Life With PH

Pure Exhaustion.

Good heavens. This post is two days late because this week has been a hot mess. The past couple of days after work I’ve come home and crashed till super late. I’m getting literally nothing accomplished. When it comes to our body, and our PH, I think there are just days like this. Some days, or weeks at a time, we sleep an abnormal amount, have chest pain and what not merely because our body is a lot more tired than we think it is. My lungs are super tired this week, so I’m merely trying to keep up.


Anyways, T-shirt orders are due November 2nd, so contact me BEFORE THEN to get your orders in! Payment is DUE NOVEMBER 5th. If you don’t pay, you don’t get your shirt! Email me for all t-shirt inquiries.

On a T-shirt note, there are TWO MIND OVER MATTER SHIRTS available in my Etsy shop! If you’re interested in purchasing, snag them while you can. Click on the link below!

A lot of you are asking If I will be doing a vlog again (video), and I miiiiiiight, and this time with my camera so It doesn’t look and sound crappy. Some of you have sent me more questions to answer for the FAQ section, so I’ve kinda put the two together! I will do a question video. Woo-hoo! Submit your questions over the next couple of weeks, and then I will put it up. I really don’t care what the question is, or what it pertains to. Have fun with it! Submit your questions to my email, in the comments, or even my twitter (to the right of this post.) Get your question in ASAP!

Anyways, the news for this week is finally posted! Enjoy the song of this week, which fits our Holiday perfect, Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra. A fabulous classic if I do say so myself! Enjoy your week loves, turn in orders, questions, and what not!



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