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T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts. Oh my!

Ok y’all! T-shirts are finally official. READ CAREFULLY.

The shirts will be gray, featuring the black design (flower lungs) on the front. On the back they will read, “Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month 2013”. That text will be in PURPLE. A short sleeve shirt will be $15, Long Sleeves are $18! Contact me about shipping through my email. If you want to order, please email me! I will need your payment by November 2! I handle orders through my email only. 🙂 So that’s how I’ll communicate with you! Thank y’all so much! I’m so excited!

ALSO, don’t forget to enter The Fault in Our Stars quote contest! Submit your favorite quote to my email by October 24. The computer will randomly pick its winner on October 25th! What will you win for this simple task? A Just Breathe T-shirt and a copy of FiOS. You NEED to read this book y’all. Here is a random pic from the set of Augustus (Ansel) helping Hazel (Shailene) put on her oxygen cannula. Did you have a mental breakdown? Maybe not, but I did. So romantic. Anyways! Visit the contest tab for more information. ansel



2 thoughts on “T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts. Oh my!”

  1. I can’t wait to get my shirt! I just have to get that daggum check in the mail darnit… I need to post little stickems notes up everywhere to remind myself.. I’m hopeless! 🙂 I gotta ask you though, do your cats prefer the felt toys or the fabric toys?

    1. Yay! Me either Christine! That reminds me, I’ll have to email you and get your address, so I know where to send them. Rocco lovessss the pillows. I’m at the stage where we might have to throw them away, or wash them or something! Those are his favorite. 😉 Next time, I’m gonna film him while I open the package!!

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