Life With PH

Watch Your Words.

Ok y’all. I sit back, I smile, and when I’ve had it, IM DONE. This weekend, I feel like I’ve experienced that over and over, and I just watched my point be proven for me.


When I was first diagnosed, I wanted nothing to do with support groups, mainly because all you do is sit around, and talk about your life that’s falling apart. What about that is supportive? But I actually liked getting involved with my association, and found it productive for me. Moving on, I created my blog because like stated before, I wanted something uplifting, and more about daily life rather than consistently talking about how this disease sucks all the time. We know it sucks, we don’t need to hear about it. My point is proven even further when in The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel makes fun of her support group for the same reasons. It’s a drag, rather than a place to be uplifting. I’m a member of several support groups, and I understand that we have days where we rant (like right now for instance) because we reach our limit. Understandable, especially when you contact a close friend, or relative to vent it out to them. When you have people consistently posting their rants, mishaps, medical bill problems, family issues, “I can’t breathe”, “my life is falling apart” ALL the time on one page that is labeled “Support Group”, then I’m just confused. Before you get all huffy and puffy, like I said we have those days. However, I think a support group is for asking questions, saying you have this available, or “I’ve been on this medication and I’m feeling so much better”, even to “I’m having surgery tomorrow so wish me luck”. I get those posts, and I understand those posts a whole lot better.

Bottom line, some people are turning support group into Negative Nation, and I’m tired of it. I invented Mind over Matter for a reason because mentally, if you can’t fight and accept your disease then how in the hell do you expect your body to keep up? Stop ranting. Stop being negative, and PHight. If you’re a member of a support group, watch your words, what you say, and what you post. Other people see it, process it, and linger on it. And quite frankly, a lot of use just don’t need it. Be positive, stay positive, and support each other. Rant over.



2 thoughts on “Watch Your Words.”

  1. Hi Haley. I relate to what you say about support groups sometimes being a drag! Fortunately sometimes they don’t suck and are actually helpful. I have pulmonary hypertension, too, and I’m happy to know of your existence. You seem like a positive girl and I’m glad you have this blog and that you’re working to raise awareness about PH. When most posts by PH patients/bloggers are sad, it’s so nice to read posts that are hopeful and inspiring, and that remind you that you don’t have to give up because you have PH. Sometimes I want to shed light and hope in the PH blogverse like you do, but I admit I struggle with the fact that I have PH. Hopefully I’ll learn to accept it fully in due time and do my bit to help our community. 🙂 I’m excited about the TFioS movie coming out! Have a lovely day tomorrow, beautiful!

    1. Ale,
      Yes you’re right! Some can be great, and it’s good to hear the negative yet truthful stuff every once in a while cause everyone needs that release. Which is exactly what I do on here! However, I think when support groups don’t have the uplifting stuff to balance it, it can be too much. But I hope you are doing great, and getting the support you need despite struggling!! I’m excited about the TFIOS movie as well! Take care girl! 🙂

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