changed. For instance, my room is cleaned every Sunday. Now, why in the world am I talking about laziness? Well, because quite frankly, I’m pissed. I think that with the amount of research being done, and drugs being discovered that there should in fact be WAY MORE AWARENESS about PH, and that led to evaluating some things on social media, and getting angry. I think we love to put responsibility into other people’s hands simply because we’re human. I also think that when we’re passed the ball, we tend to drop it instead of run with it. WHY WHY WHY wont you raise awareness? Is it hard? Time consuming? Expensive? Exhausting? Too risky? Too lame? What keeps you from posting, or talking about it, or supporting it? The disease itself? Stop making an excuse, even if PH has inhabited your lungs, and threatened to bring its walls down. That should give you even more drive to make this disease happen. I’m so done with us making excuses for ourselves. Its exhausting, and it’s why children, and adults will continuously die without getting the help they need. Because PH isn’t a household name, and it’s not on TV, and it’s not in the papers. You even refuse to get involved online. Some of us battle our “getting involved issues” which is what I went through, and I understand that. If you’re going through that phase, then I highly consider talking to someone, even me if you have to. Isolation leads to mental destruction. People need people.

Stop being lazy. With EVERYTHING. Lazy is annoying, its not cute (no matter what pinterest tells you), its not funny, and it makes me want to kind of kill you. Get off the couch, out of bed, and DO SOMETHING. Post, plan, buy, represent, get involved, spread the word on PH, Blogs, posts or whatever you can do. Most of all, participate. Those of you who contact me about shirts (the lungs), I’m so grateful you love them. But you earn them by participating, you don’t buy them. Moving on, stop being lazy. You will never get anywhere other than your living room where you watch other people live their lives.

I love y’all! Check out our song of the week, “Write This Down” by George Strait. Also, enter yourself in the EASIEST CONTEST EVER, and the winner will be announced FRIDAY! Check out the contest tab for more info, and also check out our updated shopping tab.


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Its Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness month! I’m kickin off this month with only a week long contest at your chance to win a Just Breathe T-shirt! Alot of y’all send me questions, so why not just tackle them all in a video?! Also, if you submit a question you’ll be entered into a random drawing for a t-shirt! I will announce the winner in the video. I really don’t care what your question is about. Send it to any of the social media sources listed in the contest photo. The winner will be announced NOVEMBER 8th! Do it now for all of you who have been asking about this T-shirt! Its Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness month! Show your support!! 🙂 Have a fantastic Friday! askhaley