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Change Is Good.

meeeeeeeeeSo, there have been many changes this week already! The first one was I dyed my hair. FINALLY. Yes, I enjoyed being blonde, but I wanted something dark for fall, and my hairdresser is amazing! She did the perfect in the middle thing for me (I’m scared to go too dark), and I’m so happy. Also, our song of the week is Wait Up (Remix) by Tokyo Police Club. I recently discovered this band, and I’m so obsessed! Even my students love them. For sure, check them out. Aaaaannd the final, and most exciting change is MY STORE on Etsy!! I’m so excited. I’m not a website guru, or millionaire, and can’t sell my shirts through here. Sooo, if I ever have extra shirts, they will be in my Etsy store. Also, I will have paintings (that’s HOW these shirts come about by the way) that are made to order sometimes, and simple COLORING PAGES for YOUNG PH PATIENTS! Just a way for them to not feel completely down about themselves, and give them a unique way of expressing themselves, despite their differences. So, keep a watchful eye on my Etsy store for art, coloring pages, jewelry, and antiques! You never know what could be posted! The link is below, as well as under the “SHOP” tab at the top. Also, DO NOT FORGET to enter The Fault in Our Stars quote contest! The winner will be chosen October 25th!! Enjoy the changes loves! It’s a good thing sometimes!



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